.lexi. {redding, ca high school senior photographer}

Lexi!!! Girl! What an amazing shoot!!! So happy we FINALLY got to take pics! Oh the rain!!!!

I know being a paralegal is in your future! Don’t give up on your dreams! Go after them! You can do it!!!!

Lexi_051blog Lexi_016blog Lexi_054blog Lexi_013blog Lexi_110blog Lexi_132blog LexiBlog 196 Lexi_140blog Lexi_187blog Lexi_182blog Lexi_224blog Lexi_197blog Lexi_195blog Lexi_261blog Lexi_282blog Lexi_315blog Lexi_332blog Lexi_353blog Lexi_356blog Lexi_347blog Lexi_390blog Lexi_387blogLexi_391blog Lexi_407blog Lexi_426blog Lexi_432blog Lexi_478blog Lexi_475blog & one with Carter!!!! you two are so cute together!!!!! Lexi_468blog

.bridges golf course wedding photographer | san ramon | joe + nikki.

This wedding was so beautiful! Located in San Ramon, CA, the Bridges Golf Course is an incredible wedding venue!!!  Absolutely stunning!!

Joe & Nikki opted to see each other before the wedding, due to the time change, & boy did they time it just right with lighting!!!

Jo & Nikki! I know your life together in Brooklyn, New York is going to be happily every after!!!!!!

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.maddie. {california high school senior photographer}


About 5 years ago I had the privilege of photographing Maddie’s older sister, Devon, down in the LA area.. It’s amazing how time flies…. I couldn’t have been more honored to capture Maddie! She came up to Redding….. & luckily caught some good weather!!! Maddie! So so fun capturing you!!!! You are a natural, so so beautiful!!!! I know that much adventure lies ahead for you! The best is yet to come! Pursue your dreams & passions!!!! You’re amazing!

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.halle. {redding, ca senior photographer}


“dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. go forward & make your dreams come true!” -ralph waldo emerson

Girl!!! So excited for you & what lies ahead!! Always go for it! Never give up! Pursue what is in your heart!!!!!

Congratulations! Class of 2016

Halle_420blog Halle_428blog Halle_433blog Halle_446blog Halle_519blog Halle_527blog Halle_562blog Halle_376blog Halle_838blog Halle_408blogHalle_867blog Halle_378blog Halle_768blog Halle_707blog Halle_751blog Halle_725blog Halle_691blog

.courtney. {redding, ca senior photographer}

Courtney! You are amazing! I love seeing your smile at my favorite grocery store in Redding!!! You brighten up life!!!!!

So excited where you go & what you do!! I know that you are going to go far! You have a drive & a pursuit that will make you fly!!!

So loved capturing you!!!!! Best wishes in all that you pursue!

Courtney_087blog Courtney_134blog Courtney_112blog Courtney_225blog Courtney_407blog Courtney_326blog Courtney_354blog Courtney_423blog

.bekah. {redding, ca photographer}

I had an amazing opportunity to capture Bekah!!

She is pursuing a few dreams, arts & theater, & needed some pictures for her portfolio!!

It was so much fun just playing around & capturing her personality a bit!

Bekah! You are stunning! I so loved taking your pictures & chatting in between shots!!

Keep chasing your dreams!!!! For one day, they will come true!

Becka_002blog Becka_038blog B _078blog B2055blog Becka_102blog Becka_135blog Becka_172blog 184blogBecka_237blog Becka_250blog Becka_222blog Becka_239blog Becka_286blog Becka_303blog These pics were done more mid-morning.. We had two mini-sessions…One studio… & afterwards took Bekah outside for just a bit..

 I just LOVE light! & the different tones it evokes!!!

Studio_054blogRiddleStudio_203blog RiddleStudio_217blog RiddleStudio_213blog RiddleStudio_212blog RiddleStudio_221blog RiddleStudio_223blog139blog

.jon + janelle. {redding, ca engagement photographer}

I have been photographing Jon & his family since he was about eighth grade or so!!! & now he is getting MARRIED!

So excited to capture these two tomorrow!!!! Rain or shine, it’s going to be AMAZING!!! (rain is predicted) Hoping for a let up from 2-4pm…. C’mon! It can happen right!!!!

So happy for you Jon & Janelle!!

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.tiffany + cornelius | redding, ca the white house wedding venue.

Tiffany + Cornelius

This post is a LONG time coming & waiting!! I wanted to be able to do it justice… So many beautiful elements & moments!!!! Lots & lots of pictures, so sit back & enjoy!!!

Capturing Tiffany & Cornelius was an absolute honor! The day was angelic!

These two were married at one of Redding’s FINEST wedding venues, The White House Wedding Venue.

Floral was done by the incredible Katie Walden of the Floranthropist.

Bridal Make-Up was done by the amazing Brittany Martin Make-Up!!

Catering was provided by Etched in Elegance!!! Such an amazing company! & always so delicious!

DJ by the awesome Paul David of Stay Gold Productions

Congratulations Tiffany & Cornelius!! It’s only going to get better & better!!!!

To Happily Ever After!!!!

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Bride&Groom_348blog Bride&Groom_370blog Bride&Groom_362blog

yes! they did! they invited all of Mrs. Quek’s students!!! So so cool!!!!!!Reception_167blogReception_445blog Reception_451blog Reception_472blog Reception_467BWblog

.taryn. {redding, ca senior photographer}


Taryn!! Such a fun shoot!!!! So enjoyed all of the different locations & adventures!!! Hopefully we will get to do a sister shoot this spring!!!

I know that whatever you do, you are going to succeed!!! You are so talented!!!!! Congratulations!! Class of 2016!!!!

Taryn044blog Taryn064blog Taryn060blog Taryn084blog Taryn090blog Taryn146blogTaryn210blog Taryn276blogTaryn252blogTaryn317blog Taryn374blog Taryn390blogTaryn423blogTaryn400blog

.michael + janae. {redding, ca photographer}

michael + janae

Truly always such an honor to capture love! connection! happily ever after!

My good friend has the most magical blossoms & what a dream it was to capture these two amongst the blossoms!!!

Congratulations on your engagement! I am so honored to capture your wedding!!

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