.ben + jamie | lodi, ca wine & roses vineyard wedding. {lodi, ca wedding photographer}

ben + jamie

These two were high school sweethearts!

If I remember right they met when they were about fifteen years old & ten years later…. TIED the KNOT!!!!

Their day was STUNNING! Absolutely beautiful in every way!!!!

Here’s to happily ever after!! So happy for you two!!!!!!!

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.annie + rob | backyard private healdsburg, ca wedding.

annie + rob

all things bohemian & whimsical!

it was truly an honor to capture your most special & fun day!!!!

your vision was brilliant & how it all came together just left me in awe!

you had the most INCREDIBLE vendors! wow!! what a great team!!!

may your lives together continue to be a fun adventure!!!


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Wedding & Event Coordination: So Eventful

Floral: Jolee Blooms

Catering: KR Catering

Cake: Moustache Bakery

School Bus Shuttle

2nd Shooter: Tim Williams

Rentals: Encore Events


.shaun + kayla | tbs wedding redding, ca. {redding, ca wedding photographer}

shaun + kayla

ahhh! these two!!! their love for each other is so beautiful & so felt!!!

TBS Ranch!!! Such an incredible wedding venue!!! Couldn’t have asked for a better day!!!

Thank you so much for having me capture your most beautiful day!!!!

Here are a few highlights from this gorgeous wedding!!!!!

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.brandon + kiley |gover ranch wedding. {redding, ca wedding photographer}

brandon + kiley

okay!!! these two!!! favorites for forever! I got to photograph them when they were graduating high school & dating! yep! high school sweethearts!



I looked a bit for the pics of them together….


I think we need to re-create this one, Kiley!

Anyways!! So excited to share their wedding!!! They tied the knot out at Gover Ranch! Such a stunning venue!!

Everything came together perfectly!!!! Highlight of the wedding was definitely when they fell off of the swing!!! They had everyone laughing!!

Thank you for having me capture so many high lights of your life!!! It means more then you know!

Together forever you will always be!

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.gavin + selena | white rock ranch wedding. {redding, ca wedding photographer}

gavin + selena

definitely one of the sweetest, most sentimental weddings I have shot!!

I was in tears capturing the vows!! Man!! I wish I had a copy for the blog post, because they were just beautiful!

These two were married out at White Rock Ranch! Such a cool venue!! Everything came together perfectly!!!!

Congratulations Gavin & Selena! Never stop swing dancing!!!! Cheers to a life time of happiness!!!

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.robert + kayla | jbl ranch wedding. {redding, ca wedding photographer}

Robert + Kayla

JBL Ranch is such a great wedding venue! Hidden back in the Cottonwood country, it’s a stunning place to get married!!

Robert & Kayla! It was a joy to capture your day! So happy that the rain stayed away! It truly did turn out perfect!

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.richard + felicia | mt. shasta engagement. {redding, ca photographer}

this weather was just for them!

i seriously tried to talk her out of it, & she kept saying, it’s perfect… little did I know that she was praying for a foggy/cold/wet day!

& in the middle of redding summer heat, cold came… just for richard & felicia!!

so excited for your wedding!!!! it’s going to be magical, just like you two!!!!

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.jon + janelle. {redding, ca wedding photographer}

jon + janelle

Oh for a rainy day wedding!! Truly flexibility is key!! These two were amazing! Absolutely went with everything & celebrated their love rain & all!!

Jon & Janelle!! Your love for each other is contagious!  I am so happy for you! I know that you will live happily ever after!!!!!

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.bridges golf course wedding photographer | san ramon | joe + nikki.

This wedding was so beautiful! Located in San Ramon, CA, the Bridges Golf Course is an incredible wedding venue!!!  Absolutely stunning!!

Joe & Nikki opted to see each other before the wedding, due to the time change, & boy did they time it just right with lighting!!!

Jo & Nikki! I know your life together in Brooklyn, New York is going to be happily every after!!!!!!

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.tiffany + cornelius | redding, ca the white house wedding venue.

Tiffany + Cornelius

This post is a LONG time coming & waiting!! I wanted to be able to do it justice… So many beautiful elements & moments!!!! Lots & lots of pictures, so sit back & enjoy!!!

Capturing Tiffany & Cornelius was an absolute honor! The day was angelic!

These two were married at one of Redding’s FINEST wedding venues, The White House Wedding Venue.

Floral was done by the incredible Katie Walden of the Floranthropist.

Bridal Make-Up was done by the amazing Brittany Martin Make-Up!!

Catering was provided by Etched in Elegance!!! Such an amazing company! & always so delicious!

DJ by the awesome Paul David of Stay Gold Productions

Congratulations Tiffany & Cornelius!! It’s only going to get better & better!!!!

To Happily Ever After!!!!

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Bride&Groom_348blog Bride&Groom_370blog Bride&Groom_362blog

yes! they did! they invited all of Mrs. Quek’s students!!! So so cool!!!!!!Reception_167blogReception_445blog Reception_451blog Reception_472blog Reception_467BWblog