.this session really brought me back to why I love photography.

Everything about this session was perfect. It brought me back to that place of why I love what I do. I really try to embrace each session with a new & unique approach, but at times with LiFe, I feel that it gets missed….BUT, sessions like this one bring me back to the heart of what I do!!! 

It’s always super fun to see what images each client selects & then to bring them into the digital dark room & CREATE! I love it!!!!


macy_28a macy_62



Wanted to try something new!! A slide show!! LMK what you think!!!

.jeni & jacky. {Redding, CA Maternity Photographer}

Jeni & Jacky are twin sisters & were pregnant at the same time!! AHH! I heard today that Jeni  has just had a baby girl–congratulations!!! I had such a great time with these girls! We managed to get the photoshoot in without getting rained on! WHEW! Thanks Heather & Carson Rodriguez for the referral!!!

jj_2bwa jenna_8 jackie_122 jenna_26a jackie_136 jj_13 jj_28 jj_37 jj_55

.If you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true. –cinderella. {Redding, CA Wedding Photographer}

Yesterday was, to date, my most memorable experience as a photographer. I had the honor of capturing an incredible wedding at the Cascade Theatre in Redding, CA! Here is just a sneak peak. I am downloading files as I write!!! Such an AMAZING wedding!!!! This image is inspired by the GREAT NicholeVan!  More to come! Keep checking back!!!



This evening I had a photoshoot with a gal who is spreading her wings & flyin’!!! She is a composer & is hard at working getting her music out there & livin her dream! She was so inspiring!! Nothing is holding her back! AMAZING! I know you will soar, Desiree!!!

desiree_2 desiree_132 desiree_55desiree_160 desiree_164a

.Dental Hygientist Class of 2009. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

Yeah for 2009 Graduates! A few weeks ago, in 94 degree weather, I had the pleasure of capturing Redding’s 2009 Graduating Class of Dental Hyientist’s. They have been working hard now for THREE years in Dental Hygiene School & are now ready to help clean our teeth!! LOL.. Just wanted to share a few! Such a beautiful group of people!!!!


and in color..

dentalhygentists_83web dentalhygentists_91bwweb dentalhygentists_93web