.ingamae. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

I belong to an on-line community called, BeenUp2. It is a super fun place. You post pictures throughout your day of, “what you’ve BeenUp2,” and people comment, etc. It’s fun. I met Ingamae on Beenup2 about two years ago. She was coming up to Redding for a conference, and posted on BeenUp2 that she needed a place to stay! I was on-line when she made the comment, and invited her to stay with us! It was magical meeting Ingamae! She was as joyful & happy as she seemed on-line, and our family welcomed her right away!

About a year ago, or so, Inga moved to Redding! We have so loved getting to know her more! She has been such an encourager to my life & to my family’s life! She has been a cheerleader, cheering us on! She has been a, “go to church tonight,” I’ll watch the kids friend! She has been a chips & hummus friend! A show up at my doorstep with a Refresh Misto Latte friend! I love you, Inga! Thanks for being who you are, for loving people, and for giving so much joy, hope, love to everyone that you meet!!! You are a treasure!!!!

She hung out with us today, & as we were outside chatting,  I knew I had to capture my Ingamae. The light was magically covering her– it was a perfect moment for some pics!!!!

–be careful– she might just be taking a picture of Y-O-U!

14 thoughts on “.ingamae. {Redding, CA Portrait Photographer}

  1. Heather Armstrong you are wonderfully brilliant and have this special way of making someone shine through the camera. Hanging out with you and your family is always fun and exciting for me because you walk in total abandonment and love of God and furthermore you actually allow me to be ME no matter how weird it looks to others and that means so much to me and God. I lived my whole life not being allowed to be me until I met Jesus. 29 years was a long time to be caged from exposing my own personality and meeting Jesus, being on beenup2.com and meeting you has helped my fun,creative personality shine forth…I love you and all you do to make people prosper Arise & Shine!!!!!!!!!
    Blessssss u massive !!!

  2. Can I just say she is one of my favorite people. You can’t help but smile when your around her, and no matter who you are big or small you feel like the most important person in the world around her! I am so glad you got such great pictures of her.

  3. yup yup yup! the hair the rings the skirt the belt the heart on the knee the socks the sweet deep deep face you got her good!

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