.good-bye’s. {Redding, CA Child Photographer}

Good-bye’s are always sad, but new beginnings are always so beautiful! The Lynn Family have been incredible clients of mine, & yesterday we had a “for the last time in Redding” session! They are getting ready to move up north, and as sad as I am to see them go, I am so happy for the new adventures in their lives!!! We had a sweet session. Avagail is definitely busier than all of her photo shoots, but OMG! She is just as cute as ever!!! I’ll miss you, Lynn Family! When you come visit Redding be sure to give me a call!!!

.chloe. {Redding, CA Photographer}

As a mother one of my greatest dreams for my children is that they would have the best childhood memories! At times I wonder what will their memories be? What will they remember?? When Conner was in Kindergarten he met the sweetest little girl named, Chloe Masten! They were best friends, Conner even named our little dog, Chloe, after his friend, because, as he would say “Chloe is so sweet!” We moved up to Redding, and haven’t seen his friend Chloe in four years! Thanks to face book, and keeping connected, Chloe’s Mom & I have stayed in touch, and guess who just happened to be in Redding?? Yes!! The Masten family!! It was so fun watching them re-aquaint with each other. So wish I would have caught it on video!!!! Thanks Masten’s for stopping by & for letting us create memories for our children !!! Chloe will always be in our hearts, as well as your family! Love you! (it’s gonna be fun when they see each other at age sixteen…LOL)

Meet Chloe & Chloe!!!!

Couldn’t resist taking their pics— sooo beautiful they are!!!

everyone together!!!!!!

I was able to find this picture of Conner & Chloe right before we moved from the Bay Area to Redding…. Almost four years ago….

and today……another memory documented!! the “air-hug!!!”

thanks for stopping by today, Masten family!!!! have a wonderful vacation!!!!!!

.haven GIRL 2010. {Redding, CA Commercial Photographer}

We have had the honor of modeling for the adorable on-line children’s boutique, www.littleposhprincess.com, for THREE years now!!!!  Fall 2010 is now shipping & it’s absolutely ADORABLE!  With Redding’s HOT temperatures we had to get up early for a “cooler” shoot. The girls rocked it! Make sure to check out all of the new & ADORABLEness at Little Posh Princess.

.camping adventure!.

Me & dirt aren’t the best of friends. We really never have been, but I suppose getting dirty camping makes up for the icky-ness of DIRT!!! We are off to camp for a few days!!!! Love to make those childhood memories with the kids! There is nothing quite like the smell of a campfire, the crisp twinkle of the stars that look so close to you as you gaze up, s-mores, eggs & bacon…. and then after all the fun, coming home to a HOT shower!!!!!! AHHHH I cannot wait!!! LOL!

…and a little sneak peek from Jessica & Matthew’s wedding! OHHH how excited I am to blog this wedding!!!!! It’s just not right to leave you without a post!!! Happy Summer!!!

.“She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom!” {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

I absolutely love this quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  The journey in my own life the last nine months has been so freeing, and in that freedom, realizing the weight that I have been carrying. I feel more & more free with each day!  One of these days I’m going to have someone take a picture of me running along the beach with my arms spread, feeling the freedom that is my mind, in my soul, & in my heart!!!!

As I was editing Kathleen’s photos, and even throughout her shoot, this quote kept coming to my mind! Kathleen, I know that the destination ahead will bring more freedom in your life! I am praying for you & I know you will soon feel the freedom in whatever you chose!! You are so beautiful! To capture your beauty, your soul, your fight, thank you! It wasn’t just fate that let me capture you, it was a divine set up!!!!!! Praying for you, Kathleen!! Grace & Strength be unto you!!!!!

….and a BFF picture!! Such powerful women! So thankful to know them! Amazing they are!! Both of their stories & journey’s are remarkable!!

.Paul + Mandy = U N O. {Redding, CA Wedding Photographer}

Paul & Mandy are my kids Sunday School Teachers & how my kids LOVE them!!!! Kira asked me if Mandy was going to wear her “cool” hat that she wears every Sunday to the wedding?? I love kids & their wonderment of life!!!!!! They did bring along Vince the puppet to add a few laughts to the ceremony!!! Paul & Mandy are so much fun & have the sweetest hearts!!! The ceremony took place in Lakehead, California. It was an absolutely stunning venue. And the two shall become ONE!!! U N O!! Thanks for the honor of capturing your beautiful day! 



.out of the office.

I will be out of the office from 7/8-7/12. If you need to get ahold of me for any reason, please feel free to e-mail me or leave me a voice mail. I will return all e-mails & calls as soon as I return!!! Thank you so much for your patience!!!!!

& because I have to leave you with something! Here is an amazing song that I recently came across by the incredible Wesley Jensen & the Wildcats! I am really enjoying this song! I listen to it over and over and over! Sooo peaceful!! Cannot WAIT until they come out with their new album!!! Enjoy!!!!

.scrabble. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

Through Aleah’s & my e-mail’s about her & David’s mini-engagement session I asked her if she had a theme or something about her wedding that would connect the dots! Aleah said monograms! I did a little “monogram” searching, and thank you internet for the “scrabble” inspiration!!!!!!

So looking forward to your beautiful day– David & Aleah! Congrats! Congrats!!!

Capturing–  Heather Armstrong

.luke + marche’ = stunning!. {Redding, CA Wedding Photographer}

I was so thrilled to capture Luke & Marche`s wedding, with my husband right along side! It was absolutely incredible! The ceremony was held up in Mt. Shasta at a quaint little church, Hope Community Church, & the reception was in McLoud at the Mercantile. It was incredible! The wedding was coordinated by the AHHMAZING Gwen Edwardson! From top to bottom she made sure everything was taken care of! She pulled off the wedding with much success!! Sean Gafner catered the event, and let me tell you, it was TASTY!!! The flowers were arranged beautifully by Terri Barr . The reception was a blast with music by Ray Pettengell. To top it off, Ron Loos drove them to the reception in his stunning vintage car!!!

Thank you, Luke & Marche’ for the honor of capturing your most beautiful day!!!! & Marche’, yes, “we’re sisters!”  LOL!

Luke & Marche’ chose to see each other before the wedding! It was magical!!

This next one was taken by my husband, and becoming my most incredible assistant! I love how he captured the light & the moment here!