.Hope you had a BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving!.

This will be the LAST post until December 1st, when I launch “My Favorites” Countdown to Christmas!! 25 BLoG posts are COMING! Oh My Goodness!!!! So hoping I can keep up!! LOL!  So, stay tuned! A few give aways, tons of beautiful faces, & my FAVES!!!!

This Thanksgiving was quite beautiful! Honestly, the best words to describe it are beautiful! We drove up to Susanville, my hometown, and the entire drive up I was ooohhhing & ahhhhing because the snow covered trees were just incredible!!! If my recollection serves me correctly, it has been twenty-one years since I have spent Thanksgiving with my Dad!! My parents were divorced when I was 12, and the last one that I remember with my dad was around the age of 13 or 14.  I was thinking about regrets that I might have if something were to happen to me, wrote them all down, and one of them was that my kids don’t have a memory of Grandpa David & Grandma Denise during the holidays in their memory bank, & decided that no matter what, this year’s Thanksgiving would be at my Dad’s!! Thanks, Dad & Denise for having us!!!

The kids adore their Auntie Jessie, my lil’ sister, & had a blast sledding & playing in the snow with her, and of course taking a few pictures! Played Yahtzee! Ben rolled two Yahtzee’s & took us all down! Ate the most delicious dinner, & enjoyed amazing family!! A day that will be remembered forever!!!!! I am so thankful for life & for togetherness & making together happen!! I hope you had a beautiful Thankgiving!! So much to be thankful for!!!!

Sledding FUN!!!!

This is my Great Grandpa’s truck! I love it!! Last year I took pics of the kids in front of it, thinking I might have to make a tradition of the kids posing by this glorious truck!!

So, my lil’ sister is growing up waaay to fast! I had to just stare at her for a bit, I was in awe of her beautifulness!! As they were sledding I saw some beautiful light & asked if I could take a few pics of her??! So happy she let me!!!

I was loving all of the snow!! So so gorgeous!!

and Conner!!! My dad had some pretty big elk horns… yeah! yeah! yeah!

and my awesome dad with his three grandkids!! They absolutely LOVE him!!!

& after dinner we had the most lovely visitor! A winter fox!! So precious!!!

.Cassidy. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

I love when Seniors that I photograph have younger siblings!!! Tom was the big brother to Cassidy & I so enjoyed getting to capture each of them. Thank you, McCollum’s, for hiring me to capture your children, it is an honor!!! Cassidy, hope your dreams come true!! Enjoy each step along the way!! May all that is in your heart come to pass!!!! Thanks for the great session, girl!

.It’s BLACK Friday at Little Posh Princess!. {Redding, CA Commercial Photographer}

These adorable outfits are just in & will make the BEST Christmas gifts EVER!!! Make sure to stop by www.littleposhprincess.com as you do your on-line Black Friday Extravaganza Shopping!!! Some amazing deals, & I am pretty sure almost everything is marked down!!!!!!

.Haydon. {Central Valley Senior Photographer}

I got to do a little adventuring with Haydon!! He brought his bow along & so we journeyed deep into the woods, to find a big buck!! LOL! I love props & finding just the right spot & capturing it in a way that expresses the subjects heart! The bow was fun! & then adventured onto the ball field! Great session! Haydon!! Happy Fire Fighting!! I know you are going to make the BEST Fire Fighter! Good luck as your pursue your passion!!!!

.kelsey!. {Redding, CA Senior 2011 Photographer}

Wrapping a few Senior Sessions! Definitely enjoyed all of the Seniors that I photographed this Fall! If you’re a Senior & didn’t get your photos done, shoot me an e-mail, I love photographing Seniors ANYDAY!!!

Kelsey was referred to me by my children’s swim coach, Crystal Marks, who is Kelsey’s cousin, & who is also in Crystal’s wedding, that I will be photographing in a few months! Anyways, there was such a resemblance between Kelsey & Crystal, it was as though they were sisters!!! I love how looking into someone’s eyes I can see into their soul, no, I just love seeing similarities! It’s always fun!!!

Thanks, Kelsey for the great shoot!!! You are so beautiful! Best wishes in all that you pursue!! I hope all of your wildest dreams come true!!!

.It was time for a new FAMILY photo!. {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

I absolutely love this family. As I blog, I am realizing that I have pretty much gotten to take pictures of all my best friends this season, it has been such an honor! I have two more besties to go, but really excited to capture my friends….This shoot was amazing. Sandy originally just wanted to update pictures of Tyler & Larissa, but I convinced her that she needed a BIG family photo, so everyone worked it into their schedule & had the best photo shoot! Everything went really smooth…. Leaving the shoot I had a bit of anxiety, as there was so many different groupings & individuals, and just wanting to cover all the bases, had a little bit of question in my mind & then had an idea that I wanted to do with the little one’s, but didn’t get to it, (at this point I should’ve recognized the signs)… (this post, mind you, is the RAW reality of my life)..!! Having a wedding the next day, I got home & “dumped” all of my cards. Every shoot that I do, I back up three times. I have two external hard drives & my main hard drive. Once the job is complete, the jpeg files go on to yet another hard drive, so all in all, FOUR hard drives!! Well, I backed them up, shot the wedding, and started converting all of the RAW files to jpegs, and realized that one of the flash cards didn’t get copied. Yes, you are probably thinking exactly how I was feeling the moment that I realized it was missing!!! It topped out my week with just one more thing that I could possibly never happen, but happened. I bought a recovery disc, went through everything, and gone….. I am getting butterflies in my stomach even as I write this reality. My best friend, Jenn’s portion, didn’t get copied. She was more than gracious & understanding & know that the re-shoot is going to be even more amazing, than the files that were lost. The lesson learned, to always double check, slow down, even in the heat of business, to breath & just take my time……… AHHHH! To learn, To grow, To admit, To fail, To get back up, To be!

Thank you Rock’s & Johnson’s for the AMAZING session!!


I am continually inspired, whether it by photographically, people, friends, life! I love that inspiration is like the ceiling to somebody’s floor. I was recently scrolling through my fave blogs, and was so inspired when I read this quote. I remembered I had a picture of a bird from a photoshoot & felt “inspired!” Thanks vol25 for your continued inspiration!!!!

.i love this family!. {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

I met Lindsay on eBay many years ago, and through eBay we became really good friends!! She lives three hours from me, but through phone calls & facebook our friendship continues to grow! I was so excited when she set up the session! I thought the day would never get here, and sure enough, it did!!! And so beautiful! The sun came out for the very last shot! It was an epic photo shoot!! Her amazing hubby even brought & set up a beautiful couch for the family pic!! Thanks, Luis, you’re the best!!!!!

We placed the couch here… The entire shoot was overcast, and just as I had them all situated the sun appeared! Yeah for color saturation!!

Every family has to play follow the leader!!!!

.a little more fall. {www.littleposhprincess.com photographer}

The girls absolutely LOVE when Leslie, of www.littleposhprincess.com sends them clothes to model! It is super exciting these days, more so than when they were younger!! Madison is determined that modeling will make her famous, while Kira is all about striking the right pose. Be sure to check out www.littleposhprincess.com. Tons of adorable boutique items, the PERFECT holiday dresses, and everything CUTE  your princess needs!!!!

The CUTEST jeans & top by truly me & pink tomatina!! Love. Love, Love the jeans!! Kira thought they were pretty cool!!

and a little Madison rocking Hannah Banana!!! The pants are jean leggings! Absolutely the coolest! Madison LOVED this set!! Of course she wants to KEEP it!! LOL!

& this was my favorite!! Again mixed up the brands a little!! The dress is by Truly Me & the Leggings by Pink Tomatina & the boots: Target!