.oh here I am. {Redding, CA Photographer}

Hello! Hello! I haven’t fallen off the planet, honest!! Having a few weeks of slower-ness has been wonderful! Trying to really soak it in.

Also, I have been teaching Capturing the Heart at Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry! It has been so great! We have had some beautiful models to capture! We wrap up the class today! Oh how I love teaching!!

Valentine’s Day I had a class scheduled, so thought it would be fun to capture a couple! AHH! Sean & Nikki!!!! Cannot wait to share more!!!

Last weeks workshop was special! For the first time I captured a family during a class! I was honored to capture Laura Duncan & her beautiful children!!!

We split the group up, one half capturing family & the other half capturing the beautiful Paige with a little off-camera lighting!!!!! Paige’s make-up was done by Brittany Martin!!! These pics were taken by Ben. He was in charge of  the off camera lighting! Thank you, Ben!!!!

& I had to take just a few… Using a small soft box!

& a high light of this season has been basketball! Conner is playing on the 7th & 8th Grade team for Bethel Christian School! (That’s him taking the shot… Go #5) He is loving it, & so are we! Love getting to go to all of the games!!! It’s been such the highlight of this season!!!!

Hope you are enjoying these winter months! Hot chocolate, cozy times with the family, cold brisk walks, & most importantly, “your season”!

Nothing is worth more than this day! -Goethe

.valentine loves. {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

I fall more in love every day with my three kids!

How each of their lives are blossoming is so beautiful!

Their laughter, their tears, their hopes, their dreams, their wit…ahhh!

Conner just about as tall as me! Kira almost eleven & Madison always finding something new!!!

I love our adventure! Our stories! Our life!

My precious darlings I love you!

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.paige. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

Almost a year ago Ben & I captured Taylor & Paige’s wedding down in Pismo Beach!!! It was absolutely THRILLING to be featured this month on the amazing BLOG: Destination I DO! Taylor & Paige’s wedding was so beautiful & sweet, and as described: CONFECTION!! Be sure to check it out & leaving a comment would be AHHMAZING!!! Thank you! Thank you!

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.ellie. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

I met Ellie last year at her Junior Prom. I was the lucky one who got to photograph six or seven different couples from Shasta High School before they were off to Junior Prom! Always love those shoots!

Anyways—Ellie was exquisite! Here is a glimpse! AHH! Her dress could win awards! So beautiful!

& there’s just something about …  twirling!!

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.jordaan. {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Jordaan, thank you so much for having me take your senior pictures! I had a great time with you & your mom! Hopefully by now you’ve gotten your hunting license! LOL! Yes, blog readers, Jordaan is a hunter & enjoys the thick of the forest & outdoors! We had a great time tromping through the leaves during her shoot!

Jordaan girl! You have the stars ahead of you! Reach for them! Go after all that is in your heart! Keep dreaming & never give up on your dreams! I know you are going to go far!!!

The thing always happens that you really believe it; and the belief in a thing makes it happen! -Frank Lloyd Wright

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.the Song Family. {Redding, CA Family Photographer}

Happy Monday!! Hope you had an amazing weekend! & that your team won the BIG game!!! We weren’t too excited about the Super Bowl. The poor Broncos & 49ers…… Maybe next year!! AHH! Football!

Excited to be blogging pictures from my last shoot in 2011! Finally! I know! I know. I just had to blog on the perfect day, Amy’s birthday!! She would be the one rocking the yellow sweater! Happy Birthday Amy! Hope it’s the bestest day ever!!!

Thank you, Song’s for the incredible shoot! Your connection, your joy, your love, & your family is such an inspiration!!!

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.jenny & stetson. {Redding, CA Engagement Pictures}

I absolutely loved this shoot. Needing a little change up from the Redding scenery, we drove out towards Shingletown, CA for this engagement shoot! I loved everything about it! The connection between Jenny & Stetson, the light, the trees, the clarity of the air; it was beautiful!

Jenny & Stetson have been together for SEVEN years & are getting married in September! I am absolutely thrilled to capture their wedding!

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