.Road Trip & family reunion TIME. {Redding, CA Photographer}

…..Hello!!! Happy Summer! It’s HERE!

It has officially NOW hit!! The Redding, CA HEAT Wave–it’s reaching into the 108 degree weather! AHHH!

Escaping the heat…my family took our first Summer Road Trip this weekend! We headed up to my Grandma & Grandpa’s in Klamath Falls, Oregon! It was a GREAT trip! The family time was AMAZING, food…fantastic…(weight watchers–here I come…) Great memories!!!

I wanted to capture our venture up to Oregon…to post on my blog. I love reading blogs of the “real” of families!!! Thought I would share the “real” in mine! (on a side note I didn’t “plan” the next part of the trip…but it makes this blog post interesting….) As we were almost to Klamath, I believe we were just about to Dorris, CA, Ben, my hubby, spotted a dead  Barn Owl off to the side of the road… Of course we had to stop, and pray over it!!! Let me let you into our lives just a little… my husband & kids are TRUE animal lovers. They never kill anything. If ants hit the house I secretly have to get out the RAID….I’m telling you they LOVE animals!!! They said a prayer over Mr. Owl, but he was peacefully in heaven, so each of the kids, & Ben kept a sweet feather to remember….Mr. Owl off the side of the road, almost to Grandma & Grandpa’s!!!!!

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.baby cade. {Redding, CA Newborn Photographer}

Newborns are so precious!!! So full of cuddles! Makes me come really close to wanting another…… ahhh!!! I was so excited to photograph baby Cade on his one month birthday! He stayed asleep for a tad bit—it was so fun trying to curl him up!!!  Thank you, Bob & Kimberly for the honor of capturing your son! He is so precious!!!!!

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.canvas wraps. {Redding, CA Photographer}

A few of my clients recently ordered canvas wraps & they came TODAY & OMG! I was probably more excited than they were!! Absolutely STUNNING! I want to replace ALL of my framed photos with canvases! They are beyond words! The colors are so vibrant & the look is so classic! A MUST!

In celebration of my first Client Canvas order I am offering 10% off to any canvas order placed by June 30th! Please e-mail me for my Canvas prices!!!

This canvas is a 1.5″ thick canvas, perfect wall hanging!


These canvases are my 2″ Box Wrap Canvases! Perfect for your mantle! Absolutely a MUST!

canvas_8web canvas_12web canvas_15web

.2010 Senior Rep. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

WhooHoo!! Emily’s a SENIOR!!! Emily & I go waaay back–she is my youngest cousin, and I am her oldest cousin… It has been such a treat to watch her grow up. She is a beautiful girl, with such an amazing life ahead of her! I am proud of who she is, Who she stands for, and so admire her passion! I am so proud of you, Em!!! Love you!!!! 

 We did these photos awhile back b/c I soo wanted her to be my Senior Rep!!! Thanks, Em, for posing it up for me! I had such a GREAT time with you!!!!!

If you are interested in being a Senior Rep for Heather Armstrong Photography please e-mail me at mommylovin3@yahoo.com with you name, school you attend, and three reasons why you want to be a rep for Heather Armstrong Photography!!!

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