.taylor + paige. {Redding, CA Engagement Photographer}

One of my families favorite thing to do is adventure behind our house & down through the canyon! We call it “the creek!” It is so great. The canyon, unfortunately,  is filled with poison oak, so we’ve learned to be super careful, however, every once in a while, someone gets it! Oh to itch!!!!

Last week we all journeyed on an adventure & I had an idea to do a photo shoot down through the canyon!! Taylor & Paige were up for it! The weather was overcast to start & then the beautiful sun came out! It was a a stunning shoot! Very organic! I loved that it was all woods! It kept me on my feet! I am so used to having some sort of building, door, wall, fence, & to have all trees & land was so adventurous! Really enjoyed capturing in this environment!

Looking forward to capturing Taylor & Paige’s wedding down in Pismo, CA in May!! Thanks you two for such a fun shoot! Super excited to capture your wedding!!!!

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  1. O Heather! These are so them! You really capture their personalities! Thanks so much for making the people I love look so fabulous!

  2. i love that you finally shot that spot!!! The angles and posing are so fresh and original, you did a so well capturing them and LOVE! Great Light and Great Life in this shoot!

  3. ahhhhhh!!!! YAY!!!!! i’m so glad that these got posted up so quickly!! you are amazing!! when paige told me that you were shooting her pics for her i was like YES!!!!! hehe… you did amazing capturing my “roomie” and taylor!!

    love the spot… love that you challenged yourself… and i’m super excited that i’m gonna be at the wedding when you shoot it!! :)

  4. Ohhh Heather, all of the images are so beautiful. They look so much in love and are so cute! I love the look and feel of the images. wonderful color, sweet light and again…they are soo cute together!

  5. Love the scenery and what a gorgeous couple–totally in love and it seems as though you really depicted their personalities and emotions. Ah, love it.

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous couple!! Their personalities really shine in these photos. Your photography just keeps getting better Heather, it never ceases to inspire me.

  7. first of all, thank you JESUS for Heather’s pictures and encouraging her to post them on a blog and maybe been up 2 again one day. LOL. No matter where I am in life or where I am in the natural(right now in Albuquerque, NM) I can escape into another world in these pictures and totally get refreshed, revitalized and reinvigorated to continue on with my day..my journey which is my destination…….(sigh)…..
    second of all the 2nd photograph is beyond wonderful and it belongs in the highest paid highest quality magazine ever known to man…(i think you should start a magazine a ipad magazine with your photos and invite others to pay to display theirs….) The 2nd photo could and should be a poster. I would love it for my living room even though that is not me or my future hubby but it just says so much. i adore it.
    The 3rd photo is HOPE FULFILLED in a photo. the end.
    THe picnic blanket photos are sparkling love photos. Sparkling with life and love.
    ok while the holding her legs photo is SIMPLE it is PROFOUND—i could go on and on about that photo but suffice it is to say that it is every single womans dream to be held like that by a protecting encouraging man.
    Last ONE====IMMACULATE and i’d love a poster of that one too! lol.

  8. Omygoodness, I love taylor and paige and I love this shoot, heather! The second picture gave me chills and there are so many golden ones throughout this blog! They are so precious and genuine and I feel like you really captured that! :)
    Love, Robin

  9. These are like the best photos I’ve seen in a long time, I love the colors, the angles, the emotions captured!!!!
    so so great!

  10. what a darling couple! i love how you are always able to capture people’s hearts! you are amazing heather!!! truly gifted from your heavenly Father!

  11. Taylor & Paige,
    such amazing pics. you guys look so happy and photogenic.

    heather, you did an amazing job!!!!


  12. i absolutely LOVE these!!! So happy to have Kate and Taylor both have the worlds best photographer shooting them! Taylor&Paige are so amazing! Great job, Heather!

  13. It must be so hard as a photographer to come up with new shots for couples and kids or whatever. Somehow you do every single time. Each shoot has its own style, character and personality. Timeless shots of love between couples designed just for them. Your ingenuity and imagination are incredible. I love these fresh, fun love filled photos.

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