.ellie | class of 2017. {northern california photographer}

E L L I E \ Part 1 of 3

Ah! This shoot is close to my heart!!! I have been photographing Ellie since she was in second grade!!!!

She & my son would model for me while I taught classes & learned photography!!!!  May have to post one of them in one of the posts!!!

This was a dream shoot! San Francisco! We got there & just went for it!! Couldn’t narrow down the pics, so thought I would just blog the three different locations!!!

Running a little late because of traffic & Union Square under construction, we just took a few deep breaths & started walking!!!!

Oh the places you can find to photograph in San Francisco!!!!

Ellie!!! You are my fave!! I just love you so so much!!!!!!

The best is yet to come, girl!!!! Dream big! & Pursue what you are passionate about!

ellie_0054blog ellie_0044blog ellie_0049blog ellie_0074blog ellie_0106blog ellie_0112blogellie_0144blog ellie_0148blog ellie_0150blog ellie_0137blog ellie_0154blog ellie_0170blog ellie_0196blog ellie_0178blog ellie_0194blog ellie_0093blogellie_0188blog ellie_0239blog ellie_0235blogellie_0315blogellie_0258blog ellie_0275blog ellie_0266blog ellie_0287blog these just make me smile!!!! Oh San Fran!!!!! ellie_0306blog ellie_0303blog ellie_0285blog

 …and blue bottle next…….

3 thoughts on “.ellie | class of 2017. {northern california photographer}

  1. there is without a doubt that she is gorgeous, but HEATHER!! these look like they could be in a magazine or lookbook!! AMAZING! i love it.all of it. i cant have favorites because they are all so good! looking forward to seeing the other 2 locations!

  2. A beauty in so many ways it is hard to describe her and these photographs in such a small comment box. She radiates HOPE, she reflects the His beauty, she walks in CONFIDENCE of identity, she knows she is LOVED by a BIG FATHER and she is gorgeous on the outside but her heart is even more splendidly beautiful.

  3. Heather!!! I can’t even with this post! You caught exactly who El is yet so much more. These shots are magazine level, like all of your shots. But seriously I just keep looking at them over & over. Just beautiful!!

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