.a valentine’s adventure | diamond mountain. {redding, ca photographer}

.to adventure.

I love Valentine’s Day!! It’s seriously one of my favorite holidays, as well, Christmas & the 4th of July!

This Valentine’s Day was a little bitter sweet, as Ben was out of town……  & it was on a Saturday, that I had OFF!

Thinking about what to do, I thought, hummm… maybe my dad & denise are free & we can go visit them!!!

Yes! They were! My dad texted to bring hiking shoes….. an adventure was awaiting!

Grandpa also told the kids about a treasure up there that we could find… They were thinking “geo-cash,” but

definitely peaked their interest in finding the “treasure!”

Well– my idea of hiking, was perhaps a “muddy” walk, or something…. I totally should have known better…

Conner had his running shoes, Kira had her Dr. Martins, & Madison had snow boots!!

Madison set off in the lead, with me trailing behind, of course to take pics!


I definitely stopped the most, of course to take pics… Turning around I was in awe!! How beautiful!

Oh to catch my breath!


they were totally waiting for me to catch up!

hike19 hike18 hike17 hike16 hike15

a little further up, myself & now Madison trailing behind…..

Snow boots were NOT the ideal hiking boot for Madison, as well, skinny jeans!!!!

Super hot feet & itchy ankles were not a great mix to stay in the lead…

With much patience & encouragement we kept going!

hike14 hike13

Every time I turned around it was more beautiful!


& FINALLY! We made it to the top of Diamond Mountain, or as my dad called it, Mo Mountain!!!!


the box of treasure was found…. $20.00 for each kid & their favorite candy bar!!!! oh the REWARD!

hike9 hike11 hike8 hike7

Pretty amazed by my dad’s ability to take the mountain on! He hiked it without breaking a sweat. Like a champion!

More than likely could have hiked it three or four times in the time it took us (me & madison) to get up it!!!!!

I thought a lot of my childhood and following behind him & crying because I couldn’t keep up, & how my sister could…. & I was always SLOW & HATED hiking or fishing or hunting!! LOL!

Between me & you I am not much of a nature girl… let’s just say!

This time, however, I just watched him, in awe, that he was my dad, and that no matter how far behind him I was,  he was proud of me…

Truly a great Valentine’s!


Going down the mountain was a snap compared to going up it! HA! The kids blazed down it, as my dad patiently walked down with me.

Praise the Lord I didn’t slide down it on my buns!!! (Yes, truly worried that might happen)


I spy three kids down belowhike4

Such a beautiful day & awesome memory!! We hiked Diamond Mountain!

hike3 & one with Gramps! hike1

.scarlet lily. {redding, ca portrait photographer}

I have had the privilege of teaching at Bethel School of Ministry lately!!! The last class I taught was pretty epic!!!!

Lily was an incredible subject to capture! Her depth & beauty are just astounding!!

Class: Keep capturing & pursuing your dreams! Lily: You are stunning!!!!!!

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