.tyler fairies is ahhhmazing!. {Redding, CA Wedding Vendor}

Hot off the press, Francesco & Susanna’s wedding video!! Tyler Fairies is absolutely 100% positively the most amazing videographer EVER! He creates & captures & puts everything together so magically!!

Tyler, you are AMAZING! Ben & I love working with you!!!!! Looking forward to the next wedding!!!! (Hopefully it’s soon!!)

Francesco & Susanna from Tyler Faires Productions on Vimeo.

.Logan & Lynn. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

They met on an on-line dating service. She was from the Red Bluff, he was from Oregon. They e-mailed, they chatted on the phone, & then they met up!! The first date! In Klamath Falls, Oregon! They met almost half way! & their love was a dream come true! Now they are getting married, and happily ever after their lives will be!

Thanks for the great shoot, Lynn & Logan! I really enjoyed capturing you two & was soooo happy that the rain held off!! Looking forward to your beautiful wedding day!

.ben & bethany = married. {Shasta Dam Wedding Photographer}

Ben & Bethany were married on 4.11.11 at 1:11 p.m. at the Shasta Dam! The day was absolutely beautiful! The weather was calling for rain, rain, rain, & the clouds parted at sunshine came out! It couldn’t have been a more perfect day! Congratulations Ben & Bethany! Hope your time in Hawaii was amazing!!!!!!

.a little shout out. {Redding, CA Photography}

Do you ever read something & it’s exactly what you wanted to say, or felt, or thought? Today, as I was reading through my morning paper, I mean blogs, this one particular blog, really got my attention. Mrs. Kunde. The title of her post today, Lists, sunk right in. I am a list person. I had one today. The most rewarding thing about lists for me is when I get to throw them away!!! AHH! The feeling! ┬áCompletion!. Anyways…. Loved this post! It is a great read! If you have a minute, check out the awesome, inspiring, & informative blog, Mrs. Kunde!

& because I wanted to put a face to a name, here is Katrina a few years ago. She modeled for me & oh goodness! Soooo gorgeous she is!! Love you, Katrina! Thank you for being so inspiring! Keep up the awesome blogging! I absolutely LOVE your blog!!!

.Alex + Natalie = Engaged. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

Sometimes when you just don’t know where to begin, you just have to clear the slate & begin, again! Ahhh! To blog!!!

Tomorrow kicks off Spring Break, & I cannot even tell you how happy I am. We have literally had something every night for almost two weeks. It’s been super fun, but definitely much ready for Spring Break!!!!

Rain almost kept us from this shoot, but we just went for it, and luckily it held off. The rain has so made it beautiful & green here!! The trees & vines & all things pretty are so magical. It almost feels like Ireland!! So so beautiful!!!

Natalie e-mailed several months ago now regarding wedding photography, and although I am not going to be shooting her wedding, I was so honored to shoot her engagement pics!!! Alex & Natalie met here in Redding, at Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry. Alex is from Scotland, Natalie from the L.A. area! A match made in heaven! They are truly in love! Thanks for the awesome session!!!! Loved our time together! & THANK YOU for the awesome basket of “my faves!” Totally made my day!!! So thoughtful, thank you!!!

.devon. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Hello Blog! Where oh where hast thou been?? It’s been busy, but fun around here. I think we have had something every night for the last couple of weeks….Spring Break is just around the corner, so keeping that in front of me…… Conner is playing AAU Basketball, and honestly, I haven’t known the life of an athlete, until now. (wink, wink) It’s been fun! Not quite sure when the season is over, BUT, never the less it’s been fun!

It was truly an honor to capture Devon’s Senior Pictures! Seriously, so honored! I really truly cannot thank her mom, Joanne, enough! She arranged sessions, cancellations, re-schedulings, and everything in between to get me down there! Thank you, Joanne!!! You are a gem! Devon! Thank you! I had so much fun with you & with Megan! I’m so excited for what lies ahead for you! I know it is going to be incredible!!!! Keep pursuing your dreams!!!!

and there’s nothing better than ice-cream with your besetst friend!!!

.4.11.11. {Redding, CA Photography}

I love numbers, especially the number ELEVEN! Ben was #11 or 27 in sports! My sister was always #11 in sports! This year is super fun with all of the 1.1.1. combos! My cousin got married on 1.1.11, and we are already booked to shoot a 11.11.11 wedding & today, on 4.11.11 we are shooting a wedding at 1:11!!! I know, right?! So fun!!! The wedding today is up at the Shasta Dam! Really excited! I know it’s going to be an awesome wedding & day! I can just feel it!!!!

Ben recently took a trip down to Mexico & the number ELEVEN was highlighted to him as he was taking pictures. I wanted to share a few, in honor of the number ELEVEN! Thank you Ben for letting me show off your amazing captures! Love each of these pictures! They speak of such beauty!!!!

Eleven means transition! Doors!! Opening & Closing! Transition!

The number ELEVEN speaks of mysteries! Just stare at this picture for a moment, it will take you on an adventurous mystery!

& an ELEVEN on a bus! The journey! It’s amazing what opens as we set out on a destination. To seek, to search, to find! As we travel, much will be seen, new or old, enjoy the journey!

& fun! Who doesn’t love UNO! Love that he caught this!!!!! 1 : 1 !!!!

and a few more from his trip! Tecate, Mexico.

.adam + crystal PART I {Redding, CA Wedding Photographer}

This wedding was my first 2011 wedding booked.

I was brave. Crystal was the kiddo’s dive instructor at the Aquatic Center! I found out she was engaged! I told her I was a photographer! I took a risk! I dreamed of shooting her wedding!

Today I am shooting her wedding! Yes, I know! & blogged so quickly. I’m not THAT amazing! Crystal wanted to do a pre-wedding “Have fun in her dress” session & here is the debut! More of her & Adam’s wedding to come!!!!!

.deeply loved!. {Redding, CA Photographer}

“Your birthday is not something to fear, but something to be happy about. Don’t think of it like another year older, think of it like another year that measures the love given to you by the ones you cherish!.” -Little Dolphin

Yesterday I turned 35! Yes, 35! Oh my Lord! 35! For me, it seems so old! Trying to swallow it down! I’m getting old, the fact that I don’t really have many grey hairs & I don’t have to color my hair yet does help a little bit, but whoa! 35!!!

It was the best day ever! From the moment I woke up to the moment I fell asleep it was a beautiful day! A day worth blogging about!!

I love to give, to be on the other end, however, is quite another story! I did just take it all in & really “felt” love!! To feel!!!! Yes! My dearest of dear friends, Mandye threw me a “Breakfast with Friends Party” & it was unbelievable! She had me come over to her house without any make-up on & had Chelsea Weld from MAC come & do my make-up! ┬áSeriously now, I didn’t think she could top it off, and then surprised me with “My Favorite Things” table! It brought me to tears! Mandye! I cannot even express how special you are & just how thoughtful you are!! Goodness! Thank you! I love you friend!!!!!

Thank you, Hannah Howell, for these adorable pictures!!

I feel so blessed with all of the amazing friendships that I have! I felt celebrated by so many! I am still in awe! To each of you who called, texted, facebooked, celebrated with me, Thank YOU! I love you so!

and my amazing Mandye friend who threw me the most amazing birthday! Thank you friend!

and opening presents! I was waaaay spoiled for my birthday!!! Thank you everyone for all of your LOVE & gifts!!!!! I am so overwhelmed by your love to me!!!!! You are the best!

& after the party I had a Starbucks with my mom! Lunch with my grandparents! & then headed home to have dinner with the family!!! Oh the goodness of lots of food on birthdays! HA! They took me to my favorite place in Redding, Nellos! It was the best! Before dinner, though, I had to take a few pics of the one’s who DEEPLY LOVE me the MOST!!!! ┬áMy family! I am so thankful for them!!!!!! Love! Love! Love!

& then me!!! 35!!! AHHH! the freedom to have my picture taken!!! Thank you, Ben for capturing me!!! More to come! He’s going to write the blog!! I think he needs a turn!!! LOL!

and today, I went through all of my goodness & couldn’t resist setting everything up for a photo shoot!!! AHHH! What a wonderful birthday!!! Thanks for re-living it with me!!

lovely wreath made by the amazing Leah Valenzuela!! AHH! This girl has the most talent of anyone that I know! Thank you, Leah! I love it!!

& guess what friend gave me this card??

I love little cups… Thanks, Mom!

This wreath was made by the amazing Bridgit Shoffner, who really needs to open up an etsy store! OMG! She is amazingly crafty!

This glorious piece was created by Eilyne Davis!!!! Can you tell I love creatives!!!

& from my sweet family!!! How they love me!! Truly the best birthday I could ever imagine! Thank you, to each of you, who made my day so special, for all of your love & for your continued friendship! Love you! Love you!