.mini sessions are fun!. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

I have really enjoyed doing the 30 Minute Senior “mini” sessions! These Senior sessions are more geared towards a  yearbook pose, but definately get a few fun shots in as well!  Yesterday I had a little “mini” session with Mahalia…Love this girl! I photographed her & her sisters awhile back! Sooo beautiful this family is!!!!! Thanks for enduring the heat, girl! You are stunning!!!

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.alyssa. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Photoshoots are always such an adventure!  There are always so many elements to them. It is such a continual growing process! I love experiencing new locations!   This photoshoot was at Alyssa’s home. It was so wonderful because we could cool down in between sets…. I loved the challenge of finding the light & places to pose!!! I had such a great time, Alyssa!!!  Thank you for letting me capture your beauty!!!!!

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.kim. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Let me just start out by saying what is up with this heat?? Today’s shoot was 102 degrees! Ahhh! So HOT! Endured it, though, & even through the heat really enjoyed this session! Kim, you are so beautiful! Thank you for letting me capture you! I pray that all your hearts desires will come true!!! c’mon Berkley!!!!

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.two. {Redding, CA Child Photographer}

My BEST FRIEND’s little guy jsut turned TWO!!! I remember doing her maternity photos & capturing the birth of Braden! It seems like yesterday!!! Life is a blink, it goes by so fast–as we enjoy it going by!! :) My mom is always telling me to enjoy every second b/c  it just goes by tooo fast… I’m enjoying the fastness!!! LOL!  Rambles… sorry…

I was on the move capturing this litte buddy!!! Jenn brought candy corn treats!!!… which were our saving grace!!! He has the best personality & cutest smile! Just melts my heart to capture him!! Celebrating his SECOND birthday this afternoon!! Just wait for the pics–OMG–it’s a MONKEY party!!! Cutest ever!!!!

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and the reality of capturing a two year old…

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.Reed. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Thank you all for your continued patience as I enjoy this BUSY season of my career! I never expected it to take off as much as it has, so thank you for your support & patience! I feel so blessed & in awe of where it is & where it is going. I never dreamed I would be a photographer!! I always wanted to be a speech pathologist…. It’s amazing what comes our way along the journey of our life!!!

I took my girls to a Miley Cyrus concert this weekend! Enjoyed her performance! She kept us singing & quite entertained with all of her outfit change-ups & stage sets! Quite a show she puts on!

Believe it or not in my career of photography I have only photographed FOUR Senior Guys! Today, I photographed my FIFTH guy!!! Loved the change up! Kept it simple…Receive a $25.00 print credit or $25.00 off of your session fee for any Senior Guy that you refer my way!!!!! And now for the photos of Reed! He was so awesome!! So enjoyed this session!!! Good luck with soccer & basketball this year!! Hope it’s your best year ever!!!! Pursue your dreams & your passion! 

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.super fun. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

I had such a great Senior Session today! Really & truly enjoyed every second! Miss “L” was so much fun! She brought a “suitcase” of funness!!! So much to play with… You can NEVER have enough!!! Thanks for all of the fun today, girl! You are so incredibly beautiful! Love how creative you are!!! I know you are going to have a GREAT year!!! Keep pursuing your passions!!!!

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.catching up!.

Hello! Thank you for stopping by! I just got back from St. Louis Missouri! Myself & my assistant, Angel Tim–website coming SOON–, flew out to capture a beautiful wedding!!! Keep an eye out for pics! It was such an honor to capture this wedding! I kept pinching myself–so couldn’t believe that I was in St. Louis! Sooo great! Loved traveling & cannot wait until my next “out of state” wedding!!!!

Sooo, I was running a little promotion, TRYING to get a line up of guys for my Senior Portfolio!! The winner of the drawing for posting a comment on my blog is Luke Rembault! Congrats, Luke, your Senior Session is HALF off!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Truly comments make my day!!!!!

AND a few pictures! I am a bit behind on blogging, so a few highlights from a few shoots!!!

..the beautiful Kylie! Lovin’ my Seniors! She hired me for a “Mini” session for a Yearbook Pose!! Feel free to contact me if you are STILL needing a yearbook picture!!!


this was taken today. I had a “post-bridal” session this evening. It has been fun shooting evenings. I typically don’t shoot during the evenings, so learning a new light is really fun!


and right before I left for St. Louis I had a beautiful shoot with the Lyn family!!! Oh how I love them!!!


.senior yearbook mini session. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Do you only need ONE photo for the yearbook? WELL, I am taking “mini” sessions right now for those of you “last” minute planners!!! Send me an e-mail for more details!
I enjoyed doing a “mini” session with Mackenzie yesterday….We were able to get so many shots in just 30 minutes!!!

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.keaton. {Foothill High School Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Hope you all have had a wonderful three-day weekend! Today was a great day…so nice to relax with the family & then this evening enjoyed a shoot with Keaton! I love seniors! I absolutely have the BEST time!! I have been enjoying evening shooting…it is new for me! Such beautiful & unique lighting! Thanks,Keaton, for being to wonderful!! I so enjoyed capturing you!!!!! You are so incredibly beautiful!!! Happy Senior Year!!! Cannot wait for PrOm!!! That old phone booth sounds like quite a photo shoot!! LOL! keaton_128blog

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