.my new FAVORITE thing.

Sooo, this is just random, and since I am in a blog mood— thought I would post a new favorite thing!!
Are you ready??? It is www.pandora.com. It is a computer (hahah) radio. Love it! Sooo enjoying the sounds of my favorite artists!! It is so great!

and because a post isn’t the same without pictures!! I shot twin brothers last week…sooo cute!!!!

stephenandjoseph_48 stephenandjoseph_31

.wrapping up. {Redding, CA Maternity Photographer}

Today is wrap up some jobs day!! First off is Joy! I met her on the www.beenup2.com thread &  had the pleasure of taking her pictures, while she was visiting Redding. The rain held off just the right amount of time!!!!

Happy Baby #3, Joy!!! You are incredibly beautiful & look AMAZING!!!!!!!

joy_8web joy_32aweb joy_30web joy_20web joy_57web joy_15bwweb joy_13aweb

carson+heather=engaged {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

I definately feel like I am aging! Twelve years ago a guy named Carson & my cousin Paul set myself & my hubby, Ben, up! & now Carson is getting married! AHHH! I am really feeling OLD! He has found the most amazing girl! I just adore her..and most of all… we share the same name…Heather!!! She & Carson are getting married in Sept., so had a little engagement shoot!!! Love you guys & so excited for your lives together!

chengaged_55web chengaged_75abwweb chengaged_68atexweb

….love how this one captures daddy’s love…..


and one together!! Their son hung out next to me watching mom & dad take pics….had to get one of him too!!!


.toothless. {Redding, CA Mommy Photographer}

WELL, it finally happened! Madison’s now missing her TWO front teeth!! AHH! It seems hard to believe that her teeth are falling out, I just remember them coming in…my BABY! Oh it makes me cry. She wasn’t about to pull it, sooo it hung on for quite awhile, until daddy talked her through pulling it out!  Whoo Hoo!!!!

Here she is right before it came out…..


and the next day…


.happy birthday banning. {Redding, CA Child Photographer}

Well, this was a super sneaky photo shoot. My great friend Sea Jay wanted to surprise her hunny by re-doing  his office with pictures of their kiddos…Sooo, with the weather being sooo nice lately, we had a Sunday Afternoon Photoshoot! It was soooo much fun! Cutest kids to capture! Each of them have such unique personalities!! Happy Birthday Banning! Hope you have a spectacular day! (…just chatted with her & he was surprised!! :))

three_6web lake_8web raya_16web ellie_26web ellie_22bwweb

.an 80th Birthday Celebration. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

I was very honored to capture an 80th Birthday recently. It was a bit tricky. The setting was in a hotel reception room & working with 40+ people in one picture was quite an adventure. With the help of an amazing assistant, Joe Love, we were able to pull of the lighting & capture an amazing heritage! & threw in a little texture to make it interesting….

I found this quote on a gal’s flickr site & just fell in love with it. “.It doesn’t matter where you go in life…what you do…or how much you have…it’s who you have beside you.”  ~author unknown. Family is so incredible, such a blessing. I  cannot imagine my life without the family & friends who have continually been there right beside me!  Life is good!!!!darliene_94web

darliene_78web darliene_60bwweb darliene_18web