.Class of 2012 = Ashlynn. {Redding, CA Senior Mini-Session}

May the road rise to meet you, many the wind be always at your back…

And, until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

-Irish Blessing

Thank you, Ash, for the wonderful shoot!!! How beautiful you are! Happy Class of 2012! Always pursue your dreams!!

.Class of 2012 = Mitch. {Redding, CA Senior Mini-Session}

Well, for all of you who need a quick head shot or two for the yearbook I am now offering “mini-sessions!” A quick 35 minute photo shoot! E-mail me for more information if you are interested in booking a mini-session! Mitch is the leader of the pack with the mini-sessions!

In the thirty minutes, typically we can get in two outfit changes, a handful of “portrait” head-shots & a few shots for even the Senior Tribute! It’s a quick & easy shoot… Might be a little hot, but for the price (e-mail me) you cannot beat it!!!!!

Thanks Mitch for the AWESOME shoot! Best wishes in all that you pursue!



.09.10.11 = Jose` & Danielle. {Danville, CA Wedding}

Ben & I couldn’t be more thrilled to capture Jose & Danielle’s wedding down in Danville & San Ramon, CA! & on one of the coolest dates of the year, 09.10.11!

Danielle was so calm & peaceful! Awaiting the moment she walked down the isle to see Jose for the first time! Her heart’s desire for their wedding was to have the theme, “Love is!” Everything worked out in a miraculous way. Everything was provided for. Simply trusting God! Friends & Family rallyed around & one thing came together after another! One of the most amazing details of this wedding was that the ceremony & the reception were held in two different family’s back yards. A normal yard made into something spectacular! Danielle’s dream was also to be surrounded by nature’s beauty when she said her vows!!!It was so thrilling once it all came together. Her dream wedding!

“To sum something up so beautiful is hard, but I will try! I realize that this doesn’t always happen to people… Two different homes by TWO different people being offered for something so huge as a wedding. It was just a way that God showed us & our guests what “Love is”…” -Danielle

Ben’s perspective!!!!

My perspective!!!


Seriously! Some of the BEST food I’ve had at a wedding!!!! Delish!


Thank you Masten Family for referring us this wedding! We were so thrilled to capture it & get to see your beautiful faces throughout!! Thank you! Thank you!

..suzi, i love you!!



Dress: Designer – Martina Liana, Bridal Boutique – Janene’s Bridal in Alameda, CA
Hair & Make-up: Jennifer Farris
Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse
Flowers: Pairs & Pieces – Eunice Venetta
Cupcakes & Cake Pops: Melissa Ramano
Cake: Rasberry Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake – Cheesecake Factory
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals - Ginger Masten

.Class of 2012: Joe. {Redding, CA Senior Pictures}

Let me just say this was a really fun shoot!!! Joe pulled out the moves & rocked the camera! He kept me clicking from beginning to end!!

Our next shoot is definitely going to be down the peeks of Mt. Shasta as he snowboards down the hill…. He is quite ambitious–playing both Roller Hockey & a Snowboarding. He loves that 70’s Show! Last movie he saw was Step Brothers & can listen to anything except country!! Well, maybe a little Taylor Swift!!! LOL!

Joe! You rock.com! Thanks so much for being so awesome & rocking your senior session! May this year be the best ever! Keep pursuing what you love & never give up! Go after your dreams!

So enjoyed the interaction between Joe & his mom! Such an incredible relationship they have!

& to Sarah Cerami!! Thank you so so so much for ALL of the referrals that you have given me! You’re the bestest!!!!!

Sarah & Joe are really great friends & so enjoyed having her come hang & pose it up with Joe!!!

& my fave of the bff shots…


.Class of 2012: Alyssa!. {Northern CA Senior Portraits}

Happy Monday!!! Hope you all had an amazing weekend!!!! Ben & I shot two stunning weddings!! Cannot wait to show them off!! It was a great weekend & yes, coffee is sitting right in front of me as I type!!! AHH! How grateful I am for coffee!!! LOL! Anyways–Hope you all have a great week!!!

Starting the week off, Alyssa!! We had a great shoot! The lighting was absolutely magical! She wanted a little water & sand during her session, so enjoyed cooling off a bit at East Beach, up at Whiskeytown Lake! Absolutely beautiful! Thanks, Alyssa, for the awesome shoot! You are absolutely beautiful!! Happy Class of 2012! Hope it’s the most amazing year!!! &  as you continue to pursue your dreams, don’t look back, but keep going forward! Go confidently, girl! You’re going to go far!!!

.Class of 2012: Katrina. {Redding, CA Senior Photos}

Katrina thank you so much for the great session! You were so fun to work with! & the fact that you ROCKED the 103 degree heat was even more AMAZING!

I hope the journey becomes every bit as sweet as the destination!!!!! -Lisa Kogan

Happy pursuing your dreams!!!!!!

& one with her boyfriend who was so patient & endured the heat to watch Katrina take her senior pics!!!!!!

.Class of 2012 : Kiley. {Fall River, CA Photography}

Kiley arrived at our first location & I was in awe of her gorgeousness! Girl!!! You are stunning! Thank you so much for the AWESOME time! I loved capturing you & cannot wait for our next shoot!!!! Happy CLASS of 2012! Have an amazing year!!!!!

One Word that describes you: H A P P Y

One thing you want to do before school gets out: Go to as many concerts as I can!!!

What inspires you the most? Random acts of kindness!

Favorite Dessert: Cheescake! 

If you could make one change in the world what would it be? To shift people’s focus to others instead of themselves!

Favorite place to eat in Redding? In & Out!

& you want to attend what college? UC Davis or UC Santa Barbara

Last movie that you watched? There’s Something About Mary!!

Starbucks or Dutch Bros? Dutch Bros!!

Favorite Place to Shop: Roseville Galleria

.colton. {Redding, CA Senior Portrait Photographer}

& Yes!!!! I was pretty excited to photograph Colton! My first guy senior for 2012!!!!! Thanks Colton for the great session! You are awesomeness!




this one melts my heart, especially as a mom to a son!

There is no influence so powerful as that of a mother. -Sarah Josepha Hale

.cotton candy. {Redding, CA Photographer}

I knew as soon as I started having kids I would be a stay at home mom! I loved being at home with my kids. I often wish I could go back & enjoy it all over again. I loved snuggle time, naps, cheerios on the floor, picking up vhs tapes 20 times during the day, walks, play dates at the park, & then making dinner for Ben. I loved those days! Truly treasure them! Life is different now. First of all, the kids have grown up waaay to fast & are in school all day long & I am balancing photography in the mix of being a wife & mommy! (I still like being called mommy)!!! Weddings are my favorite, however, do take away the infamous SATURDAY!!!! But with everything in life, we find balance. We make the most of what we can. Planning ahead has definitely been a key with all of the juggling that I feel I am often doing. Sooo, Madison’s 9th birthday was over Labor Day weekend, as we had a wedding 9.10.11, the day before her birthday, & there was no way a sleepover could happen!!!!! It always works out! If you are a mom & a photographer, just take it one step at a time. It works itself out!!!

Madison had a Cotton Candy themed birthday! Her favorite thing is Cotton Candy, so we rented a Cotton Candy machine & had a BLAST of a party! Brianna Scott of Fox Tail Face Painting came & did some amazing designs on all of the cute little faces, a little Rio movie, Sweet Spot cupcakes, yes, it was the bestest party!!!!!!  I am convinced that events & parties should be scheduled around light! It makes all of the difference, as far as photos are concerned!!! LOL!

Happy 9th Birthday Madison! You are a princess & we love you so so very much!!!

getting her rock star groove on!!!!

Thank you, Brianna Scott for loving on my girl!!! I just love how much she loves you! Your painting is always so inspiring!!!!!! Thank you for making her 9th party so special!!!!!

the party favor was COTTON CANDY! couldn’t resist sharing this little sequence!

.L O V E D. {Redding, CA Photographer}

So Sunday I got to see Amy Grant in concert right here in Redding, CA! My BFF surprised me with tickets & even went with me & endured Amy! Actually I think she really enjoyed her, at first wasn’t so sure…..Thank you, Jenn!! I loved every second & couldn’t have asked for a better present!!! Love you!! Amy Grant has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. My Aunt Julie played My Father’s Eyes & Giggle from an 8-Track when I was really little & ever since it’s been Amy in my world of music. I lived & breathed her… Well, not really, but close enough!

So only a picture of the tickets you ask! Well, I thought I would be cooler than everyone else who was taking pictures in front of her poster & bring my camera, yep, it came with me. However, upon sitting down, all of the lovely attendants were holding signs with “no taking phone pics or camera pics!” Yep, didn’t take any. Oh it was so hard, but just wanted to honor that, and upon leaving, went to get my picture by the poster of Amy & it was gone & already replaced! Sadness!! Sooo, luckily I took pics of the tickets!!!!! Loved her show! Still love her as much as I did when I was seven, nine, eleven, twenty-one, thirty-one… I’ll forever love AMY!!!!!

This last week & this week I have been taking Bethel School of Ministry pictures of all the students, interns, & staff. Just over 1600 people, & just over 3200 pictures!!! AHHH! Let me just tell you those days went by rather quickly. I kept looking at the line thinking it would never end!

I write about this to say it is truly an honor, I know I say honor a lot, but really really, it is an honor to capture each of the students & too, beyond that, witness, individuals & families who have come from all over the world to attend Bethel School of Ministry so hungry for more of God!!! As I left today I was listening to Kim Walker sing “Oh How He Loves Us!” It wrecked me! Just feeling the love of God! Knowing how much He loves us stirred me up!!!

Here is a quick picture I took today in between shooting students! I was in awe seeing Pastor Bill greeting all of the students & just loving everyone!! Can I just say I felt a lot of love today???!!!