.Workshop Time.

I will be out of town from 2.28.09-03.02.09 for the AMAZING Brianna Graham Workshop in Sacramento, CA!! Sooooo SUPER excited!!!! I will answer all e-mails & return phone calls when I return. All pending orders will be wrapped up shortly!  

I took picturs of these BEAUTIFUL sisters last week! Such a wonderful shoot!

9 leclerc_130 leclerc_59 leclerc_38web leclerc_5

www.littleposhprincess.com {Redding, CA Commercial Photographer}

SPRING & SUMMER 2009 is now shipping & we just got a BOX full of adorable clothes from www.littleposhprincess.com to model. Yesterday we modeled the first round of Mim Pi! It is a Euro line from Holland, and is absolutely the CUTEST! It is hands down one of my FAVORITE brands! Love it! Love it! So many ways to mix & match it & wear it! Kira rocked it in an alley way. She is such a trooper, even in the COLD weather. Today we will be studio shooting, as it is raining, again!!!

mimpi09summer_68 mimpi09summer_64 mimpi09summer_63 mimpi09summer_62 mimpi09summer_61 mimpi09summer_57 mimpi09summer_54 mimpi09summer_51 mimpi09summer_33 mimpi09summer_29 mimpi09summer_17 mimpi09summer_8

.and she turned eight today. {Redding, CA Photographer}

My middle child, Kira, turned eight today. It is so crazy hard to believe that she is EIGHT! AHHHH! It truly does go by too fast. My mom is always telling me to take in every moment because it just is gone before you know it. Some phases seem like they take forever, but I just shake my head in amazement at how fast it does go by. Just yesterday her & I were snuggled up in a hospital room & I was in awe because I had a little girl!!

Kira is such a fun girl! I have always loved her spunky personality & how she truly enjoys every second..(most of the time).  She is such a delight! Such a wonderful gift!

She went to one of her friends LIMO RIDE  birthday party yesterday & had to dress up, so HAD to snap a few pics of her before the party…. Today was super rainy, soooo I was happy that we took pics yesterday, BUT, she looks a little more 15 & not 8!!

Happy Birthday Kira!!! I love you!!!!!

kiraparty_15web kiraparty_1web kiraparty_3web

2nd Saturday Redding, CA Art Hop was AMAZING!!!!!!

Well, I managed to pull of my first Art Hop!!! Ben is gone in Mexico with Conner on a mission’s trip, so the girls trooped along with me getting ready for this BIG event…LOL…

It was such an honor to be apart of this day! My photographs & Ben’s paintings were showcased in Need 2 Speed. Looking forward to April, as I will be teaming up with Monica’s Vintage & in June both Ben & I will be in the Downtown Eatery!!! So exciting!!!!

Thanks to Tammy Love for capturing this great picture! & for all of you who came & supported me, it meant sooo much!!!!

2nd Saturday Art Hop – Redding CA

WELL–tomorrow I am honored to team up with Need 2 Speed for Redding, CA’s 2nd Saturday Art Hop! I am really excited! I have some amazing canvases to display & some beautiful prints! Such an exciting thing!!! I have butterflies!!!!!! LOL…. :)

Sooo….what is Art Hop you ask????? Check out Hawk Man Studios for more info!!!

“2nd Saturday Art Hop” is a monthly event, celebrating the arts and culture in Redding and the North State. Each second Saturday is a new, exciting community EVENT for adults and families showcasing different regional artists – painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, jewelry designers – something for everyone!

Each 2nd Saturday, participating businesses will be featured on the Art Hop Map.  Each will host a reception for a different regional artist.  So, get your map, “hop” from business to business and experience the North State’s rich cultural and artistic diversity!

Sooo….if you are out & about feel free to swing by. I will be there from 6:00-9:00  p.m.

.creative release. {Redding, CA Photographer}

Sometimes it is just necessary to shoot for fun…for creative release.. My cousin Rebekah is absolutely amazing in front of the camera.  Sooo, we planned another shoot & today just happened to be the day & the weather was absolutely beautiful. The rain subsided & the clouds coverage was just right! Had such a great time! Here is a sneak preview! More to come!!!!!  Thanks, Bek–LOVE ya!

4-H Club {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

Today I had the honor of teaching a local 4-H Club about photography. The weather turned off rainy & cold, so we had to change it up & do a Studio Shoot.  I did a basic “how too” & then demonstrated Studio Lighting & then I let them take pictures of each other! It was a fantastic time! I so enjoyed each of the girls & look forward to hopefully capturing them again.

This next set of photos are all taken by the students. They did a fantastic job! Look out Redding–we’ve got some amazing photographers on our hands!!!

.Cutest Babies Ever. {Redding, CA Child Photographer}

Last week I had a few adorable babies over to photograph & my oh my were they the CUTEST!!!! They were both almost 10 months, so happy & curious! Mr. “O” was just adorable!!!! So full of smiles!

and Little Miss “M” was the CUTEST!!!! She is Little Valentine!!! She was ready to escape most of the shoot, but I had a few little benches that kept her put for the perfect shot!!!!!