.cedar + tiffany. {cottonwood, ca wedding}

cedar + tiffany

This wedding was just extraordinary! Every detail & touch was exceptional!!!!!

Tucked up in the hills of Cottonwood, Ca, at her parent’s house, Cedar & Tiffany were married!!

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful!!!!!

Thank you for having me capture your day! It was truly an honor!!!!

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.caleb + hadley. {gover ranch wedding | redding, ca photographer}

caleb & hadley

Every moment was beautiful.

Minute to minute the connection & love was in the air.

She walked down the isle & looked into his eyes… Tears fell!

Their parents officiated the ceremony. So many thoughtful words & incredible vows.

They became one!!

Thank you so much for having me capture this absolutely incredible day! Truly honored!!!!

I know the best is yet to come for you two!!!!!


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.becca. {gover ranch venue | northern california senior photographer}

Ohhhh Becca!! You are such a dream to capture!!!!! How fun getting to take your senior pictures was!!!!

Gover Ranch was the perfect place to capture you!!!! I love that you could pull off a “fall” looking portion of the shoot in the spring!!! AH!

Your style is so unique!! I just love how you put everything together!!!!!

I know that your life is going to be full of wonderful!!! You will go so far!!!!!! Excited to see what the future holds for you!!!!

Thank you for having me capture you, yet again, it’s one of the greatest honors!! Thank you!

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.jonathan + lindsay. {redding wedding photographer | backyard wedding}

jon + lindsay

Such a stunning wedding!!!  & all in Lindsay’s Grandpa’s back yard!!!! Igo-Ono is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

I worked with some absolutely incredible vendors, Tyler Faires, Make Up By Brittany, Mary’s Pizza, to name a few….

Such a beautiful details & the gold accents throughout were just beautiful!

Thank you, Jon & Lindsay for having me capture your beautiful day!

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.noah. {redding, ca senior photographer}

Noah!!!! A senior from Reno, NV… He came ALL the way to Redding so I could take his pictures! AH! So honored!

He is racking in the medals with his long jump! Excited to hear how far he gets!! So much talent!

Noah! You are going to go sooo far in life!!! The sky is the limit!! Don’t ever give up! Chase after your dreams!

Noah015BWblog 3Y1A8714blog 3Y1A8779blog 3Y1A8815blog 3Y1A8659blog Noah013blog Noah300BW Noah287blog Noah297blog Noah278BWblog Noah260blog Noah347blog Noah341blogNoah is definitely a hero!!! Especially to Trenton!!!! 

.ellen. {redding, ca | senior photographer}


I have known this beautiful lady for about 5 or 6 years!! It blows my mind that she is graduating!

I literally remember taking her 8th grade graduation pictures!!!!

Ellen!! I am so proud  of you!!!! You have become such a beautiful young lady!!

The places you will go are going to be oh so amazing!

Continue pursuing your dreams  & passions!!!!!!


Ellen_143web Ellen_135web Ellen_081web Ellen_066web Ellen_056web Ellen_030web Ellen_023webEMILY!!!!!

My amazing intern!!! This was her last official shoot with me!!!! (tears)

It’s been so amazing to have her as an intern! She definitely made her way to being an incredible photographer!

She will be guest blogging her shots of Ellen soon!!!!

Emily! The best is yet to come!!!!!! Thank you for all of your hard work & service!!!

Your creativity & passion is beautiful!!!!! I will miss you… for sure!!!! …..
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