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Do you ever– if you are married–or not– maybe you dream of who your bridesmaids would be? Right now, today? Sometimes I ask myself that.

Shooting weddings most weekends I just wonder…. Who would I have by my side…. Inga would be one!!

She has been such a constant & steady friend!!! Always encouraging, supporting, loving!! She literally leaves a comment on most every one of my pictures!!! It’s incredible!!!!!!!

On a fun note!!!!! Transformation Thursday!!!!!!! Seriously…. Here’s a shoot from 2010….& then 2013!!!!

Inga! You will forever make me smile!! I love you so so much!!!!

inga0371 inga0380 inga0351 inga0344 inga0313 inga0264 inga0252 inga0174 inga0177 inga0191 inga0141 inga0124 inga0008 inga0071 inga0078 inga0077

5 thoughts on “.inga. {redding, ca photographer}

  1. I wish you could get married all over again so I could be a bridesmaid in your wedding!!!!!!!!!!!! I just adore every one of these photographs you did of me and I officially have had my year made!!! I love you friend. I love that our friendship started on social media and you out of all people I have met have made following after God to Redding worth it!!!!!!

  2. Ahhh I love what you wrote Heather! Inga you are just the sweetest! You have such a beautiful heart for people. Your love is endless! You are absolutely stunning and Heather captured you so perfectly. You’re a rockstar Inga!

  3. inga mae! you are fabulous and freaking amazing! i was so excited when shawn bolz called her out!! i love this, all of it!!! the shot with the vine and the fall leaves seems like such a beautiful prophetic photo! of a season of new LIFE and out with the old!!!! such a beautiful smileeeeeee!! amazing job as always heather!!

  4. Oh sweet Inga. You captured her perfectly. I love the little kid Jesus joy that sparkles in every picture.

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