.love came down & rescued me.

I have had the song Love Came Down & Rescued Me  going through my head for several days now!! If you haven’t downloaded it…….download it! So encouraging!!  Yesterday marked six months to my husband confessing his infidelity. Honestly I cannot believe how far we are coming & have come! It is amazing! I lift my hands for the life of my family! So miraculous! It has definitely been a lot of hard work & deliberate choices, but honestly I can say we are ONE!!! Chosing has been such a key part in this process. There have been a few times (maybe more than a few..LOL) that it seemed literally like an all or nothing choice, and at the very moment, just saying, “I choose us!” breaks all of the feelings of me leaving, or even just losing my mind with the amount of hurt that I have had. Life is a continual process! Growing is a continual process! We are growing together, more in love everyday!!! I love my husband & I am so thankful to have him in my life & to call him my husband!!!!!! He is amazing & I am so proud of him & how he is working through cleaning up his mess & showing me how he values & loves me…. I love you, Ben!!!!

Blogs are continually very inspirational for me. One particularly, I came upon, on my birthday… It was a God-send…. I e-mailed her & asked her permission to post it. Thanks, V25, for your inspiration & hope!! It is such a blessing!!!

photo credit: cllozdemir qute credit: josh mcdowell

.kylie. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

I had a “mini” session with Kylie in the fall, with a follow-up session later, after she got her braces off!!! She is absolutely stunning! I was so honored to capture her twice. Sooo sweet!!!! She has big dreams ahead! It was so inspiring talking to her!! She is beyond smart & is going to be a surgeon. I pray all the best for you, Kylie!!! Make sure you & Meagan call me to schedule your prom pics!!!! 

Had to re-visit the blossoms!!!!! Gorgeous location!!


.c.j. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Photography is capturing a moment in time! A moment never to be forgotten! I love Senior Photography because it highlights each individual in the “17” or “18” that they are! The moment of being the best they can be! Adventure, Dreams, Life, Hope, so much awaiting for their future!!! I love to capture the uniqueness of people! It makes me come alive!!!!

Belive it or not I took these photos six months ago!! I know, right???!!! A few seniors did quick “mini” sessions to get yearbook photos in & then ordered their pics at a later date!! With so much hitting the fan in my life, six months ago, several shoots didn’t get blogged, this being one of them!!!! Sooo, without further ah-do…. The amazing C.J.! All the best to you C.J. Loved this session!! It was definately a high-light of my senior shoots!!!!!

.tommy + destiny. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

‘Tis the season for engagement shoots!!! AHHH! Love them!!!! So enjoy meeting new couples! Hearing their stories & where they are at in the wedding planning cycle!!

I met Destiny last April during Art Hop at Monica’s Vintage!!! She had me at hello!!! I was sooo hoping she would hire me to capture her wedding & guess what?!!!! Tommy & Destiny have been together just over two years!!!! They love Hawaii!! However, are going to adventure somewhere new for their honeymoon!!! It’s a surprise!!! They are getting married in July– I cannot wait! It is going to be so beautiful!!!!!!

.Reese. {Redding, CA Child Photographer}

Give me a six month old baby ANYDAY to take photos of!! AHHH! The smiley goodness!!! The chubby cheeks!!  The coos & bubbles!!  Makes me want another one!!!!!

My Watch Me Grow packages are so much for, for me, as I get to continually watch the changes of each baby! I photographed Reese & her sister when Reese was about one month, so it was so fun to see a little bit of her personality coming through, and all of the amazing cuteness that she is!!!! Looking forward to seeing you in four months, Reese!!!

.1 + 2 = three. {Redding, CA Maternity Photographer}

It has been just over two years now that I have been photographing professionally!! Starting out I loved shooting everything & anything. Slowly, but surely, as I have found “me” in photography, I have also found more of a passion in what I love to capture! Overcoming fears & gaining confidence has definitely made a difference in the different areas that I photograph! This session was a bit bittersweet because it is my last maternity session! (unless we are friends…. LOL!) I really want to pursue what I am most passionate about in photography, and so for now, maternity & newborn sessions will no longer be offered. If you need an amazing recommendation, let me know!!!!

I instantly fell in love with Melissa & her boys & her mom!!! Amazing family! I was in awe of Melissa’s patience & calmness with her boys! Capturing her interacting with her boys was priceless! The little giggles, touching her belly, wondering if baby is a boy or a girl, the, “am I done yet’s?”, just thinking through the session makes me smile again!!!!

Looking forward to meeting your new baby, Melissa! Thank you for such a wonderful session!!

.happy birthday jenn.

Today is my best friend Jenn Johnson’s birthday!!!! Happy Birthday, Jenn!!! I’m sooo excited it’s your BIRTHDAY!!!!!! We get to celebrate YOU!!!!! You are amazing! Thank you for all that you do & for all that you champion in people’s lives! You call out destiny in each person that you come in contact with! Your strength is contagious! Your joy & happiness is radiating! Your courage is empowering! You are amazing!!!!

April seems like the best month, honestly… It’s both mine & Jenn’s birthday… It was one of the first sign’s that we were destined to be besties!!!! Of the other signs, I would like to mention—

1. We both had a GREEN wallet when we met.  2. We both grew up loving & eating biscuits and chocolate pudding. 3. Starbuck’s is a part of our daily routine (and even better if we’re together) 4. We both don’t like deer meat. 5. She likes Lord of the Rings, Matrix, and crazy movies like that & I don’t & it’s okay….. 6. She drives & I sit in the passenger seat. 7. Forever 21 … I might think of more, but it is late & my mind is going blank– and the fact that I am writing this, she will laugh.. LOL!

Love you, Jenn!! Hope you have the BEST birthday ever, friend!!!!!!!

.adam & crystal. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

I met Crystal last summer at the Redding Aquatic Center. She was Conner & Kira’s diving instructor! She is AHHHMAZING! I think the kids ended up doing three diving sessions just because they loved Crystal sooo much!!!

This was the fastest engagment session I have ever shot. I think we worked it in about 45 minutes, with two outfit changes!! We did a split photosession. Half engagment & the other half Crystal’s bridesmaids, see post below….I couldn’t be more excited & honored to capture her & Adam’s wedding in 2011!!! She is beyond organized & has an amazing eye & is filled with creativity & fun!! Looking forward to capturing your wedding, Adam & Crystal! Happy Wedding Planning!!!!

.the ladies. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

This photoshoot ranks one of the scariest photoshoots I have yet experienced!!!! Redding has been seriously RAINY this season, so it seems as though each photoshoot we are trying to escape the rain somehow. It started raining during this photoshoot, so I thought… let’s just shoot under awnings of buildings… We were posing it up & soon enough we were all being chased by a man with a bat yelling the craziest things ever. My heart was LITERALLY beating outside of my chest!! It was crazy!! Thank you Jesus for angels & making it out of there unharmed!!!!!

…Memories, eh!!! Crystal chose to split her engagement session with her fiance & her bridal party! She thought it would be super fun to have a photoshoot with her bff’s & wants to have the cutest pictures on her wedding website!!!!!  These ladies were sooo much fun! I’m looking forward to hanging with them once again at Crystal’s wedding!!!! Girls– It was super fun! Thanks for making it through the cold & rain! You are all STUNNINGLY beautiful & are the best bridesmaids EVER!!!!!!

All the girls make-up was done by the amazing Allison Elliot!

.”Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” -Alice in Wonderland

I just celebrated turning 34! AHH! So old I am!! We have all been fighting colds in my land, so it was a pretty mellow birthday, but the celebration & feeling special was very much a part of April 5th! This quote from Alice in Wonderland ignited something in my heart!! To dream, to belive, to spread your wings & fly! Six impossible things before breakfast—-ahhhh!!!!

Meet Alex–She LOVES Tim Burton!!! I loved capturing her! Her brother Nash is leaving soon to serve our country–keep him in your prayers. Meet Sandy & her adorable pups! A beautiful woman who has inspired me beyond words! Sandy–your joy for life is remarkable!