.emma. {redding, ca senior photographer}

EMMA!!! This girl!! Full of talent & skill & talent & skill!!!! She’s incredible!!! Class of 2016, but definitely needed to show her off!!

Because truly, she will be on broadway one day!!!!!

Emma!!!!! Cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!!!! Remember me when you are a famous actress!

emma051 emma026 emma031 emma063 emma217 emma108 emma311 emma266 emma260 emma262 Somebody definitely just whistled at her!!!! emma225 emma384 emma419emma373 emma476blog emma472blog emma405

3 thoughts on “.emma. {redding, ca senior photographer}

  1. first off, her eyebrows are on FLEEK! anyways, such a beautiful girl! i love her smile! and downtown redding has so many gems of places to take pictures at! love it all heather!!!i love that b&w one with the lamp. it just loks like a set from a movie or something!!!

  2. Heather thank you so much for this special set of pictures of my daughter. I will treasure them. Truly it was a wonderful experience that all mothers should have an opportunity to experience. Senior portraits are a time to celebrate first your amazing son or daughter but secondly to take a moment and be thankful for the journey of motherhood; a priceless gift.

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