.happiness is an inside job. {Redding, CA Photographer}

A few weeks ago, Jauquin Evans, a pastor in our church, told a story about a business man who had flown miles to get counseling & when he had gotten to the counselor, the meeting started, the  counselor said, “Happiness is an inside job.” The man got up & said,  “That’s all I needed…thanks!”  That story has literally rocked my world! That phrase has been going over & over in my mind!!!!

To the point–I have been taking pictures now for over a year & it is really interesting because with every photo session, looking into many eyes….& into the soul, I have seen & felt a lot over & in many people! Yesterday I had a photoshoot with a sweet friend of mine & looking deep into her soul I could feel “happy”. She was happy on the inside & oh how I could feel it! Happiness is an inside job! Love you, Netty! Thanks for your happiness!!!!!


Art of Skin Care {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

This last week was kind of slow because we had a bit of rain. So good to have rain!!! I had one cancellation- I will be shooting her this week, it is a maternity shoot–yeah!  So, Tuesday, I met an amazing client.  I was so inspired by her & her business! She is getting her website finished & needed bio pics & I was so honored to take them!!!!! Anyways, Jeana LeClerc is an estetician here in Redding. If you have any skin care needs or just want to papmer yourself with a facial, call 530.241.4400 & to check out her site, www.artofskincare.net.

.beautiful day. {Redding, CA Senior Portrait Photographer}

The weather in Redding, CA has been sooooo wonderful! Not feeling like winter AT all. More like Spring! Although it is sooo nice, I would love it to be cold. I so enjoy those cold cozy days… I am sure it will hit us soon…but, today was the perfect day for a Senior Session. Hitting the downtown urban areas, it was a great time!!!

Capturing the Heart Prophetic Photography {Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry}

Sooo today wrapped up my 2nd Capturing the Heart Photography Session for Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry AMT. Sometimes to stretch ourselves we have to do things outside of our “comfort” areas & just go for it. This has really been that for me. One of the pastor’s at Bethel, Paul Manwaring, formally tought this class, and with his schedule, ended up asking me to run with it. So, honestly, a bit of a challenge. I haven’t been doing photography for all that long, and to actually “teach” it has definitely been stretching.  I feel so honored to teach it. It has grown me & I pray those who have taken it can walk away with more passion & something new!!!!

On that note, today was Studio Day. I don’t have a studio, but do have a few Soft Boxes & AB400’s, so we make it work….I asked two little one’s from the church to come in & model & they did such a wonderful job! I put a collage together of Miss “K” using Jodi Friedman’s Blog It Boards!!!

.Seiji & Emily. {Redding, CA Wedding Photographer}

Ohhhh Weddings! I am continually so honored when a bride & groom choose me as their wedding photographer. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of being chosen. It really is an honor to be apart of their special day & to go down in history as their “photographer”.

Seiji & Emily’s wedding was just incredibly beautiful! It was held at Mercy Oaks & we shot the bridal party of TWENTY, yes TWENTY on East Street! I am wrapping the wedding up this week. With the Christmas Rush, I just haven’t had a chance to get through it, soooo YEAH! (thanks guys for your patience & grace!!! ) Happy Weddings!!!!

This one above was inspired by my dear friend, Hannah Howell of www.h2photographyonline.com.