.adam + corinne | anselmo vineyards wedding photographer.

Adam + Corinne

Finally sharing Corinne & Adam’s wedding makes me so happy!!! Ahh!

I met the Paget Family almost three years, to the day of this wedding, when I took Corinne’s sister’s senior pictures!!!

& then a few years later, her brother’s senior pictures!!!! & then another incredible honor, to capture their older sister, Corinne’s wedding!!!!

Whoa! Tongue tied!!! You get it…  Hopefully!!!!

I feel beyond blessed to have the honor of photographing moments for this family! Tears welling up! AHH!

Thank you, Paget Family!!! You hold a special place in my heart!!!

What a beautiful day Corinne & Adam’s wedding was. Out at the beautiful Anselmo Vineyards, these two said, “I Do!”

Their wedding ceremony was absolutely so touching! The officiator did an incredible job, such a meaningful sermon.

This day couldn’t have been any more wonderful!! Such a joyful celebration of the love Corinne & Adam have!!!

May your lives together continue to tell the story of true love & happiness!!!!


.audra. {capturing the heart photography class}

meet audra!

founder & blogger of lattes & linen 

today I had the honor of demonstrating a shoot to a few BSSM students!

Audra was an incredible model!!! She pieced together an amazing ensemble!!!

thank you Emily Schramm for doing some incredible make up! You’re amazing!!

& I brought my new sackcloth & ashes blanket! perfect touch to go with her adorable hat!

thanks for coming out and modeling, audra!!! it was amazing!!

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.my girl. {redding, ca photographer}

Sometimes you just have to do a little impromptu photo shoot!!

Kira is almost 14, so I thought maybe this would be her “14 year old” shoot….. but, if we happen to do another one, great!

This girl is amazing! So inspiring!

Enjoying 8th Grade, working in the nursery, playing basketball, acting & singing, taking Polaroid’s, listening to old records, cooking, watching once upon a time, & friends!

So excited for what life holds for her!!

Love you Kira!

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.cally. {redding, ca senior photographer}


Class of 2015!! It’s not too late for Senior Pictures!!!!

Had a blast with Cally & her mom…. Such a great shoot!!!! A little woody & a little wheat grass!

So excited for you, Cally! I know whatever you do is going to be amazing! Keep pursuing your passions & never give up!

Happy Class of 2015!

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.cassandra + edison | fallbrook treehouse wedding. {fallbrook, ca wedding}

cassandra + edison

I was truly truly honored to capture this wedding!

One of the greatest things with being a photographer is being referred from a wedding that I previously shot!

There is nothing more exciting than someone complimenting a wedding & then hiring me for their’s! It’s one of the best feelings!

Jonathan & Jessica! Thank you for referring me to capture this wedding & for believing in me all of these years!!!

Ben & I love you both dearly & are so incredibly thankful for the continued friendship we share!!! Blessings!!

Cass & Edison! Thank you!! Thank you!!

I know your life together is going to be even greater! The adventures you will share & what you will do together is going to be astounding!!

I’m excited for what is in store & all that God has for you two!!!!

Happily Ever After to you both!!!!


Weddings & Events: Stacey Lynn Mckinnon
Floral & Wedding Design: Disregarden
Venue: Fallbrook Treehouse /Robin Pickett
Videographer: Emily Bowser
Awesome Officiators: Jona & Jennifer Toledo
D.J. Amazingness: Johnny Giovatti

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It was pretty remarkable… Their wedding day was calling for rain.. Rain, rain, rain!!

It held off & started raining just after their ceremony started…. It was actually really a beautiful moment!!!!!

& then it stopped! so cool.. and a little later on a rainbow happened!!!! amazing!

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these two!!!! johnathan & jessica!!! here is there blog post!!! a few years ago I captured their most amazing day!

friends ever since..#thankfulformyjob

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