.richard + felicia | mt. shasta engagement. {redding, ca photographer}

this weather was just for them!

i seriously tried to talk her out of it, & she kept saying, it’s perfect… little did I know that she was praying for a foggy/cold/wet day!

& in the middle of redding summer heat, cold came… just for richard & felicia!!

so excited for your wedding!!!! it’s going to be magical, just like you two!!!!

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.tony + allie. {redding, ca engagement photographer}

“Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.”  ~Author Unknown

Tony & Allie! I am so excited for you two!!! Your love for each other is so beautiful!!!

We had to re-schedule because of the rain & oh so happy! The day couldn’t have been more perfect!!!

So beyond thrilled & honor to capture your wedding day!!!!

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.jon + janelle. {redding, ca engagement photographer}

I have been photographing Jon & his family since he was about eighth grade or so!!! & now he is getting MARRIED!

So excited to capture these two tomorrow!!!! Rain or shine, it’s going to be AMAZING!!! (rain is predicted) Hoping for a let up from 2-4pm…. C’mon! It can happen right!!!!

So happy for you Jon & Janelle!!

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.michael + janae. {redding, ca photographer}

michael + janae

Truly always such an honor to capture love! connection! happily ever after!

My good friend has the most magical blossoms & what a dream it was to capture these two amongst the blossoms!!!

Congratulations on your engagement! I am so honored to capture your wedding!!

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.cedar + tiffany. {redding, ca photographer}

Looking forward to their wedding coming up REALLY soon!!!!

Such an awesome engagement session…..

They were thinking that they weren’t gonna be too photogenic, but I think they proved wrong!

Absolutely loved capturing them & enjoyed working with the most stunning couple & gorgeous light!!!!

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.tiffany + cornelius. {redding, ca wedding photographer}

tiffany + cornelius

Just have to say I am so excited for these two!!!! Capturing their love was so much fun & full of adventure!

So blessed we have been to have Tiffany in our daughter’s life & our’s a bit too, the last couple of years. She is Madison’s  school teacher, & honestly needs to be inducted into the MOST AMAZING EVER TEACHER HALL OF FAME! Absolutely astounding teacher!!!

I’ve really been getting to watch & hear about Cornelius through Madison & oh what a fun story it’s been!!!! Sooo romantic!!

The proposal was even MORE romantic!!!!! You can watch it here!!! It’s pretty epic!!!!!

Celebrating with you both on your engagement & wedding!!! So so happy for you!!!!

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.favorite thing #17. {shasta lake, ca photographer}

I am loving favorite thing #17!

It’s really been fun to shoot with something other than my camera! Definitely makes me think a bit differently & pulls something out creatively!!!

Super fun! & a super fun gift if you are trying to figure out something to give!!

Kira, LOVES hers too. She bought herself this version. (click) It is a bit cheaper.

They are also very durable. She dropped her’s & we were able to put it back together & it still works perfectly!

Favorite Thing #17 Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 New Classic Camera 


Caleb + Janelle

These two! AH! They have been married for ONE year now!! They are more in love with each other than when I took their engagement pics!

I think we have started a tradition.. Pics every year! (smile)

Adventuring with these two was awesome! Tried to find this green bridge that we had seen on Instagram, but found this area instead. Crazy how dry Shasta Lake had gotten.

Super thankful for the rain…..hopefully it will help fill the lake back up!

Thanks Caleb & Janelle for the super fun shoot!!!! So happy to finally get to blog your shoot!!! It’s one of my faves!!!!