.chris + melissa. {Redding, CA Wedding Photographer}

C H R I S   +   M E L I S S A

I have to say.. I feel truly blessed that my winter weddings have all felt like spring!! Nice & sunny! Perfection!

Chris & Melissa’s wedding was no exception. They were married February 9, 2013 on a most beautiful sunny day at Risen King Community Church!

The ceremony was officiated by the incredible Steve & Wendy Backlund!

Coordinating & Designing was done by the absolutely fantastic Gwen Edwardson & Jessica Deacon!! Oh man! Just you wait! Everything was absolutely stunning!

Dinner was absolutely delicious, catered by Sean Gafner of Premiere Catering! The lovely flowers were from Mallery’s Flowers! 

Congratulations Chris & Melissa!!!!! Thank you so much for the honor of capturing your incredible day!!!!!! I loved every second!!!! Thank you!

DETAILS9 GettingReady1 GettingReady2 GettingReady4 GettingReady5 GettingReady3 DETAILS17 FirstGlance1 FirstGlance2 FirstGlance3 Bride&Groom20 Bride&Groom19 Bride&Groom18 Bride&Groom22 Bride&Groom23 Bride&Groom21 Bride&Groom24 Bride&Groom25a Bride&Groom26 Bride&Groom27 bparty2 bparty8 bparty3 bparty6 bparty1 bparty7 bparty5 bparty9 Bride&Groom5 Bride&Groom6 Bride&Groom3 Bride&Groom7a Bride&Groom9 Bride&Groom8 Bride&Groom17 Ceremony1 Ceremony1a Ceremony2 Ceremony2a Ceremony3 Ceremony5 Ceremony4 Ceremony6 Ceremony7 Ceremony8 Ceremony9 Ceremony10 Ceremony11


Ceremony19 DEYAILS18 Details1 Details2 DETAILS3 DETAILS4 DETAILS5 DETAILS6 DETAILS7 DETAILS8 DETAILS10 DETAILS11 DETAILS12 DETAILS14 DETAILS13 DETAILS16 Reception1 Reception2 Reception3a Reception4 Reception5 Reception10 Reception11 Reception6 Reception13

Photo Booth by the amazing Sarah Lynn Photography

Reception3 Reception14 Reception15

.chuck + anna. {tyler, texas photographer}

Each wedding is truly an honor to capture! To be chosen for the day, to document each moment, the vision, the details, the first dance, family! I’m often in awe!

Chuck & Anna flew me out to Tyler, Texas to capture their beautiful wedding in Lindale, Texas! Can I say truly awed! Thank you so very much Chuck & Anna!!!

My best friend Kim flew down from Tulsa, & was an amazing assistant!! Always so thankful for my assistants!!!

Chuck & Anna had a super fun bridal party! Steve Backlund officiated the ceremony & did an amazing job!! Jenna Zint coordinated! Oh so thankful to work with a wedding coordinator!

Pumpkin Soup was served to warm everyone up! The bitter chill of the wind kept this wedding a bit cool!!

Chuck & Anna!! I know your life together is going to be so much fun, so much adventure, & so happily ever after!!! Congratulations!!!!!

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.Favorite Thing #11. {Destination Engagement Photographer}

Favorite Thing #11 is changing my skin one wash at a time!!!! Debating whether or not I should get botox… I asked my amazing esthetician, Jeana LeClerc, of Art of Skin Care,  what she thought & she recommended some of the most amazing product! I can absolutely tell my face is glowing… (wink, wink) & it’s looking younger & younger! (oh yah)

Favorite Things #11:

Le Mieux Peptide Foam Cleanser,  Rhonda Allison Sea Gems,  & Rhonda Allison Peptide 38

I am truly so honored to share with you Wes & Julie!! Julie found me when she received an e-mail with “First Glance” ideas. One of my images was in the e-mail, she clicked on the link, & inquired about my services. It was exciting to find out that she & her fiance were from Katy, Texas.  We had a SKYPE interview & exciting enough they hired me to shoot their wedding & engagement!!! I had a wedding in Tyler, Texas recently, so Wes & Julie drove up to have an engagement session in the big town of Tyler!!!! We had such a great time & yes we did… totally enjoyed a starbucks together after the shoot!!!!!!

Congratulations Wes & Julie! Cannot wait until your big day!!!

.Reno Wedding : BJ + Sarah | Reno, NV Wedding Photographer.

Four years ago I shot one of my first weddings… Nick & Heather Damonte’s wedding. I was so nervous! My sweet Auntie so believed in me & referred me to her best friends & they hired me!!!

It was held at the most beautiful venue!!!

Over the year’s I have often thought about the weddings I’ve photographed & a venue that I would love to shoot at again….

My dream came true when Sarah & BJ asked me to shoot their wedding!! BJ is Nick’s older brother & I couldn’t have felt more honored to have the opportunity to shoot their wedding!!!!

Everything turned out absolutely beautiful! The rain held off & the weather stayed rather cool.

I think the high light of this wedding was the connection that BJ & Sarah shared. The way they gazed into each others eyes took my breath away!

& my most favorite moment was when Sarah turned the corner & looked at BJ for the first time! My heart absolutely melted & tears rolled down my cheeks!  So beautiful!

BJ & Sarah!!!! Thank you! It was an absolute honor to capture your wedding!!

May your lives together be absolutely beautiful in every way!!!!!




.adam + shalome | crossroads christian church, vacaville, ca. {Vacaville, CA Wedding Photographer}

There are certain people in life that will forever be apart of your life! Adam & Shalome are two people who will forever be apart of Ben & I’s life!!!

Seven years ago we met these two during a time when we were leading a college group in the Bay Area.

In fact, they had just started dating, & seven years later… guess what??  Never in a million years did either of us ever imagine photographing their wedding!

It’s amazing where life takes us in seven years!

More & more in love & a wedding to be!

Adam & Shalome! We love you both so much! So proud of you both for pursuing each other & to rise above any situation that has come your way!

We release blessing & strength to your marriage & to your lives together!!!

Thank you so much for letting us capture your most beautiful day! Such an honor!!!!!!

.Tim + Kimberley. {TBS Ranch Wedding Venue Photographer Redding, CA}

Happy SUMMER! Hope you are enjoying it! We have been having tons of fun & tons of busy! Loving it!

Tim & Kimberly were married on a TUESDAY! Yep! My first Tuesday wedding! Threw me off a bit. I totally thought Wednesday was Sunday! LOL!

Tim & Kimberley, your love for each other is so sweet! Just how you look each other in the eyes is magical! Never stop keeping each other’s gaze! It’s beautiful!

Blessings to your marriage & your life together!!!!! Thank you for the honor of capturing your day!!! Truly such an honor!

…Such a sweet & happy life to spend each day as husband & wife. -Mary Engelbreit…

Often, for the sake of getting the most out of time, Ben will shoot the groom/groomsmen while I am shooting the bride/bridesmaids.

The groomsmen were ready to shoot upon arriving, so Ben was able to really work some sweet shots with them!!!

I truly love first glance moments! They are so special & intimate! Tim & Kimberley shared such an incredible first look!

& so wonderful to have some time to take shots of the bride & groom before the ceremony….

& work it bridal party!

Details are so wonderful! I am thankful to Mitzi, my intern & Ben, my 2nd Shooter for always getting such great shots of hours & hours of planning & visioning… DETAILS!

Tim & Kimberly’s reception was one of the funnest receptions! Tim is from the U.S. & Kimberley is from New Zealand, so they celebrated a little USAish & a little New Zealandish!

Lots of laughs, energy, & fun!

This beautiful wedding cake was made by Tim’s mom!!! Amazing!!!! Beyond impressive!

Something fun about knowing guests at weddings! Makes it so great to be apart!!!!!

might be a little partial, but thought this little cutie was one of the cutest guests!

I love little one’s at weddings!!!

& a few last pics just outside the barn.. when the sun sets a bit the light is just pure MAGIC!

& thank you Mitzi for getting their bubbly exit!

.Jordan + Elise. {Redding, CA Photographer}

He spotted her from across the sanctuary at church. He fell in love with her beauty at first sight.

It took her a tad bit longer, but as she gazes into his eyes, she falls more & more in love! Such a beautiful thing!

I was truly in awe at their gaze! So in love they are!!!!

Elise was one of my first Senior’s that I photographed, so to have the honor of shooting her wedding is beyond words exciting!!!! I mean! Yess!!!!!

.Colin & Heather. {Chico Centerville Estates Wedding Photographer}

Heather & Colin were married just outside of Chico at Centerville Estates.  Brides, if you are in need of an amazing venue, look no further! Centerville Estates is incredibly beautiful & dreamy enchanting! An absolute magical place to become one with the one you love!!!!

We Do Designs did a fantastic job creating a romantic look, incorporating teals & golds & lovely peacock accents! Absolutely gorgeous! So wonderful working with you, Rabina!

Heather & Colin! Such a stunning wedding! Your vision of your day was incredible & to be the one’s to capture it was an honor! Your ceremony was the best one to date! Props to your officiant!!! & your dance! Are you kidding me? Thee BEST!!!

Happily Ever After!!!!

& a First Look Ahhh! No matter what this moment always makes me tear up!

Centerville Estate has an incredible Museum of exotic wild life & creatures! It was a thrill to photograph in the museum.

 DJ – Platinum Productions – http://www.djsana.com/
Irish Band – Pub Scouts, they play at a bar called Duffy’s in Chico on Friday nights
Florist – Salvagno’s Event Designer’s and Florist (bouquets only, we did centerpieces ourselves)  www.salvagnosevents.com/
Dress- Alfred Angelo – www.alfredangelo.com
Cake – Uppercrust Bakery – http://www.uppercrustchico.com/
Jam – canned, packaged and labeled by us! : )
Table linens/set ups – WeDo Designs – http://www.wedodesigns.net/

.Xan + Shyla. {Redding, CA Wedding Photography}

Truly every wedding that we get to capture is an honor. I know I have said this before, but it is! Xan & Shyla thank you so much for the honor of capturing your day! Your celebration! It was so beautiful!

Xan & Shyla were married in Redding, CA just outside of the Senior Citizen Hall early in the morning. After the ceremony we were off to the Diestelhorst Bridge to take pictures!

After, Xan & Shyla changed into their traditional wedding attire to celebrate in a tea ceremony with all of their guests! It was absolutely incredible to capture!

After the tea ceremony, Xan & Shyla changed back & the party began! Dance, Dance, Dance!

Xan & Shyla! May your lives together be filled with much love & happiness!

yes…. took a walk over the bridge! We had the pleasure of working with team Tyler Faires for this wedding! Love you Tyler!!!

Ben & Mitzi… Thank you for all of your hard work!!!!!!! I couldn’t do what I do without you! Thank you! 

.dan + alix. {Burney Falls, CA Engagement Photographer}

I am so excited to share this shoot with you! It is a special one! Dan proposed to Alix up at Burney Falls, CA. Past the falls, over a little bridge, and in this little cove in the forest, he gave her a ring!  They packed a picnic & yes, she was surprised. So when planning the engagement shoot they really wanted to go to Burney Falls! For me, it was the first time I had ever been to Burney Falls, & oh how magical it was! Absolutely breath taking. Congratulations, Dan & Alix! I am so excited to capture your wedding!!!!

The sun rays were just amazing!

We found the little spot where Dan proposed to Alix.

When Dan & Alix first had started dating, they had maxed out their phone minutes, & so they communicated through mail. Alix has saved every letter! Right? I melted too!