.celine. {redding, ca portrait photographer}


One of  my favorite families in Redding, the LeClerc’s!  I have photographed the girls a handful of times over the years & every time it is absolutely delightful!

We didn’t quite get to Celine’s Senior Pics, so a year later, & a hair cut later too, a photo shoot happened!

Celine, you are absolutely stunning! Goodness! Thank you for letting me capture you!

I cannot wait to see where life takes you! I know it is going to be amazing!!!!



















.sam + chelsea. {redding, ca engagement photography}

S A M + C H E L S E A

I am absolutely extatic for these two! Today they tie the knot! Yep!

Chelsea is pretty special, especially to my daughter Kira. She was her 6th Grade teacher this year & of course her FAVORITE! She has just adored  Ms. Will!  We are so thrilled that she is getting married!!

We just love these two & couldn’t be happier for them & am absolutely ecstatic to capture their day!!!!

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.ian + erinn. {northern california wedding photographer}

I A N + E R I N N

Happy Wedding Post!! So happy to finally blog a wedding! A few more to come! AH!

Ian & Erinn were married 06.01.13! It was a super HOT day here in Redding, but everything turned out beautifully!

Truly impressed that they had Brick Oven Pizza catered in! Oh so delish!!!!! I love how creative weddings are getting!!!

Thank you two for the honor of capturing your day! Happily ever after to you!!!

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.sweet sixteen. {redding, ca portrait photographer}

I typically don’t take “spur of the moment” photo shoots! I received a text one early morning to see about shooting a “sweet sixteen” later that evening!

Being that it was at 7:30 p.m. I didn’t hesitate. I knew, at least, the lighting would be perfection!  & a sweet sixteen AH!  I knew it had to be special! It was absolutely the sweetest!

Beckah! Happy Sweet 16! You are absolutely gorgeous! I so loved capturing your celebration!Audrey & Hadley!  You are amazing & I’m so happy you texted me!!!!!

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.growing up. {redding, ca photographer}

It happened. The moment that I never in a million years thought would happen! Our son is a FRESHMAN! Yep! He’s graduated from 8th Grade & is now a FRESHMAN! Oh man! I really did think that Jesus would have come by now!

Sorry for the lack of blogging!!! Oh man! I feel like summer started in full swing! Literally!

Thank you all for your patience in e-mail responses & processing your orders! They are in que & will be done shortly!

Here are a few quick shots I grabbed before heading out the door to graduation! So happy I got these, because in all of the excitement I  didn’t get many with the whole family!!! nor did I get one with Conner’s Auntie, my sister, who flew all the way out to surprise him for his graduation! Seriously! Remind me next time to hire a photographer!!!!

Congratulations Conner!!!!!!!

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Thank you to all of our amazing friends & family who came & supported Conner & loved on him & blessed him! We are so thankful Conner has such incredible people pouring into his life!!!!