.Chico, CA Engagement: Drew + Lauren. {Chico, CA Engagement Photographer}

Every engagement session is really so special! I love finding out who the couple is, how they fell in love & one of my favorites is the proposal! Ben & I recently passed the spot where we fell in love & just driving passed the area made me fall in love all over again!

These two are high school sweet hearts! Met when they were 14 & started dating when they were 15! They’ve been together for almost 7 years! They will be getting married in 2012, up in Dunsmuir, CA! Absolutely had a blast with them! Even in the 100+ degree heat, they rocked it! They even walked walking through the “didn’t realize” it was gonna be there, star thistle! Thank you Drew & Lauren for being so wonderful! I am so excited for your wedding!!!!

Did you know right away you were MFEO? (made for each other) YES!

One word to describe Lauren, Drew? Beautiful!

One word to describe Drew, Lauren? Amazing!!

Best date you’ve ever been on? Drew: The night I proposed. I was nervous all night hoping it would go perfect. Then once I asked & she said yes, it could not have gotten any better.

Lauren: Our very first date! It was the first date I knew I ever wanted to go on. He was (and still is) amazing! That first date led to every date we’ve ever been on & for the rest of our lives!

Do you have a song? Yes! It’s “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White Tees

& you order what from Starbucks? Drew: Mocha Frapp Lauren: Chai Creme Frapp

A hike in the woods or a walk on the beach? Definitely a hike in the woods!

.to dream together.

What are your dreams for the future? Will you stay in Chico? We’re ready to go anywhere the wind takes us. We love Chico & Northern California &

know we want to raise our kids here but as far as the next few years, we are up for anything!

What does Lauren do that makes you fall in love with her all over again? Anything that lets me know she’s been thinking of me. Whether it’s a plan to go to a Giants game, a weekend together,

or (the real way to my heart) is having a big feast ready when I get home!!!!

What does Drew do that makes you fall in love with him all over again? When Drew does small things to surprise me, whether it be flowers or take me on a date.

I have also been a sucker for kisses on my forehead!

You’ve been together almost SEVEN years! What’s the most that’s changed about each other? Well, being together since we were 15, a lot has changed. We’ve grown up together!

Where we want to go and who we want to be has changed the most. We always knew being to young changing was inevitable.
We just got really lucky that we changed & grew together rather than apart!

Happy Engagement!

You’re Love is Beautiful!!


.team. {Redding, CA Wedding Photographers}

Today we shoot Gabe & Christine’s wedding in Lake Almanor, CA! Yes, I have butterflies already & the wedding hasn’t even started!! AHH!

TEAM! I couldn’t imagine shooting weddings without Ben! He is amazing! He gets me! It’s fun sharing life together! I am in awe of how he serves me & works so hard for me. & EVEN when I am a bit edgy he still loves me & smiles!! It’s gonna be a great day!!!

The last wedding we shot, our great friend Jason Vallotton came running out behind us, caught our attention, & said, “It’s so awesome that you shoot weddings together, can I take your picture!!” We both smiled! It’s amazing shooting weddings with the one I love!

Have an AMAZING Friday!!!!!!

.Shasta Dam Wedding: Joel & Janie. {Shasta Dam Wedding Photographer}

Joel & Janie!! Congratulations! It was truly an honor to capture your wedding! Both Ben & I loved every second!!! It was truly a miracle, that on July 16th it was only about 86 degrees. The weather was perfection!

Joel & Janie opted for a first glance moment, so we had lots of fun being creative & taking lots of shots before the ceremony!

Shasta Dam is honestly an incredible venue! If you are looking for a location, check it out! Really love shooting there! So romantic!!! Sarah Bos did an amazing job on all of the flowers, once again! Wedding Planner & Design by Christiann Koepke. Officiated by Lance Jacobs. (More details on the vendors to come!!!)

Happy Happy Ever After!!!!!!

-Ben & Heather


Janie’s bridesmaids were the sweetest! They got all of the little wheat grass out of her dress before the ceremony!

& fell in love with this picture!! One of Janie’s sweet bridesmaids gave her a little foot massage before she walked down the isle….

.Chico, CA Engagement: Jared+Brianna. {Chico, CA Engagement Photographer}

Happy Engagement Session, Jared & Brianna!! So enjoyed capturing you both.

So, tell me where did you meet? At a mutual friend’s house for lunch one Sunday. More specifically, we met at their kitchen counter!!!

How long have you been together? 7 Years

Where did you go on your first date? El Torito in Sacramento, CA

Starbucks or Peets? We prefer Peets over Starbucks , & Dutch Bros over both!!!!

How did he propose? At the table in front of my entire family in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner! Jared was nervous & I was in shock! The good kind!!

One word to describe him: Unselfish

One word to describe her: Thoughtful

Yes! We have a song! It’s “Follow Through” by Gavin DeGraw

I love the way he looks at me, & the way he can calm me down.

I love how she helps me be more spiritual, & her pug nose!!!

We love to drink coffee together & hang out at Barnes & Nobles.

She is a Marriage & Family Therapist

The most amazing thing she’s ever cooked for you? Chipotle cheddar biscuits

He is a pharmacist

The words you say to me are unlike anything that’s ever been said!

& what you do to me is unlike anything that’s ever been.

-Gavin DeGraw

Thank you for the amazing session!!!!! Looking forward to capturing your wedding!

.family. {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

Last Sunday we ventured down to the Bay Area to see Ben’s brother & his family, who we haven’t seen in almost four years. They have been living in Hawaii & are now moving to England for a year! It was a reunion! Everyone met at Rolf & Esther’s near Tracey, CA.

Esther & Rolf! First of all!! Thank you so much for all of your hospitality! The BBQ was amazing! Everything so delish!!!! Opening your house to us all! Thank you! Thank you!

Loved seeing them all the kids playing together! Laughing, Chasing, Shooting each other, Wrestling, & all of the funness!!!!! Such good times!! Mom to us, Nannie to the grandkids, asked if I could take some pics of us all together! 7:30 p.m. rolled around & we ventured out!

Greer & Claire. We got to meet them for the first time! Such adorableness!

Rolf & Esther (Ben’s younger sister’s) Sweet Girls…. & a new baby brother is on the way!!!! (Missed you  Aaron, Jenny, & Jason!)

Joel (Ben’s Brother) & Staci’s beyond fun boys!!

yep! These three belong to Ben & I! Oh how we love them!

Baby Greer! One of John & Corey’s FIVE! AHH! Such a dolly & the perfect age to take pictures!

& the other four of John (Ben’s other brother, Joel’s twin) & Corey’s clan!!! AHHHH! Sooooo precious!

& shots of them all together! We had a small window! Lot’s of personality & TaDa! A shot for Nannie & Pa!

From youngest to oldest!

& with Nannie & Pa!

Thanks Mimicha! This shot of all of us turned out great!

Larry & Alisa (Ben’s older sister) !! You are amazing! Love you!

& Mom & Dad! We love you! Thank you for who you are! For your heritage! For your continued love!

So significant– They are standing in the Scottish Thistle!

& a few candids before we left!!! Such an amazing location! I was in heaven! 35min just wasn’t enough time!

boys will be boys!

& girls will always be sweetness!

love this one of mom & dad!

& to John & Corey & your beautiful family! We will continue to pray for you as you settle in England!

May blessings & increase be upon you! & May His face shine upon you! & protection always be with you!

We love you!! It was sooo great to see you!!!!!!

.sarah = Class of 2012. {Redding, CA Senior Photograper}

Let me just start out by saying this was a Happy Moment kind of a shoot. Inspiration just came so quickly! The lighting was perfect! The weather not too hot, and my subject, stunning!

It’s that time of year again. School is about to start & those Senior Pictures are almost due!!!! AHH! If you still need pics done, feel free to e-mail me at heather@heatherarmstrongphotography.com & we will get you on the books!

Sarah! Your talent is so incredible! I was in awe capturing you! I cannot wait to one day see you in competition! Olympics, maybe?? I know you will go far! Your  discipline & dedication is inspiring!

Hope you have the most AMAZING Senior Year! Enjoy every second.

A Gymnist? Yes! Ever since I can remember!

Do you practice at a gym here in Redding? No. Where? Oroville. Everyday? Pretty much!

How many hours do you practice? 5 hours!  A day? Yes! Okay! You are AMAZING!

Will you compete in college? Yes! That is my dream! Hoping to walk on a team at OSU!

Your ankle. What happened? A myriad of things & had surgery. In the meantime continuing to condition.

thank you Kathrine Kunde & Myriah Grubbs for a little inspiration behind these pictures!

& the last movie that you saw??? Freaky Friday!

the old Freaky Friday or the newer version! The newer one, with Lindsay Lohan!

It’s tradition! Every senior has to do a pose with their arms like this, right! We both laughed & she totally rocked this pose!!!

Okay, soooo favorite places to shop? Macy’s, American Eagle & the Buckle!  & where did you get these awesome jeans? www.zappos.com!

Favorite Brand: Lucky Brand!

Favorite subject in school? French! Really! How many years did you take it? 3! & taking it this year? Nope!

& your favorite place to eat in Redding? Yama Sushi! You like Sushi? Yes! Are you a safe sushi eater or a brave sushi eater? Brave!

& you like Starbucks? Yes! With a little laugh? & what do you like to drink? Light Mocha Frapp!

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean…

Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens…

Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance…

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance!

I hope you dance….I hope you dance.-LeeAnn Womack

& may you never stop leaping! Leap into your dreams! Twirl into your passions! You are amazing!

& a super fun surprise!! Sarah’s best friend saw us shooting & ran to greet Sarah! She had just finished taking her Senior Pics!

Just had to take a quick buddy picture!!!

Have the most amazing senior year, girls! Happy Class of 2012!

.eLLa!. {Redding, CA Child Photographer}

I met little Ella last summer & couldn’t wait for the day that I would get to take her pictures!!! She is so full of personality, adorableness, & a little sass!!! Absolutely had a blast capturing her little personality!! Ella looked sooo cute in her Matilda Jane!!! Thank you Keri Grauel for being Redding’s Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper!

Thanks Mandye C. for all of your help putting this together & for helping with the poses!! You are AMAZING!

& now for the diva side!!

& I think my fave of the day…. Make’s me think of the new song by Willow Smith — I Whip My Hair Back & Forth!!

.make you feel my love. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

The first time I met Alli was at Love Lounge! She was about to sing! I felt an instant connection! It was like we had been friends forever!

We stayed for her song! She sang my favorite Adele song! I melted! Make You Feel My Love! It was as though she was Adele! Seriously, that good!!!

Anyways…..we have a coffee date soon & I cannot wait! In the meantime I asked if she could model for my Natural Light Class at Bethel’s School of  Worship. One of the things that I am working on, when teaching, is capturing, teaching, directing, & helping all at the same time!  Sometimes, especially if I have set up the area in a bit more tricky light, I don’t get the depth of shooting. It’s all amazing, but sometimes my models are more there for me to use to teach & talk about. Allie was perfect!!! She moved & posed perfectly!

Alli was being captured by the students when I first approached her. It was kind of fun. I had a “2nd Shooter” angle! I wasn’t front & center!!! I could hear Alli singing, not really, but could hear her from the Love Lounge, so I asked her to sing! Her voice filled the foresty area & all of us took it in…..Absolutely beautiful!!!

I’m taking her on a shoot soon!!! (wink, wink) I’ve got to capture her just a ‘lil bit more!!! So so beautiful!  Here are a few to share!!!! Thank you Alli girl! You are beautiful & your song is stunning!

.virginia. {Destination Photographer Funness}

A few weeks ago Ben & I headed over to Virginia to shoot a wedding. Upon leaving I received a text from a dear friend! It said…”Heather, I am so happy for you & Ben! It’s amazing to see where photography is taking you & making all of your dreams come true!” It made me cry. Never in a million years, not even five years ago, would I imagined flying to Virginia to shoot a wedding. Seriously, never! BUT, guess what? Dreams do come true! If we can believe in the possibility, we will walk in the reality!

Just the honor of getting to capture a wedding in Virginia, it also meant that Ben & I got to visit with my sister & her husband, and for my  first time, see our Capital & all of the incredible monuments in Washington D.C. Absolutely unreal & so amazing!!!!

Thank you so much Christine & Eric!!!! Capturing your wedding was beyond our wildest dreams!!! I’m beyond excited to share it with all of my readers… BUT first, a little Virgina/D.C. re-cap!

(George Town Cupcakes! Delish! Didn’t have to stand in line that long!! My sister & I! Our maiden name: Lee! The pier in Baltimore! So much fun being together with my sister & my cool brother-in-law! & Starbucks! It’s amazing everywhere!!!!!)

Seeing our nations Capital, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, George Washington Monument, & honestly just the D.C. area forever changed my life! I felt such a sense of overwhelming gratitude for the freedom that we have as a people & as nation, a thankfulness to our Founding Fathers, & also a conviction to believe & declare, “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, & justice for all! I’m so proud to be an AMERICAN!

.coffeeshop cuteness. {Redding, CA Child Photographer}

One morning as Ben & I were enjoying coffee together in walked the cutest little girls!!! I was instantly drawn to them & knew I had to just ask if I could take their pictures!!!!!  Ended up that both girls got to model for this last Capturing the Heart Workshop at Bethel’s School of Worship. They showed up right towards the end of the class & I think had about a fiifteen minute photoshoot!!! Absolutely cuteness defined!!!!!

Thanks, Katie, for bringing your girls in from the lake as cute as can be! I so cannot wait to take pics of your entire family!!!!!!!

& in color!! oh too cute!