.cedar + tiffany. {redding, ca photographer}

Looking forward to their wedding coming up REALLY soon!!!!

Such an awesome engagement session…..

They were thinking that they weren’t gonna be too photogenic, but I think they proved wrong!

Absolutely loved capturing them & enjoyed working with the most stunning couple & gorgeous light!!!!

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.jake + courtney. {riverview country club wedding | redding, ca}

These two! Nine-teen!! Yet, old soul’s, soul-mates, & best friends!!!! Their love is un-deniable.

Meeting in the 8th Grade! They were high-school sweethearts & still just in love! Capturing them was just beautiful!

I would sigh & think “awwwweeeee”! They know what true love is!

Congratulations Jake & Courtney! I am so so happy for you & so honored to have captured your incredible day!!!!!

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.tiffany + cornelius. {redding, ca wedding photographer}

tiffany + cornelius

Just have to say I am so excited for these two!!!! Capturing their love was so much fun & full of adventure!

So blessed we have been to have Tiffany in our daughter’s life & our’s a bit too, the last couple of years. She is Madison’s ¬†school teacher, & honestly needs to be inducted into the MOST AMAZING EVER TEACHER HALL OF FAME! Absolutely astounding teacher!!!

I’ve really been getting to watch & hear about Cornelius through Madison & oh what a fun story it’s been!!!! Sooo romantic!!

The proposal was even MORE romantic!!!!! You can watch it here!!! It’s pretty epic!!!!!

Celebrating with you both on your engagement & wedding!!! So so happy for you!!!!

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.gavin. {redding, ca senior photographer}


Gavin is such an accomplished young man!!! I know that the future is going to be bright & amazing for him!!

I recently ran into him at a track meet & he told me some amazing news, that he had been selected as valedictorian for Central Valley High School!!!

As well, already in motion for College Football! Devoting his time to practicing & getting ready!

Thank you for the amazing shoot, Gavin!! You are incredible! Continue being you & continue pursuing all that God has for you!!!

Snapped a quick family shot or two before Gavin’s pics!! Yes! Yes! I offer that as well in a shoot!!!!! Oh those moments to be cherished!!!!!

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