.& I keep telling myself… {Redding, CA Photography}

That I need to blog, even if it is just a HELLO! Just blog, Heather, blog!!!

Okay, I don’t know about you, but our summer has been busy thus far!! Started out in Pismo Beach, a lovely wedding! Then a local Redding wedding! Basketball camp started for Conner! We left for Virginia to shoot another wedding! Bethel’s School of Worship started & began teaching my Photography Sessions! Diving lessons started! Shot another local Redding wedding! & this week Revival Camp launched & both Conner & Kira decided to go! Today I taught the last of the four classes in the school & now have a bit of a break! Looking forward to catching up, blogging more (wink, wink), & enjoying every second of summer with my family & friends!!!!!

Trader Joes has been carrying Peonies, so of course, had to buy some, well, maybe went back in twice, and bought two bouquets. They are just too pretty! I kept telling myself to take pictures of the peonies, take pics, take pics… & finally slowed down to really breathe in the fragrance of the peony & capture it’s beauty!!!!!!!



.jake +starr. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

Gene’s Burger! Great place to eat ice-cream & hamburgers here in Redding. Seemed like a fun place to start out taking pics! A little ice-cream! Perfect to get anyone in the mood for taking pictures!

Jake & Starr (Stella too) were beyond a dream to shoot!!! Absolutely Ken & Barbie! Yes, that went through my head several times through the shoot!!! The perfect couple!

I fell in LOVE with the proposal! Starr tells it perfectly!!

So the proposal came as a COMPLETE surprise!  He was so sneaky and very creative! In my Easter basket was a bunch of candy, a card and 7 plastic Easter eggs.  In the first 6 eggs were little love notes and candy.  Buried in the grass at the bottom of my basket was the 7th egg.  I opened it and there was no candy, just a piece of paper folded around something.  I began to open it up, as each word became visible it read ” Will You Marry Me!?!”  and the ring fell out of the paper!  I said “Yes” a hundred times, cried, hugged him and kissed him!  I was the happiest girl alive!

.jason + lauren. {Anselmo Vineyards Wedding Photographer}

Well, if you follow my blog at all, you have been so reading about rain, re-scheduling, rain, & more rain. Jason & Lauren’s wedding was June 4th. No way there could possibly ever be RAIN on June 4th! A week before the wedding I seriously started some major prayer! I have had a bit of rainy mist here & there on a wedding, but not RAIN! June 4th came, I woke up, expecting a miracle of sun shining, but it was raining! Smiling from ear to ear I was excited to shoot their wedding in the POURING, yes pouring RAIN! I think one of the things I love most about weddings is the unknown. The challenge! To face a wedding excited & anticipate to capture it, no matter what, with every ounce of creativity & ingenuity that we can!!! I am so excited to share this wedding! It is love captured!

Jason & Lauren were married at the incredible Anselmo Vineyards! They did an amazing job taking an outdoor wedding & making it indoor! Everything turned out so beautiful!!!! Everything was catered by Anselmo Vineyards. The beyond amazing flowers were created by Sera Bella Flowers. Shelly Gibbs designed & coordinated the event. D.J services by the awesome, you need to hire him, Sal. All chairs & table cloth rentals were from Redding Tents & Events. Hair – Hayley Braun. Makeup – Michelle Gallagher. Cake – Teri LaHorgue of Cake is the Best Part . Party Favor/Jam – Sallie’s Greatest – Cameron, SC. Men’s Suits – Men’s Warehouse.

Congratulations, Jason & Lauren!

the exit is one of my favorite parts of a wedding!!! love the excitement! love the expression! the joy!

& a Bird Seed exit!!

Thank you, Jason & Lauren, for the honor of capturing your most beautiful day!!!!

–Ben & Heather

.let’s go to virginia!. {Redding, CA Destination Photographer}

When I think of the phrase, “Let’s go to Virginia!” I think of the movie Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. Did you see that movie? Oh what an epic movie that is! If you haven’t seen it, rent it or buy it. Such a great movie!!!!

Anyways— Ben & I are off to Virginia to shoot an, “I know it’s gonna be amazing” wedding! We also get to see my sister, her hubby, and their new puppy while we are there! Couldn’t be more excited!!!

Soo, you know what that means??? Well, almost. I might get a blog post in, but I will be out of town until the 14th of June. All e-mails & inquiries will be answered later that week!!!!

.change. {Redding, CA Photographer}

Change is good, right! HA! AHHH! The orange blog just really was, yeah, not it anymore! It won’t hurt my feelings! I know you’re probably sooo happy not to be shocked with the bright colors that pop out as soon as you open it up! LOL!

Soooo, this is a temporary face-lift, for a bit! The whole branding & website design is quite the process, so feeling out the scene & trying to find just the right designer!!!! Working on a few changes, and just enjoying the process of change!!! I’ll update more as it comes, but for now, no more orange! Hello clean & white!

I would LOVE any suggestions that you might have, for my site/blog, as a viewer! It would help so so much!!!!

& a little sneak peak from yesterday’s engagement session!!!! Cannot wait to show off the rest! These two: Ken + Barbie!!!

.david & brittney. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

I’ve loved watching the magic between David & Brittney! The sweetness! The giggles! The friendship! The engagement!

I am absolutely so happy for you both! AHH! You’re getting married!!!!

I love  hearing the love story from the guy’s perspective! David tells it so beautifully here—Well we both met in the airport on my arrival to the states in September 2009. It was a love that began in an international arrivals terminal. As the month of September and October flew by we began to hang out more, and I remmeber the date in which I knew something was there. It was a cold october night on top of Mercy Medical Centre. It was here that I for the first time was open about my life. Something was being formed in the land of our relationship as we looked over Redding that night. From night lights to stars we began to date. As school progressed and we grew, we felt our love grow deeper and stronger. It was our own little story unfolding on the pages of time. As I left for England in the summer of 2010, wre hit some rough waves, but we managed to sail through. Love was tested and it triumphed. The whirlwind of coming back , of romance and of meeting our 1 year, we enjoyed snow and Christmas together. As April came around, I knew it was time. And so bent on one knee I asked her this, “All that’s left is for us to turn the page and see, to walk into life hand held together. Brittney, will you marry me!” The rest has been written, we get the joy of turning each page and seeing how the story unfolds. All I can say is Love is Beautiful!

.It’s a Good Day When….. {Redding, CA Wedding Photographer}

It’s a REALLY good day when Tyler Fairies e-mails me, or posts to my Facebook his amazing video from a wedding that we shot together!!!

If you are looking for a videographer, Tyler is the one to hire! Literally will CAPTURE moments that will take your breath away!

Yesterday was that day! I opened up Facebook & got REALLY excited, because Adam & Crystal have the COOLEST wedding video EVER!!!

Adam & Crystal from Tyler Faires Productions on Vimeo.

.Taylor & Paige. {Wedding Photography THE CLIFF’S RESORT PISMO BEACH, CA}

Wedding season has officially started! This Memorial Weekend was spent at The Cliff’s Resort, in Pismo Beach, CA,  capturing Taylor & Paige’s stunning destination wedding! Everything turned out absolutely beautiful!!!!      Congratulations Taylor & Paige!!! Your love is magical! Watching you look is to each other’s eyes is beautiful! Happy Happily Ever After!!!!!  –Ben & Heather

& after the wedding we were able to sneak off for a few more bride & groom pictures!!! The tide was super high, so we couldn’t get right down on the beach, but ohhh how beautiful capturing love when the sun goes down! Congrats Taylor & Paige!! It was an honor to capture your wedding!!!!

and all of the AMAZING details….

1. Dress, headband, hair flower all from Mia Bella Couture in Fresno CA
2. Shoes Macys, Alfani
3. Tux Men’s Warehouse, Calvin Klein
4. Flowers: Brown Bunny Flowers owner is Amy DeGraw in Fresno,CA
5. Food is The Cliffs Marsiol
6. Cake is Cassies Custom Cakes in Atascedaro,CA
7. Candy Buffet.. The Cliffs
8. Photobooth.. is Shutterbooth
9.  Anna Fergus is the wedding coordinator at The Cliffs and she’s AMAZING!
10. Kate& Bryan Torwalt singing! & Katie Torwalt Hair & Make-uup