.cotton candy. {Redding, CA Photographer}

I knew as soon as I started having kids I would be a stay at home mom! I loved being at home with my kids. I often wish I could go back & enjoy it all over again. I loved snuggle time, naps, cheerios on the floor, picking up vhs tapes 20 times during the day, walks, play dates at the park, & then making dinner for Ben. I loved those days! Truly treasure them! Life is different now. First of all, the kids have grown up waaay to fast & are in school all day long & I am balancing photography in the mix of being a wife & mommy! (I still like being called mommy)!!! Weddings are my favorite, however, do take away the infamous SATURDAY!!!! But with everything in life, we find balance. We make the most of what we can. Planning ahead has definitely been a key with all of the juggling that I feel I am often doing. Sooo, Madison’s 9th birthday was over Labor Day weekend, as we had a wedding 9.10.11, the day before her birthday, & there was no way a sleepover could happen!!!!! It always works out! If you are a mom & a photographer, just take it one step at a time. It works itself out!!!

Madison had a Cotton Candy themed birthday! Her favorite thing is Cotton Candy, so we rented a Cotton Candy machine & had a BLAST of a party! Brianna Scott of Fox Tail Face Painting came & did some amazing designs on all of the cute little faces, a little Rio movie, Sweet Spot cupcakes, yes, it was the bestest party!!!!!!  I am convinced that events & parties should be scheduled around light! It makes all of the difference, as far as photos are concerned!!! LOL!

Happy 9th Birthday Madison! You are a princess & we love you so so very much!!!

getting her rock star groove on!!!!

Thank you, Brianna Scott for loving on my girl!!! I just love how much she loves you! Your painting is always so inspiring!!!!!! Thank you for making her 9th party so special!!!!!

the party favor was COTTON CANDY! couldn’t resist sharing this little sequence!

10 thoughts on “.cotton candy. {Redding, CA Photographer}

  1. AHHHHHH these make my heart SOOOOO HAPPY!!!

    I love seeing your face!! i love seeing your kiddos’ faces… i love seeing your hubby’s face… I love seeing your FAMILY… PERIOD!!!

    you guys make me so happy.. thank you for sharing these, and letting me be a part of your fam through your amazing photos!! :D soo.. INSPIRED by you!

    Love. LoVe. LOVE.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! So fun, creative and girly. Magazine worthy and precious to the core. You are inspiration.

  3. Ridiculously AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love the face painting and i was wondering who did it!! I met that girl before at another birthday party for Saara Taina and I just kept watching Brianna with the kids and I just kept thinking to myself: SHE is really really good with kids and she totally puts her whole self into them and gives them her full attention. She is amazing. I love every single picture because I love every single kid in these pictures and I just love being a kid which is what i feel like when I look at these pictures. PURE FUN!. happy birthday Madison and it’ll be your best year yet!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you are such a cool mom! That looks like it was an awesome party!!!!!!! Love the pictures. And your girls a just stunning! What great memories to have with her friends as she gets older.

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