.madison | class of 2013. {Redding, CA Senior Photos}


Couldn’t have asked for a funner shoots with funner props!! Loved everything about Madison’s shoot!

Girl! Reach for the stars!

.preston | class of 2013. {Enterprise High Senior Portraits}

Preston! Absolutely LOVED your shoot! You were so awesome to capture!
Thank you for giving me creative freedom!

I know that your pursuit of your passion is going to take you further than you can imagine!

Keep the BEAT alive!


.cassi | class of 2013. {TBS Ranch Photography}


Happy Friday!!! Hope you all are well!! It’s been pretty busy around here! Sorry for the lack of posting. I will catch up soon… hopefully! :)

So excited to share this session.

It was so great getting to capture Cassi at TBS Ranch!!!!  An absolutely dreamy setting!

Happy Class of 2013, Cassi! Hope you have an amazing year! Good luck in all that you pursue in life!!!!



.mandi. {Enterprise Senior High School Portraits}

M A N D I | Class of 2013

AH! Mandi! It was so fun taking your pics!!! This crazy heat! Sorry it ended up being so hot!!!

You are absolutely beautiful & truly loved getting to capture you!

Keep pursing your dreams & passions!!!!

In 2009, crazy enough…. I took Mandi’s sisters senior pics!!! AH! Such an honor to have her join Mandi on the shoot! Of course we had to take a few “sis” pics!

There’s nothing like laughing with you sister!!!! The last shot just brings me so much happiness!!!!

Love you girls!!!!! May your life be all that you could imagine!