.sisters. {redding, ca family photographer}


Sisters + Baby Goats = Super Awesome Shoot!

These girls modeled for a recent Styled Shoot I did with the BSSM Capturing the Heart Photography Class.

We had so much fun capturing them, along with their baby goats!!!! Lots of ooooohing & ahhhhhing!!!!

Thank you to their amazing mom, Katie Walden the Floranthropist, for the lovely head pieces!! & for sharing your goats!!!!!

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.a valentine’s adventure | diamond mountain. {redding, ca photographer}

.to adventure.

I love Valentine’s Day!! It’s seriously one of my favorite holidays, as well, Christmas & the 4th of July!

This Valentine’s Day was a little bitter sweet, as Ben was out of town……  & it was on a Saturday, that I had OFF!

Thinking about what to do, I thought, hummm… maybe my dad & denise are free & we can go visit them!!!

Yes! They were! My dad texted to bring hiking shoes….. an adventure was awaiting!

Grandpa also told the kids about a treasure up there that we could find… They were thinking “geo-cash,” but

definitely peaked their interest in finding the “treasure!”

Well– my idea of hiking, was perhaps a “muddy” walk, or something…. I totally should have known better…

Conner had his running shoes, Kira had her Dr. Martins, & Madison had snow boots!!

Madison set off in the lead, with me trailing behind, of course to take pics!


I definitely stopped the most, of course to take pics… Turning around I was in awe!! How beautiful!

Oh to catch my breath!


they were totally waiting for me to catch up!

hike19 hike18 hike17 hike16 hike15

a little further up, myself & now Madison trailing behind…..

Snow boots were NOT the ideal hiking boot for Madison, as well, skinny jeans!!!!

Super hot feet & itchy ankles were not a great mix to stay in the lead…

With much patience & encouragement we kept going!

hike14 hike13

Every time I turned around it was more beautiful!


& FINALLY! We made it to the top of Diamond Mountain, or as my dad called it, Mo Mountain!!!!


the box of treasure was found…. $20.00 for each kid & their favorite candy bar!!!! oh the REWARD!

hike9 hike11 hike8 hike7

Pretty amazed by my dad’s ability to take the mountain on! He hiked it without breaking a sweat. Like a champion!

More than likely could have hiked it three or four times in the time it took us (me & madison) to get up it!!!!!

I thought a lot of my childhood and following behind him & crying because I couldn’t keep up, & how my sister could…. & I was always SLOW & HATED hiking or fishing or hunting!! LOL!

Between me & you I am not much of a nature girl… let’s just say!

This time, however, I just watched him, in awe, that he was my dad, and that no matter how far behind him I was,  he was proud of me…

Truly a great Valentine’s!


Going down the mountain was a snap compared to going up it! HA! The kids blazed down it, as my dad patiently walked down with me.

Praise the Lord I didn’t slide down it on my buns!!! (Yes, truly worried that might happen)


I spy three kids down belowhike4

Such a beautiful day & awesome memory!! We hiked Diamond Mountain!

hike3 & one with Gramps! hike1

.scarlet lily. {redding, ca portrait photographer}

I have had the privilege of teaching at Bethel School of Ministry lately!!! The last class I taught was pretty epic!!!!

Lily was an incredible subject to capture! Her depth & beauty are just astounding!!

Class: Keep capturing & pursuing your dreams! Lily: You are stunning!!!!!!

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.audra. {capturing the heart photography class}

meet audra!

founder & blogger of lattes & linen 

today I had the honor of demonstrating a shoot to a few BSSM students!

Audra was an incredible model!!! She pieced together an amazing ensemble!!!

thank you Emily Schramm for doing some incredible make up! You’re amazing!!

& I brought my new sackcloth & ashes blanket! perfect touch to go with her adorable hat!

thanks for coming out and modeling, audra!!! it was amazing!!

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.my girl. {redding, ca photographer}

Sometimes you just have to do a little impromptu photo shoot!!

Kira is almost 14, so I thought maybe this would be her “14 year old” shoot….. but, if we happen to do another one, great!

This girl is amazing! So inspiring!

Enjoying 8th Grade, working in the nursery, playing basketball, acting & singing, taking Polaroid’s, listening to old records, cooking, watching once upon a time, & friends!

So excited for what life holds for her!!

Love you Kira!

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.favorite thing #25 + starbucks giveaway. {happy christmas everyone}


I am so thankful for each of you! I am! I just hope you have the merriest of merry Christmas’s!

Here is a fun pic of the family from the Christmas Eve service that we attended tonight at the Civic!

It was really beautiful to focus on the birth of Jesus! & to celebrate Him! Sing Christmas songs! & be with family!  So so thankful!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

& yeah for iphone selfies!!

(christmas card pics will be released soon, but literally they are going in the mail late!!! better late than never, right?? had to get over it!)


So!!! Favorite Thing 25! Yes ! Yes!

I am sure you know what THIS FAVORITE thing is, since it hasn’t been mentioned ALL 25 days!!!

Yep!! Favorite thing #25 is STARBUCKS! But what you ask…

This year my favorite thing from Starbucks has been the insulated cup! I have ka-tripled my intake of water because of these cups! Seriously!


Leave a comment & tell facebook or instagram to participate in the give away & you could win:

Winner will be selected after the first of the year!

1. A $20.00 Starbucks Gift Card

2. the Oh What Fun insulated cup

3. a fun STARBUCKS ornament


I’m REALLY excited about this post!!!!

Today, Christmas Day is Hudson’s FIRST birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!

I have never had a Christmas Birthday, so I am THRILLED to be sharing little Hudson today!! & his beautiful family!

Happy ONE YEAR Birthday Hudson!!!!!!
















.favorite thing #23 + give-away. {redding, ca photography}

Favorite Thing #23 is probably one of the TOP faves of 2014.

Literally! I think I bought over 10 of them! I know. I know.

I bought one for myself & then gave it to a dear friend. Had to have another, & gave it away. Bought a few more just to have in case I gave some away..

I felt like it was a giving-key-bracelet……

 & then bought a few for gifts, etc! Needless to say it’s REALLY my favorite! So close to my heart!

This year was definitely a year to be BRAVE! To take risks! To be stronger than possibly imaginable.

To brave loving! To brave new! To brave!

I found the bracelet in this really HAPPY place in Redding called Altered Wing Studios!!! Such a treasure store!!!

Favorite Thing #23: You Make Me Brave bracelet made by the amazing Anne Ballard of the Crowning Jewels!  who sells her beautiful things in Altered Wing Studios!!!!!

I want to give one away to YOU!

Leave a comment & tell me how you have had to be brave this year!!!!!!

I will randomly pick a winner the first week of January!

I need to get some momentum going on these give-aways!!


Again! I owe the success of this shoot to Kira!!!! She had these boys full attention… had them giggling! I was in awe!!! 

Of course SMARTIES always do the trick, but Kira played a huge part in their smiles!

Havilah & Ben Cunnington are true inspirations! Havilah is starting a really cool Bible study in January!!! Jump in & get started! I’m signed up & cannot WAIT!

Here is a link to sign up!

Anyways- truly honored that they would have me capture their beautiful family!!! Truly! Truly! So much fun! So many giggles & lots of dirty knees… Yeah for black jeans!!























.favorite thing #22. {redding, ca family photographer}

Favorite Thing #22

I have been loving blankets & all things cozy this season. I don’t know if it is just the amount of rain, but I do love all things cozy!

Favorite Thing #22 was supposed to be in our family photo shoot, but our parcel key broke & it was stuck in the mail box….  Next year!

Favorite Thing #22 Sackcloth & Ashes!

I am in LOVE with these blankets!!!! So excited to do some shoots with these & I just love that for everyone purchased one is given to a homeless shelter!

Order one today or pick one up at an Anthropologie!!


Seriously this shoot is one of my favorites! It just makes me smile when I think about it!

Kira, my oldest daughter deserves an award! She helped with with the big family shoots & they would not have been a success without her!

She is a natural & all of the kids just LOVED her!!!! Thanks Kiki girl! It was fun working with you!!!!!!

Bob & Kimberly are incredible! The gift of family on their life is remarkable! Their story is jaw-dropping! So excited to see what God is doing in them & through them!

Their family grew this year from 3 kids to 5! So exciting! & so fun!

This shoot was one to remember! Well at least this shot is!

You see most of the time family shoots are busy & for lack of better words chaotic! Really! I know! I know, but with five kids under five, it just is…

You pray & hope they turn out– well, I know they will, but yah know, in the middle of it all, that perfect shot.. it’s a gamble.

This shot here is the real deal!!! It makes me so happy we caught it!!!!!!!

Cade didn’t want to old Ari. Eli just was sad most of the shoot, & Ari & the baby were good to go!


You are incredible, Bob & Kimberly! Thank you for the amazing shoot! Your patience is astounding!













one more time just because I know it will make you smile again!






.favorite thing #20. {redding, ca photographer}

Okay! So I am super excited about this FAVORITE #20!!!

REALLY Excited!

I received two of these candles as gifts on the same day & let me just tell you I was in HEAVEN! Smell heaven!

I have to say, I love candles! I really do!! BUT these candles are extra special!

My daughter’s best friend & her mom have started a candle making business & let’s just say the candles are AWESOME!

If you need a last minute Christmas gift!!! These candles are perfect!!! or just a lovely smell in your house!!! these are a GOOD Stink!!!

Favorite Thing #20 : The Good Stink Candle


I believe this marks seven years capturing the cortopassi family!

Had to change locations up this year for the shoot!!! Drove up into the woods. Despite how cold it ended up being, we had a great shoot!!

Love you all so so much! Thank you for the honor of getting to photograph you every year!!!!

Such a beautiful family you have! I love you all so much!