To those of you who read my blog –thank you! I love that you cheer me on & that you love my work. When you leave comments it makes my heart so happy, so thank you!!

This entry is definately raw! I want to be real & vulnerable with the world. I sit here today with a whirlwind of emotions! My life feels like it has been turned upside down & shaken. It’s wild how one day you wake up & feel the chill in the air, the beauty of fall, and at the end of the day a cold sting. Despite my circumstances & the disappointment that I feel, I know that around the corner there is hope & there is light. My husband & I are walking through what feels like the end of the world, but are clinging tight & holding onto what we believe in–staying together.  I love you, Ben. It’s going to work out!!!!

To all of my clients who have pending orders, I am working as hard as I can to get your photos finished, thank you for your patience. If you need to e-mail me just to see where I am at with your order, please feel free. It’s been a rough couple of days, so thank you for your patience.


.katie. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Oh how I LOVE Seniors! This senior season has been so much fun!!!!

Katie–thanks for having me take your pictures, you are so beautiful, inside & out!!!!

katie_36 katie_40bw katie_84 katie_80 katie_97 katie_118

.favorites. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

I truly love every photoshoot that I get to be apart of! I love the kids, families, newborns, seniors, brides…weddings, I truly love it ALL! As a photographer, though, there are shoots that take my own breath away. The light is magical, the subject is fully loving being captured… It’s magical!

This particular Senior Session with Megan, I have to say, is one of my most favorite sessions that I have ever photographed. I loved everything about it!! I wanted to keep going, but I the light was fading away fast & I had kids to get home too!!!

Anyways—I loved capturing you, Megan! You are absolutely stunning! I cannot wait for more sessions with you!

p.s. People, once in a while, will ask me what is my perosnal favorite picture that I’ve ever taken… Here it is: (both versions, because I love both equally as much….

meagan_23 meagan_26bw meagan_132 meagan_20 meagan_38a meagan_44a meagan_50 meagan_130 meagan_123 meagan_91

.togetherness. {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

Can you believe that it’s almost November?? AHH! Feeling a bit of transition from Seniors to Families!!! I love family! So beautiful! I continually feel so honored to capture moments in people’s lives!

If you need Christmas Pictures–I only have a few spots left, sooo e-mail me TODAY! :)

Here is a Sneak Peek of the Peters Family!!! They were treated with a gift certificiate–sooo remember to keep that in mind as you think of that perfect gift to give!!! A gift certificate from Heather Armstrong Photography!!


.mackenzie. {Redding, CA Photographer}

The Warner family has believed in me from the beginning of my photography venture! When we moved up to Redding, we met the amazing Jillian, as she greeted us so happily every time we dropped the girls off to their Sunday School Class. The girls fell in love with Jillian & soon were asked to be Jillian & Darrin’s flower girls, as she was getting married!!! Soon Jillian & I met & she asked me to photograph her special day!! It was SUCH an honor! I will never forget their beautiful day! They played such a huge part in believing I could capture!!!


I have been since photographing this family & absolutely LOVE every time DeAnna calls! It is so amazing to watch a family grow & to capture moments in time that will be held onto forever!!! A few weeks ago I got to capture Mackenzie!!! When we moved here she was just a freshman, and now she is a senior!!! Time flies!! Girl–you are amazing! I love capturing your smile! Thanks for going with the pettiskirts! You rocked them!!! I know you are going to succeed in whatever you do!! We love you!!

Warner’s-I so appreciate you! Thank you for believing in me!!

mackiwarner_26web mackiwarner_107blog mackiwarner_94blog mackiwarner_89blog mackiwarner_57blog mackiwarner_29blog

.alexa. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Hello! Happy Friday Night!!!! I just got the kids in bed & thought I would do a little blog post!! I got back from San Diego, CA Wednesday! Welcomed lots of rain upon landing in Redding! I had a Destination Temecula Wedding!! AHHHMazingly beautiful wedding! Cannot wait to show you!! Ahh! The details were incredible! My sister assisted me at the wedding, so much fun working together! I stayed a few days extra just to have sister time, it was wonderful!!!

Had a little “mini” session with Alexa!!! Those Senior deadlines are close!!! It’s been such a fantastic Senior Season!! I LOVE Seniors!!! OMG! So great to capture!!!!! Alexa– It was such a treat to capture you! You are so beautiful! Keep dreamin’ on!!!!

alexa_70 lyss_28a lyss_49 alexa_19bw lyss_27 artistchoice_84

.taylor. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Despite getting lost & being twenty minutes late, this photo session turned out beautifully! The light was magical, her smile contagious, and her beauty breathtaking!!! Thanks, Taylor for the fantastic referral, and Taylor–thank you for the honor of capturing you! I loved the organicness of this shoot, all the lovely wheat grass, and YOU! You are so beautiful! Have a wonderful Senior Year!!!!!!

taylor_23blog taylor_74 taylor_45 taylor_65 taylor_105blog

.it’s beginning to look a lot like… {Redding, CA Photographer}

Christmas! Did I say Christmas? So let’s skip Halloween & Thanksgiving & just get right down to Christmas… I am a “season” girl & so like to enjoy every moment of the season & when it is over enjoy the next… I have to focus during this time.. It seems like it is sooo easy to jump to the next season/holiday without even enjoying the one almost here!!!! I am completely enjoying fall right now. My house is filled with the smell of ember, autumn leaves all around, and hopefully pumpkins soon!!! I love this time of year!! And of course, a pumpkin spice latte….almost daily! Oh goodness!!! My one “season” of the year Starbuck’s splurge!!!

All of this to say… I love to BLOG, I do. I love to show off what I’m doing, since my website hasn’t been updated in quite some time….HOWEVER, blogging takes quite a bit of time & with the crunch of Senior Photos, Family Sessions, and still a few Weddings.. I don’t know how frequently I will blog… When it slows down….C’mon–a blog post a day!!! :) I frequently read blogs.. people are soooo inspiring!! One of my favorites is Mika Beth Edwards Photography!! She is so incredibly talented!!! & she  pretty much said exactly how & what I would want to say on her last post, except I am not yet getting a MAC…hopefully soon!!! Believing!!!!

And because a post just isn’t a post without a few pictures…


the girls had a little bit of modeling to do for Little Posh Princess!!

fall09_142 fall09_96 fall09_83 fall09_81web fall09_74 fall09_47

.brandon. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

It has been a Senior or two a day! I have really enjoyed each and every session. I feel like I am getting a little bit of my youth back hanging with these young people!! They are keeping me up to date & informed on the latest & greatest! Thank you, to each of you who have hired me as your photographer! It is such an honor!!!!

Brandon!!! Central Valley Football QB! Keep on havin’ fun & rockin’ your Senior year!!!

brandon_115blog brandon_99blog brandon_19blog brandon_85blog brandon_27blog

.kimberly. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

SOOO, one of the most frequent questions is… What to wear?? Honestly…as Brianna Graham says, “Bring a Suitcase!” You can never have enough! Accessories, Scarves, Cropped Swaters/Jackets, Jeans, Colorful anything!!,  Heels!!!!  SOO, for fun did a little doodle of this picture, I just couldn’t resist! The gorgeous Kimberly from Foothill Highschool rocked it!! Enjoyed our session, Kimberly!!! You are so beautiful!

kimberly_97 kimberly_92 kimberly_83 kimberly_68 kimberly_150 kimberly_20 kimberly_41