.happy 2012 wedding season. {Napa, CA Wedding Photography}

I’m happy to say that 2012 Wedding Season has started! Ben & I shot our first wedding of 2012 in beautiful St. Helena, CA. Absolutely gorgeous in every way! Another one this Saturday & many more 2012 weddings to come! I couldn’t be more ecstatic! I absolutely LOVE capturing weddings!

 I love showing up to a wedding & seeing the vision unfolded. The details. Everything from A to Z. It’s absolutely incredible. Months & months of planning and preparation all put together. It’s beautiful!

However, what is most beautiful is the love between the bride & the groom! The anticipation to be married!!!!

Celebrating them! Celebrating their journey!

If everything worked as plan & as visioned, or if nothing worked quite as planned, in the end all that really matters is love, that two have become one, & have created a beautiful union!

I love this shot because it is just that…

Congratulations Kilma & Season!!!!

.seth + haley. {O’Brian Mountain, CA Wedding Photography}

Hello readers! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It means so much! & your comments mean even more, so thank you!

I’m  happy to have gotten my “blog” loading issue fixed. We switched over from AT&T to Charter, giving us muuuuch faster internet speed, however, that wasn’t the loading issue. Something was going on with Safari, so converted to Chrome & wa-la! Fixed the issue. Now I can do a blog in about an hour, vs three days! Well, wedding blogs take quite a bit longer, but none the less, back to blogging!!!! & at that catching up on blogging! I had several weddings & shoots from 2011 that I never blogged. It was a whirlwind of the last three months of 2011, so thank you for your patience! Happy to be blogging now!!!!

One thing I have never done is blog something completely black & white! Never. I love black & white images, but love color more. This wedding, however, the black & whites were pretty strong, so as I was thinking about what images to blog, etc., I thought I should blog it black & white, with the exception of ONE image, because it just has to stay in color! You’ll understand why! So… Happy Black & White Blog! Yeah for something different!!!! All of the Black & White conversions were made with Red Leaf Boutique Film-Solution Actions! I used the B&W Matte Soft action! Loving these actions!

Seth & Haley’s wedding was one of the most emotional weddings I have ever captured. I am a cryer. Be it the vows, the stories that the preacher says, the toasts, I cry. I do. I cannot help it. It’ s just a few tears, but my heart is always touched, & I cry. This wedding, let me tell you, I cried. I kept telling myself to stop, but the tears were coming…. I kept composure, but definitely was moved to tears! You see Seth became this little boy’s daddy! They played a prayer that Asher had prayed asking Jesus for a daddy, & Seth became Asher’s daddy, his answer to prayer!! There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! Absolutely incredible!!!!

Seth & Haley! & Mr. Asher!! Congratulations! I know your lives together are going to be absolutely amazing!

Yes! First Glance!

& then lots of Bride & Groom shots!!

due to it being so chilly, we took some shots inside the O’Brien Mountain Inn! Such a beautiful place for pictures!

Seth & Haley’s wedding was like no other!!! Everything very non-traditional!! After the First Glance & Bride & Groom photos Haley transitioned into THIS dress and they ate dinner with their guests, before getting married!!!!

RIGHT???? Lady in RED!!  MRS. Gorgeous!!!!!! Oh Haley you are stunning!!!!

After dinner Haley put her wedding dress back on & the ceremony began!!!

Her closest friends & family commissioned her & Asher to Seth.

& then one of the most amazing moments I have ever witnessed!

So so beautiful!

Mr. & Mrs. Conner!!


.brandon + glory. {Redding, CA Engagement Photos}

Totally love these two! So happy for them! Thrilled to have taken their engagement pics!

Congratulations Glory & Brandon! I know your wedding is going to be absolutely stunning!

 Thank you ladies of the 1244 house! Loved getting to take a few shots at your house!

.dan + alix. {Burney Falls, CA Engagement Photographer}

I am so excited to share this shoot with you! It is a special one! Dan proposed to Alix up at Burney Falls, CA. Past the falls, over a little bridge, and in this little cove in the forest, he gave her a ring!  They packed a picnic & yes, she was surprised. So when planning the engagement shoot they really wanted to go to Burney Falls! For me, it was the first time I had ever been to Burney Falls, & oh how magical it was! Absolutely breath taking. Congratulations, Dan & Alix! I am so excited to capture your wedding!!!!

The sun rays were just amazing!

We found the little spot where Dan proposed to Alix.

When Dan & Alix first had started dating, they had maxed out their phone minutes, & so they communicated through mail. Alix has saved every letter! Right? I melted too!

.caleb + kymberly. {Redding, CA Wedding}

11.11.11 ! What a day to get married! AH! We were so honored to photograph Caleb & Kymberly’s wedding here in Redding, CA!  Everything came together beautifully, thanks to the amazing wedding event & design specialist, Denise Curato, of The Blossom Shoppe.

Caleb & Kymberly! Congratulations! We are so happy for you to share your lives together! What a beautiful story you are going to write!

CAKE: Sondra at The Cake Shoppe
CEREMONY: Grace Baptist
RECEPTION: Holiday Inn
FLOWERS & DECOR: Denise Curato
DJ: Lynn Currie

.sean & nikki. {Redding, CA Photographer}

I absolutely love these two! Sean & Nikki! You’re the best! Thanks for modeling it up for my class! Brittnay Martin, your make up skills are off the charts! Thank you!

Nikki was so happy I brought balloons! (wink, wink)

oh nikki! you are gorgeous! gorgeous! work it! work it! work it!

this picture is one of my faves! Everything about it makes me smile!

.cece. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having Cece, CEO of Love Lounge USA  as a special guest in the class that I have been teaching! Cece’s story is absolutely incredible & having her share was such an honor! After she spoke, the class had fun taking her pictures! She knows how to work the camera, so absolutely made for an awesome shoot!!  Cece! You are amazing! I know that you are going to go to Hollywood & launch another Love Lounge USA! Your story will forever be so very dear to my heart! Thank you for the honor of capturing your beauty! You are BEAUTIFUL!

.hannah. {Redding, CA Portrait Photography}

I am teaching round 2 of Capturing the Heart at Bethel School of Ministry, however, this term, teaching it in the morning, which I am loving! As well, the First Year BSSM class has moved to the Civic Center, making it even more exciting!  Yesterday was “move your setting to MANUAL mode” & start shooting manual! I did a basic teaching on manual settings & then had a little shoot scheduled, so that everyone could actually do what they were just taught! The most exciting part was that more of a winter forecast had decided to show up & it was pouring down rain! I decided to move ahead with the shoot & what fun we had! Hannah was the perfect model! She endured the rain & cold beautifully & was just so wonderful to capture! Thank you Hannah! You are absolutely stunning & a dream to photograph!

.North State Bridal Show. {Redding, CA Bridal Show}

Back in January we participated in the North State Bridal Show at Simpson University. Don Shulman put it on & did an absolutely fabulous job! It was a Bridal Wedding Extravaganza! So many incredible vendors, to say the least! It was our first ever Bridal Show, so a bit on the new side, but overall really happy with how everything turned out! Now let’s just hope for at least ONE booking!! LOL!

I have to say that I am really lucky to have an amazingly crafty husband! He built the booth for me & helped me 120% to pull it off! Thank you Ben! I am so blessed!!!! Thank you! Thank you! I love you & loved our booth!! Monica, thank you for your handwriting! Love how you write my name! Sara Bos, of Sera Bella Flowers, thank you! The bouquet & flowers were incredible!!!! Dad, thank for taking your day to help Ben set this up & tear it down, thank you! You are thee best!!!! & to everyone who made this possible, THANK YOU! AHHH!

I SO loved meeting & visiting with so many beautiful people!!!


.Jared + Jesse = MARRIED. {TBS Ranch Wedding, Redding CA}

Each wedding that Ben & I capture is truly an honor! To trust us with a day, with a moment, with a celebration cannot even be explained! It’s such a privilege! We are so very thankful for every wedding that we book!

Jared & Jesse! Congratulations! Thank you! Capturing your love was magical! We are so happy for your lives together!

One of my most photographed venues of 2011 was TBS Ranch in Redding, CA! It is absolutely romantically sweet, & enchantingly beautiful!!

One of my most worked with wedding coordinators of 2011 was Gwen Edwardson! She brings beauty to each event, much peace, & always dots every “i” & crosses every “t”! She’s fabulous in every way!

Looking forward to 2012 & all of the weddings that it holds!!! In the meantime, I am catching up on blogging my 2011 weddings! AHH! We have FINALLY discovered my “blog” issues. Just to give you an idea, it took me THREE days to get this wedding loaded!!!! My AT & T internet is really really super slow & we are going to find new service! Soooo I apologize for the lack of blog posts, but the time it takes to load images has been a little daunting!

So happy to FINALLY get to share this wedding with you!

I absolutely LOVE when couples chose to do a first glance!!!!!

First glances give the bride & groom a chance not only to have a sweet moment to share just between them, but the opportunity to have a time to really connect before they walk down the isle! It is one of my favorite moments of the day!

& which groomsmen has the ring?????