.heather + verona: capturing the heart. {Redding, CA Photography Workshop}

I find it’s important to go back to my roots, to go back to the beginning & reflect. So much evolves & develops as I grow, but to go back to the beginning, to find that sense of wonder, that sense of newness, brings me back to that pure passion once again! Heather was my beginning! She will forever be a part of my story! She has truly believed in me for as long as I can remember! I often think back to our first meeting. She & Kurt were waiting for me in Starbucks. They were interviewing me to photograph their wedding! I was as nervous as ever! It’s been lots of pictures ever sense. Heather is beyond stunning! She just has to stand there & beauty is captured!!!

Heather has been a huge part in my Capturing the Heart Workshops that I offer through Bethel’s School of Ministry & Bethel’s School of Worship. She has modeled almost every workshop! This last one was super exciting, because both her & her adorable daughter Verona modeled! & in I believe 96 degree heat! Thank you! Thank you! Heather! I love you! You are so truly beauty defined! Love capturing you & now capturing your sweet Verona!!!!!

& my amazing students!!!! Loved teaching natural light & shooting at 2 o’clock in the afternoon! Such a great class!!! Capturing the Heart!

7 thoughts on “.heather + verona: capturing the heart. {Redding, CA Photography Workshop}

  1. o dear heather. you are so sweet. and so talented.
    thank you so much for your kind words. they have really made my day. i’m glad to be apart of your journey. from san fran to pregnant and now with Verona. and to still be captured by you!! such an honor. thank you thank you!!!

  2. Every single one of these pictures is brilliant. Pure brilliance!!!!!!!!!! You captured beautiful Heather in a way I’ve actually never seen her before and she is still stunning as ever. You can see MOMMY’s eyes in the 7th picture down. I can actually see a whole story unfold from that picture. Verona was also captured perfectly. I remember the union you captured of Heather and her hubby and how i feel in love with love again after looking at those pictures. thank you for all you do!!!

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