.every once in a blue moon. {Redding, CA Photographer}

Every once in a blue moon I will shoot a newborn!! Seriously, this doesn’t happen very often!! However, for the sake of absolutely loving the Gill family, not being tooo crazy busy, & wanting my intern to experience a newborn shoot, I took one on!!

Literally took about two hours to get a few pictures! Miss Ashlynn wasn’t quite into getting her pictures taken!!!

Thankfully, she pulled through & gave us a few beautiful poses!! Congratulations on #3 Zeb & Tammi! Miss Ashlynn is absolutely beautiful!

IMG_0017 IMG_0033_1 IMG_0036 IMG_0031 IMG_0088 IMG_0093 IMG_0099 IMG_0113 IMG_0127 IMG_0133 IMG_0141

.North State Bridal Show. {Redding, CA Bridal Show}

Are you a bride? Are you engaged? Are you planning a wedding???

Well, GUESS WHAT!!! It’s almost time for Redding’s North State Bridal Show!!!

Held at Simpson College, myself, along with 120 other amazing vendors will be showing off amazingness!!!

Be sure to pop by! Admission is $7.00. Will start at 11:00-3:00 on January 27th!!


.matt + jilian. {orland, ca wedding photographer}

I could not be more excited to show this wedding off!!

Matt & Jillian were married in Orland, CA, in Jilian’s parents yard!! It was an incredible venue to shoot & backed up by orchards & old barns made it an exceptional wedding!

Jilian had such a vision & every detail she had was incredible!!! Matt had incredible poses!! Seriously he kept the creativity flowing!!! I was in awe!! Truly wished it was my wedding! Smile!!

Matt & Jillian!! Thank you for the honor of capturing your wedding!!!!!

GettingReady BridalParty_006 Bride&Groom_119 BridalParty_045 BridalParty_010 Bride&Groom_200 GroomGettingReady_025 GroomGettingReady_011 Details_827 Ceremony_487 Ceremony_541 Ceremony_578 Ceremony_502 Ceremony_507 Ceremony_639 Ceremony_676 Ceremony_679 Ceremony_682 BridalParty_050 BridalParty_061 BridalParty_079 Bride&Groom_188 Bride&Groom_196 Bride&Groom_284A Bride&Groom_323 Bride&Groom_319 Bride&Groom_266 Bride&Groom_332 Bride&Groom_094 Bride&Groom_210 Bride&Groom_340 Bride&Groom_342bw Details_786 Details_696 Details_829 Details_701 Details_706


Details_771 Details_776 Details_777 Details_784 Details_793 Details_801 Details_802 Details_814 Details_825 Details_832 Reception _201 Reception _210 Reception _223 Reception _382 Reception _392 Bride&Groom_345

.chuck + anna. {tyler, texas photographer}

Each wedding is truly an honor to capture! To be chosen for the day, to document each moment, the vision, the details, the first dance, family! I’m often in awe!

Chuck & Anna flew me out to Tyler, Texas to capture their beautiful wedding in Lindale, Texas! Can I say truly awed! Thank you so very much Chuck & Anna!!!

My best friend Kim flew down from Tulsa, & was an amazing assistant!! Always so thankful for my assistants!!!

Chuck & Anna had a super fun bridal party! Steve Backlund officiated the ceremony & did an amazing job!! Jenna Zint coordinated! Oh so thankful to work with a wedding coordinator!

Pumpkin Soup was served to warm everyone up! The bitter chill of the wind kept this wedding a bit cool!!

Chuck & Anna!! I know your life together is going to be so much fun, so much adventure, & so happily ever after!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Details_656 bridegettingready bridegettingready2 BrideBridesmaids_114 BrideBridesmaids_072 groom


BrideBridesmaids_228 GroomGroomsmen_922 BrideBridesmaids_244


GroomGroomsmen_885 Bride&Groom_393 BrideBridesmaids_144 BrideBridesmaids_044 Ceremony_472 Ceremony_458 Ceremony_465 Ceremony_491 Ceremony_518 Ceremony_497 Ceremony_610 Ceremony_627 Ceremony_654 BridalParty_007 Bride&Groom_314blog Bride&Groom_352 Bride&Groom_368 Bride&Groom_395 Details_671 Reception _089 Reception _084 Details_691 Reception _031 Reception _927 Reception _120 Reception _999 Reception _006 Sunset_144 Sunset_149 Sunset_168 Sunset_211 Sunset_216 Sunset_250 Sunset_203

.john + kimberly. {Redding, CA Photographer}

John + Kimberly

Small, intimate, & gorgeous! John & Kimberly wed at her parents beautiful home!

I truly enjoyed capturing this wedding!

John & Kimberly! Happy wedding! Congratulations!

May the rest of your lives together be happily ever after!!!

GettingReadyBride b&G7 Details_591 GroomGettingReadyBLOG FirstGlance_709 FirstGlance_715 FirstGlance_728 FirstGlance_731 b&G2 Ceremony_526 Ceremony_496 Ceremony_497 Ceremony_424 Ceremony_539 Ceremony_500 Bride&Groom_369 Bride&Groom_307 b&G5 b&G3 b&G4 b&G1 b&G6 Bride&Groom_267 Bride&Groom_228 Bride&Groom_211 Bride&Groom_115 Bride&Groom_086 Bride&Groom_170 Bride&Groom_150 Bride&Groom_180 Bride&Groom_012 Bride&Groom_129 Bride&Groom_004 Bride&Groom_123 Details_595 Details592 Details593 Details595 Reception _956 Reception _916 Reception _923

.tyler + anna. {The White House Wedding Venue Photographer}

Happy 2013!!! Hope you all had an amazing New Year’s celebration!!

It’s been a great New Year’s finish! Ended the last two weekends of December shooting weddings! Thankfully the rain stayed away for both!!

 I have a handful of weddings still to show off!!! It’s going to be a great month!

Tyler & Anna!!!

I absolutely loved shooting their wedding at the White House here in Redding, CA! It is such a stunning venue!

Anna hand-made her wedding dress! All of the bridesmaids dresses are from my favorite Shop Ruche!

 Anna did a remarkable job creating her her wedding day! Most was hand designed & made by her!! It was quite impressive & absolutely beautiful!

Tyler & Anna! Thank you so much for the honor of capturing your wedding!

BrideGettingReady1 BrideGettingReady_253


BrideGettingReady_433 BrideGettingReady_303 BrideGettingReady_311 BrideGettingReady_346 BrideGettingReady_371 BrideGettingReady_378 BrideGettingReady_385 BrideGettingReady_420 GroomsmenGroomGettingReady_981 GroomsmenGroomGettingReady_957 GroomsmenGroomGettingReady_980 GroomsmenGroomGettingReady_979 GroomsmenGroomGettingReady_028 GroomsmenGroomGettingReady_017

The wedding took a few minutes getting started, so had some fun taking a few candids!! Oh for super fun guests!!! (even our kids attended)


and the first time seeing each other!!!! tears!

Ceremony_712 Ceremony_507 Ceremony_523 Ceremony_534

Ben did a dual job this wedding! He officiated it & shot it!! Love when he officiates! He’s amazing!

Ceremony_569blog Ceremony_563 Ceremony_659 Ceremony_554 Ceremony_551 Ceremony_651 Ceremony_674 Ceremony_671 BridalParty_021 BridalParty_032 Family_911 Family_895 Family_892 Family_886 Bride&Groom_181 Bride&Groom_158 Bride&Groom_153 Bride&Groom_141 Bride&Groom_128 Bride&Groom_103 Bride&Groom_099 Bride&Groom_050 Bride&Groom_045 Reception_121 Details_753 Details_752 Ceremony_566 Details_751 Details_750 Details_732 Bride&Groom_062 Bride&Groom_057 Bride&Groom_063 Reception_080 Reception_135 Reception_137 Reception_204 Reception_223 Reception_232 Reception_240 Reception_262 Reception_158