.Bekah. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

I think I should commit to blogging like Julia!!! Have you seen Julia & Julia? It makes me want to blog! Hi!!!!!

Meet my sweet cousin!!! She is my M U S E!  And I’ll bet you’re wondering what M U S E  means?  It is the source of an artist’s inspiration! Rebekah has always been an inspiration to me!!! I have started a tradition, that in February, we have a photoshoot!!! AHHH! This one was special. The light was magical, the location mystical… absolutely enjoyed every second of this photo shoot!

.Capturing the Heart. {Redding, CA Photographer}

Giving back is key to this industry! I really feel strongly that it is so important to give what I know, give what I’ve learned, give what I’ve found, etc. I try really hard to answer all of the e-mails that come through (if I haven’t answered your’s, send it again..) and just be available to anyone who wants to glean from me. I have had the opportunity to teach a Prophetic Photography Class at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry the last four Tuesday’s. I have students ranging from camera phones, film cameras, point & shoots, to dslr’s. I take the students through very basic photography & even give them the chance to capture people, to capture the heart!!! It is an amazing experience for me. My heart is continually full after every class!!!! I absolutely feel so honored to give away a piece of my passion!!!

Thought I would share  a few pics from the class!!!  Thank you all for radiating beauty!!! I so enjoyed getting to capture each of you!!!!

.it was a sunny day. {www.littleposhprincess.com photographer}

When new lines ship for Little Posh Princess, it is always in the opposite season…. 2010 Spring/Summer lines are shipping & it’s cooooold outside! Typically we will shoot studio, but today it was beautiful out, sooo we ventured out & enjoyed the warm weather!!! It doesn’t quite look “spring time” yet, but it was such a beautiful day!!!!

Be sure to check out all of the new 2010 Spring & Summer cuteness at www.littleposhprincess.com!

This is Kira’s favorite line to model, Haven Girl!

She wasn’t too excited about this next dress. She thought she was too grown up for it..LOL.. She did an amazing job, though!!

and because I liked it in black & white too…


I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day! It is one of my favorite holiday’s, just because of the color RED! So my favorite color!!!!  Valentine’s Day this year was sweet & simple. I have been fighting a sinus infection, so ended up watching two romantic movies… The first one, Ben & I ventured out,  and went to see Valentine’s Day. Great movie, entertaining, cheesy, sappy, and all of the above. On our way home, grabbed some Taco Bell– bean burrito–the ONLY thing that sounded good to eat, such a romantic dinner!!! We came home, ate our Taco Bell, then cuddled up & watched….P.S. I Love You!!! I know, right?! AHH! Yeah for LOVE!

A few pics of the girls I have meaning to post showing off their LOVE!!!

Kira modeled this for www.littleposhprincess.com. Absolutely adorable! Perfect for that summer vacation to Disneyland, 4th of July…..a total must!

she was a kick in the pants for this shoot! 


storyboard collage by mcpactions!

.my daddy is a hero.

Being a photographer is such an honor!! To capture the newest stages of a baby, and to continually capture their little lives as they grow is so much fun!!  I had the pleasure of capturing baby Stone as a newborn, at seven months, and now just about eight months!  About a month ago, I photographed baby Stone with his family. The shoot was just before his dad, Trevor, left for Kuwait.  He will be gone for about 7-8 months!! It was hard for me to hold back the tears.  I told them that I would love to capture Stone at the beginning of each month, so that his daddy can see how big he is getting, and see the little changes that are taking place as he grows up!!!!!! We are praying for you, Trevor. Thank you for serving our country!!! You are our hero!

Dropping off the CD of pics tonight, I was beyond happy seeing all of the amazing pictures that Marissa had framed of our photoshoots throughout the house. It was so inspiring. The way she created the story of each photo session was just perfect!!!

Thank you for having me capture moments in your family!!!! Grace & Peace be unto you!

.with a little help from my friends.

“The world is full of people who will go their whole lives and not actually LIVE one day. She did not intend on being one of them.” {when faith in myself was so strong that I believed I could move mountains.} -curly girl design

I really feel that I have been able to be so real with the world and thought I would catch you up as to where things are currently landing in this reconciliation process. Almost three months ago I told the world a reality that I never thought could possibly be a reality. Feel free to read it here: In The Light. My husband made some poor choices, & had an affair.  Upon hearing the news I have chosen to stay by his side & walk in forgiveness!!! I just laugh at reflecting back through the last three months. I honestly NEVER thought I would even make it three months, but hallellujah I have!! Praying I make it three + & a lifetime more… LOL! It’s been a journey, up’s & down’s, shouts & tears, stress & laughter, and everything in between! Literally my life got turned upside down & shaken to the core.  Not always easy, but we are chosing each other!!!! I am seeing an amazing counselor once a week, and as a couple we are seeing the most amazing counselors on the planet! I know that we would not be where we are if we hadn’t been assigned to these two! Thank you, Berry & Lori, from the botton of our hearts!!!! The kids are doing good, coming along.  If you could keep them in your prayers, especially, that would be wonderful. We are committed to each other & to our children & Praise the Lord we will WIN this battle & declare VICTORY over our lives!!!

The last couple of days have probably been some of the toughest days that I have had to walk through in all of this process. I checked the mail about an hour ago, and I had two cards & a gift! Earlier today, I had a dear friend stop by with a Starbucks & a few gifts!!!! Teary Eyed!!  Seriously, I am in such awe. Thank you, friends, you know who you are, for holding my arms up & cheering me on! It means so much! My family thanks you!!!! From the bottom of my heart may you be blessed above & beyond for loving us with such grace & compassion & seeing the best even though the window seems so cloudy.

I love my iPhone… It takes the best “end of the day” pictures! I had to photograph all the love!!!! It truly means more than you’ll ever know!! I think I’ll be making it through this week!!

and me… I was down in the city a few weeks ago with some friends & I felt “HAPPY” for the first time in a long time!!! It’s comin’ back– I know—  A happy me!!! Thanks, Mandye, for capturing my joy!

.kena ireland. {Redding, CA Newborn Photographer}

Yesterday I had the honor of capturing Kena Ireland. Oh yeah, I am soooo in love with her & her name!! She was eight days new & just as precious as ever!!

.making life easier. {www.mcpactions.com}

Well, at least for a photographer!! If you are a photograher, and you follow my blog, you NEED this set of actions by www.mcpactions.com.  All of these images were “made ready for my blog” with the NEW Finish It Photoshop Actions Set by MCPActions! Be sure & get your set today. You can read more about these actions at www.mcpactions.com/blog.

Madison did a little bit of “rainy” modeling for me last week. She loved this 2-PC Tralala Skirt Set. The perfect Easter Outfit! If you would like your daughter to have one, visit www.littleposhprincess.com & pick your’s up today!

My favorite thing about Jodi’s new actions were the rounded corner actions! Love this look!

loved that I could add a color splash to the side of the image with just the click of the mouse!!!

“you must be strong now. you must never give up. and when people make you cry and you are afraid of the dark, don’t forget the light is always there” -unknown .

.I was interviewed today!. {www.mcpactions.com}

I just got back from San Francisco. I went down for a few days, a little bit of fun, and a little bit of work. The weather was spectacular!! It is the most beautiful place on earth to photograph! It was so nice to get away. Today felt a little bit like…”back to life, back to reality.” It’s always so great to escape, but the truth of our lives, is “life!” Today was busy & challenging, but wonderful at the same time. I had an early photoshoot, lunch with a dear friend, counseling, errands, teaching, dinner, more errands, and then trying to “catch” up! Being that the day was full, my heart was full all day, as well!! Nothing could stop me from having a happy day!!!  Jodi, of http://mcpactions.com/blog interviewed me & she posted the interview on her blog today. It made my heart pitter patter & I had butterflies throughout the day!! I was so honored to be interviewed & featured on her blog! It was truly so beyond special. Be sure to check out the interview!! & be sure to check out Jodi’s site! It is amazing!!!!!

I just uploaded one of the shoots in San Fran. Adam & Monika were so delightful! I so enjoyed our session! I have known Adam & his family for forever! They are the most incredible family! Our family has so many memories with their’s, it is truly an honor to be capturing one more celebration!!! Adam & Monika have been friends for a lifetime!! After years of staying connected & being BFF’s, they decided to go to a movie, The Interpreter, with Nichole Kidman! From then on, they have been together! They are getting married in August. I am so looking forward to capturing their special day!!!