.just couldn’t resist!. {Redding, CA Photographer}

Okay, so a little change up…

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to babysit/kidsit this year for a few families!

I remember thinking “If I only had someone to watch the kids… (for free)…” when they were younger.  I could get so much done if I just had “an hour!”

So, in the season that we are in, with kids getting older & almost old enough to “babysit,” I made a resolution!

Well, the end of school was coming to an end & what on earth should we get the teachers????

We had the most brilliant idea for Conner’s awesome teacher! A gift certificate for dinner & free babysitting!! Whoot! So, yep, we got to babysit last night & let me tell you it was so much fun!!!! Lots of oooohing & ahhhhing!

I absolutely melted over the girls!! But the baby… well, I couldn’t resist taking just a “few” pics…. & then a few with my iphone!!!!!!

Melt my heart, seriously!!!! AH! So these next few were with my iphone!

The older girls were having a BLAST on the trampoline!

Conner was in love!!! AH!

.Kenton + Elizabeth. {The White House | www.whitehouseredding.com Wedding Photographer}

 I often think of a “full circle” when we show up to the wedding venue & begin creating the story of all the work & vision that is literally unfolding minute by minute.

Engagement shoots are so important! They are included in each of my wedding collections for the purpose of connecting with the couple so  that when we get to the wedding day there is a quicker trust in my work, what I’m doing, & even capturing them together!

So, to complete my thought… Engagement Shoot=Half Circle… Wedding Day = Full Circle….. Right? I know you are getting it & I’m just not “slow” today…..

Often after the engagement shoot it seems like FOREVER that the wedding will come, but truly in a blink it’s here!

I was so excited to get to Elizabeth & Kenton’s day…. Elizabeth shared so many of her ideas, she even created a Pinterest board for her fave wedding poses…. I knew this wedding was going to be amazing!

So, without further jibber….. Kenton & Elizabeth! Congratulations!

“I love you. I am who I am because of you.
You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had,
and no matter what happens to us in the future,
everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life.
I will always be yours. ”
― Nicholas SparksThe Notebook

Kenton & Elizabeth chose to do a “First Look” !!! And Melt! Such a sweet moment!




I typically don’t blog family shots in blog posts, but couldn’t resist this picture! Elizabeth found this idea on pinterest!!! Oh for heritage!

& someone real clever gave them a present wrapped in legos… Right? Couldn’t resist a ring shot…Without breaking the box! LOL!


& super fun! we were able to take a few sunset photos!!!

& loved these! Ben wanted to work off camera flash! & Wha La!

… & back to the reception ….

.Raina Part II. {Mitzi Estefania Photography}

Hello everybody!! My name is Mitzi Estefania and I have been Heather’s intern for the last 8 months. This has been one of the most rewarding, fun, moving, refreshing and amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Interning for Heather has been really good for me as I embark myself in the photography world. She is an amazing mentor who said yes to taking me on her team and has believed in my good and bad days!

She gave me the opportunity to shoot the super talented Raina Pratt to see how I directed the shoot, composed my photos and to see my growth of the last 8 months and it was really fun!! I felt more confident than the past and I believed in myself to deliver something good. The lighting was tricky at times but I stayed calm knowing that I had it in me to do well.

Thank you Raina for the opportunity to shoot your beauty, you are a stunning woman! and last but not least, thank you Heather for loving and believing in me. You have changed my life. I love you!

.raina pratt. {Redding, CA Bio Portrait Photographer}

Raina Pratt! I love you! Thank you for being constant! For always being so supportive & for being such a constant friend!

Raina Pratt is an artist! An absolutely incredible beyond amazing artist!

She painted this incredible painting for Ben & I to hang in our bedroom! It is oh so meaningful!

Raina’s art is in full display at Redding’s newest & finest, View 202!

If you are looking for a piece of art, check out her website!!!! You need a little “raina” in your house!!

Raina needed a little bio update! Such a treat to get to photograph her once again!

Oh such a beauty. Work it Raina, work it! AH! You are stunning girl!

Congratulations on your feature at the View!!!! It is absolutely stunning! Truly!


.joey + jenna. {The White House | whitehouseredding.com Photographer}

Joey & Jenna! They met while looking at a little hamster! The rest is history! They fell in love! & on one of the coolest days ever.. the SOLAR ECLIPSE.. they became one!!!!!

Jenna was in Ben’s revival group last year, & Joey was in his revival group this year!

Oh to see you both grow & walk in who you are called to be so beautifully!

 We so love you & are so proud of you two!

It was such an honor to capture your wedding, & that you would have Ben officiate your ceremony! Thank you!

a little solar eclipse awesomeness!

& always a treat when we can fit in sunset pics!!

 Wedding Planner- My Little Secret Weapon Karly Loykasek- 707-953-7817

 Venue- The White House at Churn Creek  Deborah Divine- 530-221-3219

 Catering- Etched in Elegance Robin Letz- 530-949-7043

 Rentals- Redding Tents & Events 530-222-2000

 DJ- Mike Flanagan Mike Flanagan 530-246-9795

 Florist- The Blossom Shoppe Denise Curato- 530-941-4768

 Cake- Shauna Gowdy Shauna Gowdy- 760-963-4101

& to my amazing husband Ben for all your hard work capturing this wedding & officiating! AH! You did it!

& to my intern, Mitzi you are an incredible assistant & I am so thankful for you!

.BJ + Sarah. {UNR Reno, NV Engagement Photographer}

Oh Hi.. & I haven’t blogged in a while! AH!

The last week has felt like a whirlwind of activities! School has come to an end! HALLELUJAH! Although it does put a marker on just how much my kids are growing up & I have a few tears! Conner will be in 8th, Kira in 6th, & Madison in 4th!

Two weekends ago we were in Reno, NV for the Jam it Up Basketball Tournament. Both Conner & Kira played! It was incredible! Over 950 Basketball Teams compete in the tournament! Over the top! It was a great trip! We were able to have fun with friends, visit with family, & have a photo shoot!

BJ & Sarah are getting married in August & since I was gonna be in Reno, what better opportunity to a photo shoot! I shot at UNR a few years ago, & thought it would be fun to re-visit!

Congratulations BJ & Sarah! I am so excited to photograph your wedding! Truly such an honor!

.Stephen + Steffany. {TBS Ranch CA Wedding Photographer}

Truly Beautiful!

Truly Love!

Truly One!

Stephen & Steffany!

TBS Ranch was the awesome VENUE!
Brick’s BBQ catered.
Monique Lhuillier made Steffany’s dress.
Steffany’s precious friend Emilia did the flowers and her Aunt Kim helped her.  They were from Trader Joe’s and Safeway!
The decor was a combination of Steffany and Stephen’s ideas. Lots of trips to Lowe’s and home Depot.  Steffany’s Mom and Stephen headed up the decor on the actual day, and they had a crew to help!!
The guys shirts and suspenders were from Urban Outfitters online.
The sweet For The Love Of pie Kay was awesome!!!! Great idea, right? Pie!!!!
Videographer: JDHudson & Joey Houle