.dan + alix. {Burney Falls, CA Engagement Photographer}

I am so excited to share this shoot with you! It is a special one! Dan proposed to Alix up at Burney Falls, CA. Past the falls, over a little bridge, and in this little cove in the forest, he gave her a ring!  They packed a picnic & yes, she was surprised. So when planning the engagement shoot they really wanted to go to Burney Falls! For me, it was the first time I had ever been to Burney Falls, & oh how magical it was! Absolutely breath taking. Congratulations, Dan & Alix! I am so excited to capture your wedding!!!!

The sun rays were just amazing!

We found the little spot where Dan proposed to Alix.

When Dan & Alix first had started dating, they had maxed out their phone minutes, & so they communicated through mail. Alix has saved every letter! Right? I melted too!