.and he was super cute!. {Redding, CA Newborn Photographer}

It has been pretty busy around here, as you all know. One of my dear friends, had her baby a few months ago, & just with the busy I wasn’t able to get him in until now…I believe he is almost three months old.. So, I was saying  a prayer that it would be an easy shoot & it WAS! Miraculously. Sometimes, it seems like the 3mo age is a more challenging shoot than any of the baby ages… not Judah! He was a rockstar! Just wanted to share a few with you….

judah_51 judah_36web judah_55web judah_74weba

.aubrey. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Well!! We have finished the first week of school and are slightly into the swing of things. School starts a half hour earlier this year, so not quite into the swing of waking up even EARLIER…slowly, but surely! AHH!

Aubrey starts the marathon of seniors that I have lined up to photograph! September is definitely the month of the Senior! I am looking forward to this month. I haven’t booked any GUYS yet… Soo, if you are a guy, and you need your Senior Photos taken leave a comment on my blog by Sept. 13th & your name will be entered into a drawing to get half off on your session fee!!  Anyways, I had so much fun with Aubrey! Thank you, girl, for letting me capture your beauty!!!!! Have an incredible senior year!!!!acaubrey_16

acaubrey_27 acaubreya_122 aubrey_111 acaubrey_86 acaubrey_100 aubrey_59bw aubrey_56 aubrey_106a

.Fall 2009 Arrivals at www.LittlePoshPrincess.com. {Redding, CA Commercial Photographer}

I feel so privileged to work with Leslie at www.littleposhprincess.com. It is truly an HONOR! Kira & Madison love her & LOVE posing it up! We just received some of the new MIM PI 2009 Fall! It is sooo CUTE! The Polka Dot Fur Vest is a MUST! Definitely my fave! Madison loved the dresses… and Kira, well, she loved the black short set with the VEST!  Be sure to check out all of the adorableness at www.littleposhprincess.com !

polkadotskirtset_4 deerskirtset_1 deerskirtset_1a heartsweaterdress_13 heartsweaterdress_17 mimpiredset_4 mimpiredset_5 mimpiredset_22 mimpiredset_7 polkadotdress_15 themadidress_8 themadidress_12 themadidress_17 themadidress_19

.mike & lindsay. {engagement photographer}

Wedding season is still in full swing! It has been a fun wedding season. I promise to blog the weddings! So many pictures to chose from. I have so enjoyed them all! I was really excited to do engagement photos! For one reason or another, most of the weddings I have photographed this seaon have opted out of the engagment photos…. & instead are doing bridals, which will be super fun!! It was so great to take engagment photos with Mike & Lindsay! In September they will be getting married up in Trinity County! They drove down to Redding for engagment photos, & endured the over 100 degree weather before 10 O’clock.  Allison Elliot did Lindsay’s make-up, absolutely stunning job! Please keep Allison in mind if you need a make-up artist… Seniors, Brides, Proms, a FUN DATE.. you name it, Allison is the GIRL! Be sure to check out her website!!!!

So looking forward to your special day, Mike & Lindsay!!!!

mikelindsay_163ajpg mikelindsay_136 mikelindsay_129 mikelindsay_101 mikelindsay_96 mikelindsay_84 mikelindsay_68 mikelindsay_66 mikelindsay_58 mikelindsay_55 mikelindsay_481

.blogging. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

Sooo.. how many of you saw Julie & Julia? Did you LOVE it? It definately was a great movie! Go see it if you haven’t. Don’t take your man… So glad I didn’t take mine–I took a friend & we LOVED it together!!! A must! Go! Anyways, it totally got me thinking about blogging more! So many times I go to blog & then go “blank”… what to say, how to say it. It does feel like I am writing to “space.” Who reads this? What do they think? Will I ever get a comment on my blog? Those, honestly, are the questions that continually go through my head as I blog from time to time! I really want to challenge myself to a blog contest!!! Every blog post takes a lot of time & thought…. Cropping each image, and then, since I haven’t figured out how… I have to add each image individually… Yes, takes me forever!!! One of these days I will master the art of BLOGGING!!! But for now….

Enough! This evening was spent with a fantastic friend of mine. She lead my Bible Study group this last year, and she was absolutely incredible! She needed a few bio pictures for this year’s  Bible Study & I got to take them! It was a lot of fun! I don’t typically shoot in the evening, because of the “mommy” schedule, so it was so wonderful to test out the waters & capture some sun & some wheat grass! Love you, Olivia! Thanks for everything-you are AMAZING!!!


.lauren. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

I have been so blessed that my business has grown from referrals! Thank you to ALL of you who have reffered me to a friend, co-worker, relative, etc. It means the world. Thank you! Emily Faulknor , an amazing photographer, who recently re-located to San Diego, referred this beautiful senior my way. Thank you, Emily! It was a fantastic shoot!! I so enjoyed my session with Lauren, her sister, & her mom! They were all so much fun! Loved the outfit change-ups, location choices, and watching her warm up to the camera as the shoot went along!! Congratulations on your senior year, Lauren!!! Wishing you the BEST!!!

lauren_11 lauren_25


lauren_40 highschoolglimpse lauren_56 lauren_65


lauren_84 lauren_97 lauren_119 lauren_136 lauren_89 sisters_3

.sara. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

There are people in life that I often wish I knew better! Sara is one of those people! She radiates so much confidence & strength! She recently re-located from Redding to Boston & scheduled a photoshoot before she headed out! I had such a great time with her! Thanks, Sara for hiring me to capture you! You are such a beautiful woman! Your eyes! WOW! They just sparkle!!!!!
Best Wishes In Boston!!!

brick_3 neiman_37 jcrew_17 jcrew_11a orange_4 purpledress_20a whiteflowers_16

.happy august. {Redding, CA Destination Photographer}

Can you believe that summer is getting close to being over! We are three weeks away from the “back to school” schedule & routine!!! Brings tears to my eyes! It has gone by so fast.

This summer has been incredibly busy for me. I have captured SEVEN weddings, FOUR more to go, and handfuls of photo sessions! I am so very thankful! I just lift my eyes to the heavens, at times, in complete awe that I am a photographer & that my business is growing!!! ..Which leads me to the back-track of things. Most of my jobs are coming along on schedule… a few are taking a bit longer than normal, but for those of you waiting… I am working late hours & trying to fill the orders as fast as I can!!! Thank you, again, for your patience!!!!! Feel free to e-mail me anytime if you are in need of an “update..”

This last week my family headed down to Monterey, CA for the annual Scottish Games (pictures will come…) It was great. We ended up staying down there for a few extra days & so enjoyed the cooler weather, the beach, and just great family time!!! Pictures will come, I promise… I even did a little photoshoot with the kids!!! Another fun venture to this trip, was a photoshoot in Santa Cruz. My amazing friend, Mandye, had me come along with her family one afternoon for a “Tara Whitney” inspired photo shoot. The photojournalist style sure kept me on my feet… Loved the change-ups & just the funness of the shoot!! Here is a little video I put together!!! Such a great day!!!!

Happy August!!!