.madison part 1. {Pleasanton, CA Photographer}

Recently one of my dearest, dearest friends had me photograph her family!! I was so excited & nervous at the same time, but I knew that they were going to look exceptional & it was going to be a fantastic shoot.. & it was!!! Michelle has an eye like none other. I wish she could be my personal shopper/what to wear consultant…

I am going to break their blog post into, more than likely, multiple entries! I am waiting for her to narrow down the pics, so I can show the family one’s off, but I couldn’t wait for Madison’s pics!!! I am so thrilled to be the first one to photograph her, because as soon as she shows up at Ford Modeling Agency, she is going to be signed! Absolutely becoming too grown up (I have known Madison since she was about seven or eight!)! & beyond gorgeous!! Thanks, Madi Girl for posing it up for me! Love you!! Cannot wait to take more pics!!!! San Francisco here we come!!!

Jacket, Shirt, Pants, & Necklace: JCrew   Shoes: Steve Madden

.hannah. {Redding, CA Child Photography}

Ohhh how I love Hannah!! I’ve been photographing her since she was in her mommy’s tummy… LOL It seems like yesterday Zeb & Tammi  just got engaged, and more than that, it seems like yesterday that Tami was a teenager in our Youth Group! Oh how time flies, & the older I am feeling!!! AHH! Moving on! Tami had the brilliant idea of photographing her little baby girl Hannah at the Antique Cottage & Garden! For a small fee they said yes, and guess what happened! Magic!! From shooting weddings & seniors to babies, being on the floor level is such a different perspective! I definitely enjoyed seeing Hannah’s view of things!! & enjoyed the challenge of seeing things lower than normal!!

Be sure to check out the Antique Cottage & Garden! It is a beautiful store with everything imaginable & gorgeous!!! One of everything, please!! Had to add a few pics of some of the gorgeous displays!!!

.artistically enhanced. {Redding, CA Photographer}

We are in a digital era & for the most part, most of us want the digital files, the jpegs, of all the images we take. Whether it’s professional, for fun, on our phone, we want the digital files! Since I have been photographing I have offered digital files. As a mom, I want each expression that my kids make, so let me just tell you, I have a gazillion photos of my kids. They are all on CD’s, back up drives, and a few in albums, but most of them are all just digital! At least I have them… When they are all grown up & out of the house I will organize them… ahhh! Anyways, I just wanted to give you a sample, and will probably start blogging a few befores & afters of photos that I take!

As much as I can, I try to get each image, correctly exposed straight out of the camera. I shoot in RAW, and convert all of the images to jpeg using Photoshop Bridge, and color correct them. This is phase 1! The “proof” stage. I now offer all of the proofs for an exceptional deal. The next phase would be the “collections” phase & that is the artistically enhanced images. These images are a little more edited, but not a ton. I want to keep my images looking as fresh & clean as possible, yet, giving them an artistic feel. All of my images are processed in Adobe CS4 & I use a variety of actions, created by me & by TRA, NicholeVan, and a hodge podge of others!! I try to keep all of my images unique & artistic. I want to offer my clients something ahhhmazing!! I want to capture you in a way you’ve never been captured, bring out the best, show off your beauty & handsomeness!!

Here is an example of a before & after. Real subtle changes….. This image was edited with TRA’s prettyizer action, and MCP ACTIONS Magic Skin Actions.

BEFORE: Straight out of Camera


.it’s almost october!. {Redding, CA Photographer}

I cannot believe we are heading into October. It is seriously my favorite month of the year, and at the same time, the busiest! My goal is to enjoy it, see the silver lining, see that the glass isn’t half empty, but half full! Positioning myself now not to be overwhelmed, but steady, one step ahead each day! Coming full circle to the anniversary date of one of the biggest life turns I have experienced…(working on that blog post now–it’ll be worth the read)!! Yes–a BIG month! It’s going to be the best month, though, I can feel it!!

About a month ago.. speaking of months… HAHA! Ben & I went to Ireland to capture Dan & Kathleen’s wedding! It was beyond the most beautiful experience we have ever had together! Besides for driving on the wrong side of the road in a manual transmission car, the trip was beyond my expectations! Ben surprised me with a beautiful ring, we sat together watching the waves crash along the shore, held hands, laid in the mushy grass & watched the sky move above us, ate lots of yummy scones & biscuits, made friendships with some incredible Irish people, & to top it off, shot one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever photographed, and even got to shoot an album cover for an amazing Irish Singer! It was a blissful trip!! I’m working through the photos now…. I will blog more, but for now, one of my faves!!

Love you Dan & Kap! Miss you more than words can express! Love you! Love you!

.Deny + Vivian = Hearts. {Saratoga, CA Wedding Photographer}

Deny & Vivian were married in the beautiful town of Saratoga, CA at Home of Christ Church! Their wedding was absolutely joyous! Both Deny & Vivian were filled with so much joy & love!

Deny proposed to Vivian by dragging the shutter on his camera & writing out “will you marry me?”! You have to read their blog. The story is so sweet!  So from the hearts from the proposal, it became the theme: hearts! Everything tied together beautifully. Congratulations on your wedding! It was such an honor to photograph your wedding!!!

.nolan. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Meet Nolan! He is TALL! I asked him if he ate a lot & he said No! I have an eleven year old son, and he is starting to eat me out of house & home! I thought for sure Nolan would be like Conner is right now…  It’s fun, as a parent, to photograph these seniors, and see a glimpse of how my life will soon be!! One of the most frequent questions that I ask the seniors that I photograph is, “What do you like most about your parents? & Do you get along?” The most frequent answer is that “my parents are always there for me!”  As far as getting along, I always smile, as they say, “As long as I’m doing what I’m told!!” AHH! I love photographing seniors!!

Nolan plays basketball! & is going to attend UC Santa Barbara after he graduates!! Thanks, Nolan, for the great shoot & for wearing the awesome suit in the heat! Best of luck in all that you pursue!! Follow your dreams!!

.chasing the sun. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

We literally chased the sun during this shoot. We met up at Old Shasta, and the sun was already going down…. So quickly did some shots, and then down the road we went…. Chasing the sun, shot a few more, and headed into Redding, to shoot just a few more before the sun went to bed! I loved the adventure of chasing the sun!!! Chasing beautiful light!!!

Thanks, Jordan for the great session! You are so beautiful! Best wishes in all that you do!!!

.courtney. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Right now I am in “mini-senior session” mode!! Deadlines for yearbook photos are quickly approaching, and the books are pretty full! SOOO, if you are still in need of a Senior Portrait for your yearbook, shoot me an e-mail & I will schedule you in for a “mini-session!”

Courtney is pursing photography, so I felt a bit of a challenge because she has an artistic eye & was ready for artistic creative shots!! I felt so honored to capture her!! I kept telling her she should model! I loved her uniqueness & style!! Looking forward to the rest of your session, Courtney!!!

.elyse. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

It’s not often that I’m late for a photo shoot, but booked two shoots back to back & ending up being a few minutes late to elyse’s shoot! AHH I felt so bad!!!  She was so forgiving!! Whew!

Elyse is dreaming of BYU! Rarely drinks coffee, mostly tea! Last movie she saw was eat. pray. love! One of her absolute faves: SHOES! Best wishes in all you do, girl! I know you are going to go far!

.joshua + marcella. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

I absolutely had a blast with this adorable couple!!! These pictures are truly just a brief capture of their love! They were so happy giddy in love that it continually made me smile throughout the shoot!! I’m looking forward to their upcoming October wedding at Lazy K Ranch!!!

Make Up Done by: Allison Elliot