.to capture. {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

I love the word capture & I love to capture! Yesterday I ventured out with my BFF & her family & just played around. It was a blast! Her kids are so easy to photograph!

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.the beauty of family. {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

The Radich Family was such a beautiful family to capture! I am so blessed to have the honor of capturing a moment of history in people’s lives. Sometimes it just feels surreal that I am a photographer. I really wanted to be a speech pathologist, so to capture, at times, just seems like…”what?”, “really?” I love it! I love all seasons of photography!!

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.13 Years.

Thirteen  years ago, at this very moment,  I was headed up to Eureka with my new husband for our honeymoon!! So crazy to believe that it has been THIRTEEN years!!! We were set up on a blind date.  Six months after meeting we got married at Bethel Church in Redding, CA!!!! We were “baby-sitterless” tonight, so as I type this up the kids & Ben are in the kitchen creating an “Armstrong Restaurant..” It is so cute to hear them cooking & fixing & planning! They are making me feel so special & loved! I will try & get a picture of the “table & food…” It is so wonderful what togetherness brings! Togetherness as a family brings so much love & closeness! The atmosphere in our home is so full of love & excitement… little giggles & sweetness!!! I love being loved!!! I love having togetherness!!!! It is the best anniversary so far to date!!

a little pic from our drive home today from Oregon–it was snowy & beautiful & cold… & once again.. taken with my iPhone.


.Happy Holidays.

I hope you all had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! My family had a beautiful Christmas!!! Looking forward to celebrating 13 years of marriage on the 28th! We are heading up to Oregon today to visit family!! It will be nice to see my precious Grandparents!!!!

Amazingly I am done for 2009 and looking forward to a new year and capturing new faces!!  I will be closed for business until January 3rd. I will answer all e-mails & inquiries starting January 4th.  My new prices and product information will be available at that time as well.  

Enjoy the rest of your holiday with family & friends!! Blessings above & beyond to you & your’s this season & New  Year!!!

…meet the Barkers!! SO enjoyed this photo shoot up in Dunsmuir! It was absolutely a blast!!!!!


.Favorite Thing #25. {Merry Christmas!!!}

My Favorite Thing #25 is YOUR COMMENTS! Your comments on my blog are like Starbucks to me! I love them! They make my heart happy! They make me smile! They make me want to hug you! They make me want to sit & chat with you! They make me appreciate what I do! They make me want to be a better me, a better photographer, a better friend! Your comments mean the world! Thank you for the comments you have left me!

We had a beautiful Christmas Eve! We were welcomed with much love into the Sidele home where we feasted on the most glorious food I have ever eaten, sat and visited with beautiful friends, and watched the kids playing around with much excitement, actually asking to go to bed, so it would be Christmas!  As I sit here, writing this entry.. the house sleeps sweetly! I have a moment to look at our beautiful Christmas Tree! To breathe in the meaning of Christmas! I am so blessed! I am so thankful for life! For my family! For my friends! For all the goodness life gives! May you be richly blessed this Christmas & may this year be above & beyond all that you could ask or imagine!! Blessings! Blessings!!

You would’ve had a laugh watching me set this little pose up!! I had my iPhone, bracelet,  and camera strap propped under my camera so that it would not tilt over, so I could self-time this shot!! LOL! We HAD to get some sort of family photo in!! Merry Christmas!!!


I need to carry my tripod more often, this shot was taken by a sweet gal walking along the Sundial! I love my family!


.Favorite Thing #24. {Redding, CA Photographer}

My favorite thing #24 is NETFLIX! Yep, Netflix! I love Netflix! I love that I don’t have to take my kids into the video stores anymore so that they can see everything under the sun in less than 5 minutes! I love that I can watch a movie and within two days return it & have another one in my mailbox! I love that I can now watch instant movies right on my laptop anytime I want! I love that I never have late fees! Netflix is genius & is saving me sooo much money every month just b/c I don’t have late fees! WHOOHOO!! If you’ve never tried netflixing, you should highly consider it!!!!


and our Christmas Card–virtual style!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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.Favorite Thing #23. {Redding, CA Photographer}

My favorite thing #23 is the word BELIEVE! I have the word BELIEVE all over my house! It speaks to me on so many different levels! To B E L I E V E! When we took the job at Bethel, (3 Years Ago) it was a huge step, in all areas, financially, to be in ministry again, just the transition from construction to ministry, & we went back & forth whether or not to take the job. Conner drew Ben a picture and it said, Keep Believing. That was a sign to us, to Believe for the IMPOSSIBLE! Whenever the road gets a little bumpy I am reminded of that picture & I “Keep Believing…”

Right now, more than ever I have to continue to BELIEVE! To believe for the POSSIBLE in my marriage! To believe in the plans GOD has for our lives!  To belive that no matter what comes our way, we can overcome & be stronger for taking the harder road! I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives to encourage us & support us, and more than anything, BELIEVE in us!!!!!


.Favorite Thing #20. {Redding, CA Photographer}

Back-tracking here!!! My favorite thing #20 are cake plates! I used to REALLY be more conscience of collecting them, but you can really only have soooo many cake plates!! I wish that I had more time to showcase all of my cake plates… one of these days… Anyways, a few days ago I received a BIG Crate & Barrel package in the mail & got REALLY excited… Anything from Crate & Barrel is ahhhmazing!!! My sweet sister sent me the holiday cake plate so that I could use it throughout the holiday, & tonight I used it!! No, I didn’t take pics… Kira had the most brilliant idea to have her school teachers over for their Christmas gifts….soo, we hosted Kira’s incredible teachers for a Christmas dinner tonight, it was beautiful! Thank you Ri, for my beautiful cake plate! Teachers!! Thank you for all you do & for what you give to our children! May you be blessed this Holiday & in everything that you do!!!! Thank you Crate & Barrel for these beautiful pictures!!!

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and because I fell in love with this picture the moment I saw it loading onto my computer screen!!!!!! More to come from this fabulously fabulous wedding!