.purple dress. {Redding, CA Child Photographer}

Last week at the girl’s Spring Recital, I spotted little Macy in this adorable purple dress. I facebooked her mom & asked if we could do a little session! Christie wrote back saying that the dress was her’s as a child & said yes to the shoot, despite the cold blustry weather we have been having.

“Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ” ~Harriet Tubman

.sweet pea. {Redding, CA Child Photographer}

I have been having coffee with Adalyn (& her amazing mommy) every Friday for the last several months!!!! Everytime we meet Adalyn is the sweetest little girl!!! She just sits there & smiles! Brittany & I chat it up & Adalyn just smiles and looks around! She’s a little sweet pea!!!!!

.sweetest friends. {Redding, CA Child Photographer}

Pink is still the #1 choice pettiskirt to wear!! It’s the magic!!!! This shoot turned out extra special!!! I have to give a shout out  to Brittnay who scheduled a shoot to capture a friendship that her daughter has had since both of the girls were really little!!! A priceless shoot! It was quite busy, I have to admit, but I couldn’t be more happier with how the images turned out. Magical sparkles filled their eyes as they put on the twirly skirts!!! As a photographer I love the moment I pull out the pettiskirts & the little girls wear them for the first time!!!! The twirl, the whimsy, the delight, magic!  Even in the blur there is still so much meaning!!!!!!

.landed. {Redding, CA Photographer}

Facebook or Blog? Facebook or Blog? I go back & forth between keeping a blog! It’s nice to have a place to share the most current photo shoot, and at times just to put something out into a void space that people may or may not be reading. I recently posted an amazing experience on facebook, and thought I should blog it as well….If you haven’t added me as your facebook friend…. you should find me… Heather Lee Armstrong! LOL

Saturdays off are a rare thing in my life, especially during wedding season. This last Saturday I had a photoshoot cancel and had the day OFF! A sweet friend facebooked (seems like the most current form of communication in cyber space) and asked if she could paint the kids faces for her portfolio– Of course!! She came over & painted away, & ended up painting both mine & Ben’s faces… Of course she couldn’t leave without taking our pictures, so it turned into a very mild photoshoot!! The outcome of the experience was life altering. So much was spoken just by her painting & the connection that it brought to our family, and even brought to both Ben & I.

She painted me into a lovely butterfly! I felt like I could fly away!!! & She painted Ben’s face/head into a tree with a beautiful sun…. The word that came to me as I was going through the pictures was “landed!” The butterfly has found it’s tree! It’s oak! It’s home!

I loved it in black & white…

The face’s were painted by Brianna Scott– as soon as she get’s her website up I will post the link!

The girls outfits were courtesy of www.paperlili.com! Be sure to check out her ADORABLENESS!!!!!

.a spring recital. {Redding, CA proud mommy!}

LOL! I love blogging. I try to keep it professional, but sometimes it just gets more personal!!! Tonight the girl’s had their Spring Recital! Bethel Christian School offers Dance as an option, instead of P.E. Both Kira & Madison LOVE dance!! They were soo excited for tonight! Madison woke up at six this morning ready to DANCE!!!!! I blog this post for their Gramma who couldn’t make it….Cannot wait until you live closer so you can see all of their recitals!!!!

and a pic with her bestest friend–!!!!

and Kira’s BFF–

.madison fashion. {www.littleposhprincess.com}

It’s so fun how each of my children are so uniquely different. Sometimes it just boggles my mind!!! Madison & Kira have always been 100% completely opposite when it comes to clothes! Kira loves the rock fashion & Madison loves the princess fashion. When Leslie, owner of www.littleposhprincess.com, sent these next couple of dresses for the girls to model, I knew exactly who would be enjoying the dresses–Madison!!

.meagan. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Every photo session is always so uniuqe. The essence of personality, passion, and poise! To be! To be captured! I totally enjoyed Meagan! She was full of ideas, endured the heat, and was willing to hop into a bush full of bugs!! Thank you for the great session, girl. Pursue your dreams!!

.Desiree Dawn. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer

Look out Nashville! Up & coming Desiree Dawn is going to win the hearts of country music lovers!!!! Be sure to check out her latest songs!

I so enjoy photographing you, Desiree! You are so beautiful! I know that all of your dreams will come true! Keep on believing!!!