.Keith + Christa = MARRIED!. {Anselmo Vineyards, CA Wedding Photographer}

Congratulations Keith & Christa!! AHH! So happy everything came together so wonderfully!!!!  It was such an honor to capture your beautiful wedding at the Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church & incredible reception at Anselmo Vineyards!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Hope you had a wonderful time in Hawaii!!!! Congrats! Congrats!

Mr. Darcy!!!!

Hair: Jessica Kittredge of Cut & Polished
Make Up: Alix Freeman
My Engagement Ring and Wedding Band: customs design by Malakan Diamond through DeVons Jewelers
Tablecloth Rental: Redding Tents and Events
DJ: Jon Thompson of NetSound
Bartending: JB’s Beverage and Bar
Catering and Wine: Anselmo Vineyards
All decorations and favors were designed and made by myself, sister, parents, and my aunt and uncle who came the week before the wedding from England. :-)

.happy birthday ben!.

It’s August 27th! My best friend’s birthday! The day we get to celebrate Benjamin Joseph Armstrong! Happy Birthday my love! I am so in love with you! Each moment gets sweeter! Putting together this little collage just made my heart proud. You are such an amazing dad! Our kids love you so much! Thank you for making their lives a part of your’s! Thank you for pursing their hearts & my heart! You are such an amazing husband! Truly! Thank you for being who you are! For being Ben!  You are an incredible! Thank you for living life out loud & for having the courage to change the course of our lives!! It means more to me than you will ever know!! I love you sweet husband!!!!!

I found a quote & I know you are going to love it!!!

Grow old along with me!!! The best is yet to be!!! -Browning!!!    Happy Birthday My Love!!!!!!

.Mari. {Redding, CA Bridal Session Photography}

Well!!! In some states, it is tradition to have a “Bridal Session!” Mari & Rory are getting married today in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there to shoot their wedding, but did have the pleasure of shooting their engagements & her bridal! Honestly, just pure gorgeousness!

Congrats Mari & Rory! Cannot wait to hear about your wedding!!!!! Happy honeymoon!

.Class of 2012: Meagan!. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Okay… This shoot didn’t make me feel older or anything! It was honestly super fun & I loved every second, BUT, the fact that once, almost thirteen years ago, I used to babysit Meagan, & now I was taking her pictures seemed a bit surreal!! I know! It’s crazy! Her mom e-mailed for senior pics & I have to be honest, I was nervous, anxious, excited!! Didn’t want to disappoint! Would she remember me? Will she still have blonde hair & have those cute little pony tails???

I’m gonna share the love! I have had these pictures forever! I am almost eight months pregnant here, teaching Sidewalk Sunday School at the Alta Mesa Park & guess who is next to me? My helper Meagan!!! Ahh! I have loved her since the day I met her!

Meagan! Happy Senior Year! I know it’s going to be the best!! Always pursue your dreams!

So? What do you want to be? A hair stylist!

I wish I knew what I said here!!! I love her laugh!!

Where do you want to go to school? In New York. at Redken? No, thinking Paul Mitchell!

So yeah, we enjoyed Taylor Swift in her car! Her favorite song… Dear John

Who is your inspiration? Marilyn Monroe is my biggest inspiration!

Favorite subject & teacher? Definitely economics with Mr. Ramirez

The last movie you watched? The Last Song

Starbucks or Dutch Bros? Dutch Bros all the way!

We found something in common! We both LOVE kat von d. If I were to ever get a tatoo, kat von d would do it! Meagan, well, her 18th birthday might be a little kat von d present!

One word to describe you: E C C E N T R I C

umm, girl! you are stunning!!!!! ahhhh! so so beautiful!

Favorite place to shop: the Buckle

One thing you would love to do before school started?? LOL! Jump off the Whiskeytown Bridge!

If you could make one change in the world, what would it be? The ability to have everyone start from scratch; to have a clean slate & not be judged on your past!

Shopping at the coolest mall? A walk on the beach? Or an adventurous hike? definitely a walk on the beach!

.HAPPY 500 Blog Posts! & a Canon 100mm f/2.8 GIVE AWAY!.

Can you believe it! This post is my 500th blog post!!! OMG! I seriously cannot believe I have blogged 500 times!

Many times I have mentioned how I want to be like Oprah & just give really cool things away! Well, I finally have my chance!!!! I just upgraded to the 100mm L 2.8, so guess what? One of you will receive my other 100mm!!!

It is a Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. In amazing shape. Pretty much only use it for ring shots at weddings & when shooting new little babies! If you are the winner, you will receive this 100mm f/2.8 macro, the lens hood & cover, as well as the little satchel bag that it came with! As well, I will even SHIP it to you if you live far away!!!!!

Here’s what you have to do to enter!!

(one unique submission per e-mail/entry please! thank you!)

.Lake Almanor Wedding: Gabe & Christine. {Destination Wedding Photographer}

Do you ever find that this world is really small & getting smaller every second!!! Well, I grew up in the little town of Susanville, CA! It is about thirty minutes way from Lake Almanor! Never in a million years would I have ever imagined that I would be shooting a wedding there someday, but guess what! Sometimes life will surprise you! It did me! Gabe & Christine told me they were getting married  & I was thrilled (and surprised)!!!! Tucked away by the beautiful Lake Almanor, Gabe & Christine tied the knot at the Chateau Chabrier! Their wedding was so beyond beautiful! Check my facebook page for even MORE photos! Seriously, so many, & just couldn’t post them all!!!

Couldn’t be more happy with everyone who contributed to this amazing wedding!!!! Casey & Courtney from Help Me Get Hitched were fabulous to work with! There is something so amazing when you just “click” with the people you are working with… We “clicked!” Thanks girls!  Tyler Fairies did another outstanding job videoing the wedding! Yeah, he’s the coolest videographer around. Caterer: Carol’s Cafe Catering/Rentals: All Star Rentals/Flowers: Flower Mart & Sunshine Flowers/DJ: Sal Lopez/Dance Floor: Pelton Rentals/Photobooth:http://www.paigemichels.com/!

Congratulations you two!!!!

Gabe & Christine opted for a First Glance moment! Such a beautiful moment!!

I love the time that First Glance moments give for bride & groom pics!

& Ben got the coolest K I S S shot ever!!

I couldn’t help but blog the adorable flower girls & ring bearers! Ahhh!! Sooo CUTE!

After the ceremony & family pics, Gabe & Christine snuck away for a little time alone!

I know, I know! just a few more pics after getting off the boat… The light was magic!

the TWO amazing Wedding Designers & Coordinators that put this wedding together!!

happily ever after! thank you for the honor of capturing your INCREDIBLE day!

& because Tyler Fairies took such a great shot!!!

.happy friday!. {Redding, CA Photographer}

It’s Friday! The last Friday of the kid’s summer! I can hardly believe it! We so enjoyed our summer. Even in the midst of the busy, made special times for the family & for the kids!!! There are a few things that are still on my “wish list” to do before summer is over. I mean, hey, just because the kids are going back to school doesn’t entirely mean that summer is OVER! So you’re probably wondering what else could she possibly want to do… Are you ready? Go out on a boat & attempt to water ski! BBQ again at East Beach off of Whiskeytown Lake, and last but not least, get a pedicure. I didn’t get one this summer!!! My feet need some love! LOL!

The last part of this week has been filled with a What If Women’s Conference, that was held at our church. It has been incredible! I love being ignited! I love the push to dream bigger,  re-calibrate a bit, & then to put things into perspective & alignment. I am glad for these times. Lots of laughs & tears, but so thankful! I’ve needed a refreshing & refueling!

I’ve been getting a wedding ready to blog & went through Ben’s photos & found this one! I loved it! It’s been a journey for me to truly LOVE me, but I can say it, I love who I am & who I am continually becoming! I am so thankful! Oh to love who we are?? Tell yourself you are amazing! You are beautiful! You are a champion! You are!!!!!!



.Class of 2012: Kelsey. {Redding, CA Senior Photography}

Seniors have a way of keeping life a bit refreshing. Nothing can hold them back! They are ready to take on the world! I love the inspiration I leave with after each shoot!!!

Kelsey & her family were no exception! I had an absolute blast! Even with the HOTNESS!! AHH! Redding! I know, I know, you’ve been mild this summer, but 98 degrees or so is HOT! LOL!

Thank you for the WONDERFUL shoot! Happy Senior Year!!!!!!

Favorite Dessert: Frozen Yogurt

Favorite Song: Stereo Hearts

& hopefully you got to head up to the lake before school started!!! (smile)

& Can I please have your shirt?? Love it!!! Thanks For Elyse for carrying such ROCKIN’ clothes! Which, BTW, is Kelsey’s favorite place to SHOP!

What inspires you the most? My sister!

Favorite Class: Student Council

Starbucks or Dutch Bros? Dutch!!!

Shopping in the coolest mall? A walk on the beach? An adventurous hike? …A walk on the beach!


One word to describe you? C O M P A S S I O N A T E

Favorite Place to eat in Redding? Los Gordos

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?? That everyone would be friends!

Last movie that you watched? Monte Carlo

Happy CLASS OF 2012!!!!!


.ashley: CLASS OF 2012. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}


Ashley!!! Thank you for the amazing session!!! I know you are going to go far & be a success in all that you go after!!!!! Happy Class of 2012! May this be the BEST year YET!

& you’re gonna graduate this year… what do you want to study? Forensics (she had to refresh my memory! I gave her a puzzled look!)

F O R E N S I C S :  The use of science & technology to investigate & establish facts in criminal or civil courts of law.

& where are you going to study Forensics? UC Davis, or Sac State! Awesome!!!

Favorite Dessert? Chocolate Melt Down from Applebees

Favorite Song: No idea what my favorite song is!!! There are just too many to think about!

What’s one thing you want to do before school starts? Visit my mom & finish my summer homework!

Who inspires you the most? My father

Favorite Class? Favorite Teacher? English with Mr. Vanek

Starbucks or Dutch Bros? Starbucks!

Okay… Those EYES! …Gorgeous!

Favorite Place To Shop in Redding? For Elyse


One word that describes you? O P T I M I S T I C

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? I would give each child an equal opportunity for education!

Yep! She just had to take one with my camera! For Facebook! (smile)

The Beach? Shopping in the BIGGEST Mall? or an Adventurous Hike? I would have to chose an adventurous hike!