.a little L.A. detour. {Redding, CA Photographer}

I could resist calling one of my favorite families who live down in the L.A. area, while I was on my way to the Jasmine Star Workshop!! The Toledo Family! How I LOVE them! I have been capturing them for a few years now, & truly what an honor! They recently had their third baby, Ruah! He is absolutely adorable!!!

Anyways, as soon as I got off of the plane I met them & we had a little L.A. photo shoot!!

.simply inspired by jasmine star.

Just over eight months ago I was just about ready to head down to L.A. to attend a Jasmine Star Workshop, but with some unfortunate news I had to cancel! I was very heart-broken, and could only hope that I would be able to make it into her workshop again (it books out super fast)! Six months to the day that I had received this news I registered to attend a Jasmine Star Workshop!! It was a dream come true!!!

I have to admit I was a little bit star struck! We had a little mixer the night before & when she walked in, I had to pinch myself! About half-way through the meal she came to the other side of the table & sat next to me. Okay, my heart was beating so loudly that room probably heard it! I had to keep telling myself to breath! LOL! Funniest part, though, she spilled her water all over my lap! (Probably from all of my nerves, sorry Jasmine!!!! ) Never gonna wash those jeans again.. haha!

Waking up to little birds chirping, I knew it was going to be the best day! I was beyond inspired throughout the day! Not only by her, but by the other photographers that attended! I felt so blessed to have met so many amazing people!

Simply impressed by all of the sweet details! I am a “details” kind of a girl, so the details meant so much!!! Jasmine personally wrote each attendee from her workshop a note, yep, she’s amazing!

The models, Joe & Jihan Cerda, were beyond stunning! Vivan from All Made Up did Jihan’s hair & make-up, & WHOA! Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! Dreamy!

I was so in awe of their beauty! I didn’t shoot a ton, as I just was taking it all in. Jasmine really had me thinking… What defines me? Why I am shooting what I shoot? Does it represent my brand? I love the challenge that she left me with!!!!

Floral designs by JL Designs! Absolutely stunning!!!!

and of course had to take one of Jasmine in action! Watching her was just as inspiring as listening to her! She is so real and so open!  I flew away from this workshop beyond happy & beyond ready to soar to higher heights!!!! Thank you, Jasmine Star for your amazingness!!! & for giving me courage to be a better me! You are so amazing! Also- have to say thanks to JD, both he & Jasmine put on a spectacular workshop!!!!!!!

.lake night bbq. {Redding, CA Photographer}

Yesterday I returned from an amazing trip to L.A & also my sister & her husband arrived for three days, as they are soon moving to Virginia! Trying to plan everything out, so I could mesh back into the flow of mommy, wife, and host, peacefully, thought a BBQ at the lake would be fun!!!  We packed everything up & headed to Whiskeytown Lake, about five miles out of Redding. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The kids LOVED it! We had the best time!

 I also must mention that my sister is pretty much all three of my kids FAVORITE person on the planet!!! She rocks.com! My house is buzzing with happiness as we visit with Riann & John!!!! Tonight we are having a “couples” date!!! Woot! Woot!

How I love my sister!!! We’ve both never really liked having our pics taken, but she let me snap a few of her!!!!… Thanks, girl!! You are beautiful!

Sliders are our new favorite way to make hamburgers!!! The “mini-burger!” Yummmmmm!!!

Auntie & the girls found Puff-Balls!!!!!! AHHH! How beautiful they are right now!!!

Making a wish….

.daily inspiration.

Quotes, literally, have been my life-line during this season of my life! They find me, and it’s always the exact one I need, at the exact moment!!! Yesterday our family ventured to Barnes & Nobles & of course the most amazng kiosk found me! It was the www.quotablecards.com AMAZINGness!!!! I limited myself to three, but seriously could’ve purchased them ALL!!!!

.breaking a little tradition!. {Redding, CA Wedding Photographer}

It’s a brand new day! It’s a new era in history! Stepping outside of the box!

I have to say, from my wedding, thirteen years ago, to now, weddings are 100% completely & totally different!!! The creativity is beyond ahhmazing!!! Bringing me to the topic of my blog— and that’s “breaking tradition!” When I meet with my wedding clients I give them two time-line breakdowns… What it would look like seeing each other before the wedding, and what it would look like not seeing each other before the wedding!!!!

I was reading www.lindyegallowayblog.com, and was soooo excited about the “Suddenly Inspired” video that she & Aimee showcased today!!! They just made my life, as a photographer, just get easier.. NO, sometimes, as a photographer, it’s hard to explain “just why” it’ll be just as special as seeing each other before the ceremony, than for the first time at the ceremony!!  I love setting up an intimate moment for each of my couple’s who chose to see each other before the wedding!!! To really take-in the moment, take-in each other, and capture not only one, but two glimpses of excitement as the bride & groom lock eyes as they see each other not only once, but twice for the first time!!!!!

Enjoy Lindye & Aimee’s video, and be sure to check out their websites!!!!!

Suddenly Inspired | First Look from Lindye Galloway on Vimeo.

Credits are:

Lindye Galloway: www.lindyegalloway.com

Aimee Grover: www.troygrover.com (they are a husband & wife team)

.cory + jessica = happiness.{Redding, CA Wedding Photographer}

Hello Blog! Just thought I would say hello! Life has been a bit fuller lately! Kids are out of school for the summer & having them home has been the greatest!!! However, keeping me busier!!!! PLUS it’s the best season of the seasons right now… It’s WEDDING season! Looking forward to showing off some of these INCREDIBLE weddings.

…Enjoyed capturing the beautiful Rader wedding!! Congratulations Cory & Jessica!!  Thank you for the honor of capturing your beautiful day!


.sometimes it rains!. {Redding, CA Photographer}

And when it rains, & I have a photoshoot I typically cancel, but this time, I thought, “Let’s just GO for it!!! I was scheduled to teach a class at the School of Creativity, that my church hosted, and sure enough, it was raining!!! Instead of setting up a studio shoot, I decided to take the class in the rain for a little adventure!! I was so excited to have Camille model!  and she was even willing to ROCK it for us, in the rain!!!!!

& my amazing students who shot in the rain! It was such an honor to give back to people who are excited to CAPTURE!

.cece. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

I was delighted to photograph CeCe once again! She scheduled a photoshoot with me just about a year ago, and I invited her to do a little modeling for me! Her beauty is just captivating! Thank you, CeCe for rocking it in the rain & then the next day in the sun!!! Love you, girl!!!!

.elli & sara. {Redding, CA Photographer}

These two are some of my faves to photograph!!! I recenty spoke at our church’s School of Creativity & invited Elli & Sara to be photographed! I so enjoyed the class! I love the challenge of going beyond even where I think I am in the stage of a photographer & giving something away! Even if a little, it is so empowering!

Their AMAZING hair was styled & cut by the amazing Rebekah David at Hair City here in Redding, CA!