.life is beautiful. {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

I was so honored to capture the entire Shoffner Family! It was the easiest photo shoot of a family of FOURTEEN that I have ever had. The connection between this family was incredible! It was so delightful to watch everyone laughing together & loving each other!!! Thank you, Shoffner’s for having me capture your family!

This shot makes me so happy! I could hear everyone behind me & had to capture the joy!!!

and because they had so many cheering them on…..

.and the winner is!.

First off!! Happy Birthday, Mom!!! I love you! What a special day!! I hope you’ve had the most wonderful birthday ever!!!

Sooo happy that the names arrived in my Mom’s P.O. Box today!! I was getting nervous! The Monday holiday threw me off a bit as far as the mail went, but the drawing took place down in Monterey, CA!!! Thank you, Mom!! I LOVE YOU!!

The winner of the Photo Session is Stephanie Jones!! She left us with this “favorite quote” :

“Rest isn’t the absence of activity, it the presence of PEACE!”
(I believe these are the words of Kris Vallotton)

all images edited with the amazing florabella actions & textures

these cupcake pics were inspired by charolette

thank you sweet spot & starbucks for the pretty cupcakes

.i will love you forever. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

I have had a bit of catching up to do & still have a bit more, starting to see the light, but with everything going on in my life, it just has been a bit of a process!!! Things are starting to plateau a bit more, but still have hard days!!! All that to say, I love the month of October (these were taken in October!!)  The colors are so beautiful! It is a magical month to take pictures!!!  Thank you ALL for your patience, for your love, and for your continued encouragement! I don’t think I could make it without you lifting up my arms & telling me that it is going to be okay!!

 Paul & Mandy are absolutely the sweetest couple!!! Everything about their relationship has fallen right into place! I’m so excited to capture their wedding in May!!!! Congratultions on your engagment, Paul & Mandy!!! I am soooo happy for you!!!

These images were edited with the Florabella Actions & Textures, and TRA Dirty Picture Textures!

.hipstamatic. {Redding, CA iPhone user}

A friend of mine told me about the coolest app ever for my iPhone- it is hipstamatic! It is the coolest way to take a picture, other than with a Canon, EVER!! LOL!  Here were a few from today–

my day started out with a little coffee…

went into Starbucks & got a little more coffee, while at Starbucks, found this amazing journal. It is called My Life. It’s a book of lists–lists that inspire your life!!! Excited to journal in this!!!

Stepping out of Starbucks I saw this beautiful tree.. I love winter.

and ended the day with a Family Fun night at the kid’s school. It was a great night! Ben snapped this picture of me. Typically I don’t like pics of myself, but for some reason I liked this one…

So, yes, download this app if you have an iPhone. It is super fun & super addicting!!!

.go be inspired!. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

I was chatting with someone on the phone today & the conversation ended with “go be inspired!!” I loved it! Just had to throw that in!!!

Meet Cory & Jessica! They are kicking off my wedding season! Wanted to post their engagement session! These were taken about two months ago! Looking forward to their wedding! I got the invite to their wedding yesterday & it was beyond cute!!!! So excited for their special day!!! It’s going to ahhhmazing!!