.BFF. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

It’s blogging day! Blogging CATCH up! Ahhh! Where to begin!!  A few weeks ago, I had the honor of photographing Angel Tims, a photographer in the Fremont area, with her best friends! It was a great shoot! Had soooo much fun!!! Thanks ladies for the great shoot!!! The organ shot was inspired by the amazing photographer jeff newsom and HannahS!!!!. Hoping to pick up the organ this weekend! It is awesome!!! AHH!

bff_16a angel_15 alyssa_19 hannah_44 hannah_76

.lola & james. {Redding, CA Commercial Photography}

This week has been Spring Break! Crazy fun having kids at home, photo shoots, eBay listing, & a little bit of modeling for www.littleposhprincess.com. Today we worked hard at knocking out the box of YUMMY Spring & Summer!!! Here kicks off an absolute FAVE! Gotta check this line out! Soooo CUTE!!!!!!!! Even cuter on Miss “M”…she knocked it out of the park for me today! So much fun having a new face to capture! How I LOVE her!!!!!!!!

lolajamesweb1 californiadress_4 californiadress_1 californiadress_8


californiadress_9 californiadress_13

.happy birthday friend.

I have been very blessed in my life with true kindred, as anne would say, friends! When I was younger my pastor’s wife told me that if I would be faithful I would never lack friends in my life! It has so been that way. I cannot ever remember a season in my life when I didn’t have a best friend.

Jenn has been my best friend from the time the “thought” of moving to Redding crossed our minds. The first year living here I spent every waking moment with her having Starbucks & playing with our kids… LOVED it… Now, I crave time with her & make time with her because she empowers my life in so many ways! The world is a better world because of Jenn! She empowers the very soul of those who cross her path!!

I pray increased blessing & favor upon your life!!!!!!

I love you friend! Happy Birthday!


.happy easter.

Hoping you all had a great Easter! We truly had an AMAZING day! The kids woke up to their Easter Baskets, and were still excited. I was curious whether or not they would be as excited, but they so were! They were ready to find Easter Eggs…  Got ready for church (had a peaceful time getting ready..whew) and then quickly took our traditional Easter pictures!!! (in 22min), got a quick Starbucks & then headed to church! After church we joined our parents, and a few gals from our church at the Sidele’s for an INCREDIBLE 3 course meal! They are Italian’s from New York & OMG!!! They should open a restaurant! Rosemary’s cooking has changed my life! NEVER have I had food like her’s! It was so delicious! & I am beyond stuffed!!!! AHHHH!!!!!

Here is a quick picture of the kids from this morning!!! Happy Easter! Soooooo incredibly grateful that HE IS RISEN!!!!!


.eggs+nests=birds. {My favorites at Monica’s Vintage Inspired}

Happy Easter to all of you! I pray you have a wonderful day with your family & friends! Today brought in sunshine & warmth, it truly felt like spring!

Today is 2nd Saturday Art Hop in Redding, CA! I am so honored to be featured in Monica’s Vintage Inspired!!! I absolutely LOVE her store & have been doing a little countdown of my faves in her store!!! Today’s faves are centered a little bit around Easter & Spring!! I absolutely LOVE all of the Eggs, Nests, & Birds neatly scattered throughout her store. I love, love, love tea sets & the little angel…. just loved!!!!!

Hope to see you all tonight!!!!!

collage_7 monicacollage_7

.get your dance on. {inspiration}

I frequent several blogs & one of my favorite bloggers, Tara Whitney, shared this incredible moment at a train station in Belgium.  I, like, Tara would LOVE to be somewhere when something so incredible like this happens.. This will inspire you & lift your spirits!!

Click here to WaTcH it!!!!    .dance.

And to continue on with my favorite things from Monica’s Vintage Inspired, in Redding, CA… I collaged everything because there are just too many faves & too many items to take pictures of!!!! If you are looking for little treasures, Monica’s is your store. If you are looking for furniture beyond the ordinary, Monica’s is your store. If you are looking for vintage, Monica’s is your store. If you are looking for something that nobody else carries…Monica’s is your store!!!


.monica’s vintage inspired favorites #2. {Redding, CA Photographer}

Continuing on my favorites from Monica’s Vintage Inspired, in Redding, CA! She is hosting me for the 2nd Saturday April Art Hop in Redding, CA, & I am doing another FAVORITES countdown….Did you notice I titled it “favorites”? TOOOO many CUTE things in her store to do just ONE!! I could do a favorites blog for an entire month, just of her STORE! Sooo, be sure to come by Saturday from 6:00-9:00 to check out ALL of these amazing inspirations!!!

A few of my faves….The mirrors & stick frames that she carries! I always want one of each of them! We did something pretty clever with one of my canvases & a frame….(come by 2 see what we did!!!) Love these little pins(center image) sooo cute!! Cluster them on your sweater & be adorable! Love the Tea Towels, remind me of something in Martha’s kitchen, & the Olive Oil.. I haven’t had it, but it made such a pretty picture, that I just had to snap it! Come have a taste this Saturday!!!!

“If I had a hundred wishes I would give them all to you..” -Wish Tickets!!! The sweetest thoughts for someone in your life!!

Hope this all flows! I am a better chatter than a writer, but hoping through blogging it will improve!!!

Happy Blogging–Heather


Favorite Things From Monica’s Vintage #1 {Redding, CA Photographer}

Hello Friends! How are you? Hope this blog post finds you well. I am back to content. My husband has been in Wales for eleven days and is now HOME! So happy! It was a peaceful time while he was gone. Thank you to everyone for your thoughtfulness while Ben was away!!!

Have you ever met someone & instantly connected? When I met Monica that is how I felt. I was at a birthday party & one of my friend’s presents was beyond the ordinary. The gal that bought her the gift was going on & on about Monica’s Vintage Inspired… Of course I had to check it out & fell in LOVE! Chatted a bit with Monica & was in awe of her & her creativity. Her store is just full of random pieces of  “inspired”! You have to come & see for yourself! It is AMAZING! Seriously AMAZING!

Monica has been such a support to my business! I cannot thank her enough! She was the first business in Redding to feature my business cards & then invited me to be a featured artist in her store for Redding’s 2nd Saturday Arthop this month!!!  I will be there, along with lots of my photos on April 11th from 6:00-9:00p.m.! Come by! I would love to see your beautiful face & introduce you to Monica!

So I decided to do another fun FAVORITE’s countdown to Art Hop, of my favorite things in Monica’s Vintage Inspired! My first favorite thing–and the first thing I ever bought in her store are her MAPS & Posters!! They are soooooo great! & are only $5.00–you have to come & buy them ALL! Sooo many things you can do with them! AHHH!!