Favorite Thing #24 {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a very MERRY Christmas! We had a very nice Christmas! It was pretty simple, but very memorable! I love Christmas! Just always goes by tooo fast!

One of my dear friends gave me the most incredible gifts this Christmas! I was blown away by her generosity & thoughtfulness!! My Favorite Thing #24 is Silver Garage. You can find it at www.silvergarage.com & www.littleposhprincess.com. It is the most gorgeous silver & it is PERSONALIZED! Soooo beautiful! Order your silver garage today! Thank you, Mandye, for this most amazing present! I love you, girl!

I had a photo shoot the day after Christmas, actually I had two. Here are a few previews of one!!

Favorite Thing #23 {Redding, CA Child Photographer}

Oh it’s getting closer to countdown!! Only two more days to go!!! WHOO HOO! I don’t think I have ever blogged so much in my life!!
Favorite Thing #23 is from Williams Sonoma! It it the Williams Sonoma Carmel Apples! My best friend Ruthie sends me one almost every year! It is divine & I LOVE every bite of it! You can never go wrong with this treat! AMAZING!

….and a picture!!! The CUTEST ‘lil Christmas Baby!!!!

Favorite Thing #22 {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

Back to back! Oh to keep up! My family was just here. It was great to see them. We had our first “mini” Christmas. My sister & her husband came through from San Diego & my mom & dad came through from Monterey. They are headed up to Oregon for Christmas. They always spoil us! They got the kids a WII!! Pretty exciting!!

My Favorite Thing #22 is Stella McCartney ‘Stella’ Eau de Parfum Spray. It is such a beautiful fragrence! You can find it at www.nordstrom.com.

and for a few photos….

Favorite Thing #21

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays! So crazy that Christmas is almost here! I love Christmas! I love it!

My Favorite Thing #21 are “M” Candles from the “M” Store in Redding, CA located at 1556 Hartnell Ave. It is a lovely boutique & carries the yummiest candles ever. They smell, look, and are AMAZING! My favorite scent is the Oatmeal Spice, the Raspberry Cobbler, and the Creme Brulee. Soooo scrumptious!

…and a few more photos of LizK…..

Favorite Thing #20 {Redding, CA Urban Photographer}

My Favorite Thing #20 is Coach! If I could have a Coach purse in every color & a wallet to match…Oh in heaven I would be! I love Coach. We used to live in the Bay Area, & I would go into the stores just to pretend I could pick whatever bag I wanted out!!!! Sooo, a new Coach Item to all of my readers!!! Oh if I could only be Oprah!

…and just wrapped up Ben & Sheena’s Photo Shoot! It was AMAZING! They are AMAZING! Loved it! So happy with it!

..a little bit crazy edit, but Ben really liked it, so posting it for him…:)

Favorite Thing #19

My Favorite Thing #19 are Christmas Cards! I cannot wait to check the mail to see if any Christmas Cards came! I love, love, love Christmas Cards! I typically write letters with my Christmas Cards, but this year I just didn’t pull it off. I love to reflect & Chritmas Letters bring reflection & light to the goodness that we have in our lives & through the year! I love them.

From Our Home To Your’s–Merry Christmas!!!!

Favorite Thing #18!

Oh if there were only more hours in the day!!!! Today was crazy & fun. I had the crunch of getting photos done & a few last minute Christmas Card orders & then I helped out in Kira’s class & made some pretty exciting crafts–a candy cane reindeer, and a rice krispy treat snowman! Tomorrow Madison & Conner will party it up! Sooo looking forward to Christmas Break! I will be closing shop until Jan 6th!!! As of today I have shot 36 Photoshoots & 1 Wedding since the 1st of Oct!! AHHH!!!!! Totally ready for a break!!

Sooo for Favorite Thing #18–Burt’s Bee’s Lip Shimmer & Gloss! I love both of them equally! My favorite Lip Shimmer is the champagne & my favorite Lip Gloss is the Sweet Pink & Pucker Berry. Great product & they leave your lips feeling moist & ready to kiss….LOL.. (had to throw that in there)

and since I will be blogging again in less that 40 minutes I will leave you with this picture..:) More to come from this shoot–I cannot wait! It was a super amazing session!!!!

Favorite Thing #17 {Redding, CA Maternity Photographer}

I am a huge music fan! Love music! It brings peace to my soul, it brings happiness to my heart, and it brings tears to my eyes! I love it! My favorite thing #17 is ITunes! I love that I no longer have to buy a CD for only one song! I can download the best song on the album & enjoy it over & over again w/o having to skip through all of the other songs for only .99cents!!! It is genius! I don’t have an iPod yet, but hopefully one of these days. If I were Oprah, though, I would be giving everyone the latest & greatest iPod & a $100.00 gift card to iTunes! Oh I cannot wait for that day!!! So much fun! Sooo, Favorite Thing #17—-ITUNES!

There are going to be a lot of babies come Spring! Today I shot my FOURTH maternity shoot within 3 weeks of each other and have another after Christmas……Soooo, a few beautiful bellies!!


Favorite Thing #16!!! {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

Happy Day! Hope this blog finds you nice & cozy! It has turned off pretty cold here in Redding, so “cozy” has been calling my name!! I have my first super “cold weather” photo shoot in a few hours….ahhh!!! Starbuck’s will be getting a visit right after!!!

Favorite Thing #16 is www.bludomain.com. If you have ever wondered who or where my website was created from it is BLUDOMAIN! An incredible site for simple, creative, flash websites! Right now all of their websites are on sale for $100.00… So if you are in the market for a website, be it photography, art, fashion, etc… check out bludomain! Oh & the INSPIRATION on the blog & launched websites is also pretty incredible! Sooo…. as Oprah would do….free website for all of my readers!!! LOL…:) (seriously, one of these days…..)

And a few pictures! Love this family!!!!!

Favorite Thing #15

Oh for the countdown to Christmas! Can you believe? Only 9 more days….AHH!! Crazy! Did a little shopping today with Ben. It went pretty good. It is funny how the men think & the women think….. I am all about details & making sure everything is just so…and Ben is pretty chill with it all…. It is a good balance. It was a fun day! Had lunch at Chipolte, love that place right now…….

My Favorite Thing #15 is Paper Lili! You can view the website at www.paperlili.com, and be sure to check out her blog as well. It is fabulous & she is always posting the latest & greatest! It is one of my most frequented blogs! I love it!! Soooo Paper Lili! Great clothing for both kids & mom’s! Bling & Fun! Get something, you’ll love it & the leggings are a MUST!!!! Love THEM!!!!!!

and to show off our Paper Lili…:)