.My Favorite Things #4 2010!. {Redding, CA Photographer}

So if I were Oprah there would be a few “food” faves!!! A few!!! I have two definitely I will be posting! The first FOOD fave is Pizookie!!!! Ahh I can taste it now! It is actually a FAMILY fave! Pizookie night is the “bestest” night EVER! One night I decided just to have Pizookie for dinner! The kids were in heaven, & I just know they are going to remember that for the rest of their lives!!!!  In their minds I became the coolest person on the planet for that moment! Sometimes you just got to break all of the rules & have dessert for dinner!!!!!!!

A few of you might be asking what Pizookie is, well, buy a roll of chocolate cookie dough, any brand is great, and a gallon of cookie dough ice-cream. Bake the entire roll of cookie dough as a big giant cookie, and right when it comes out of the oven, put the entire gallon of ice-cream over the top & DIG in!!! The middle is the best, as it is the gooooiest!!!!  Watch out, the pan will be hot, but in heaven you & your family will be!!! Try it, you’ll be a HIT!

and enjoying!!! My kids love it so much they even ask for it on their birthday’s!! So long cake, hello PIZOOKIE!

If I were planning it right I would’ve put the Shoffner family with the Favorite Etsy post, but late nights get the better of me. Bridgett turned me onto etsy! She is quite the artsy girl herself, anyways, it’s all her fault that I enjoy (not waste) hours of time on etsy!!!! Enjoyed capturing the Shoffner family again!! Love your family! It is truly an honor that I get to capture a moment in your lives!!! Have a beautiful Holiday Season!!!!

7 thoughts on “.My Favorite Things #4 2010!. {Redding, CA Photographer}

  1. David and Aleah had this for their wedding instead of a wedding cake! It was delicious! Sounds like a plan for dinner too!

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