.hudson | class of 2017. {redding, ca photographer}

Hudson!! Such a cool name you have!!!

Hudson is graduating from Lassen High School! Whoot! Whoot! Considering Cal Poly or UC Santa Barbara!!

Favorite high school memory was a trip to Mexico with a few of his buddies!!! Enjoys golf, running sometimes, & occasionally pheasant hunting.

Frosty Mill would be the best burger joint in Susanville, & got a smile when I asked if he was happy Panda Express recently opened up!!! Gotta love Orange Chicken!!

Hudson!!! Thanks for putting up with all my wise cracks!!!! You were great to capture!!!!!

So excited to see what the future holds for you!! I know you are going to go far in whatever you do!

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.ellie | class of 2017. {northern california photographer}

E L L I E \ Part 1 of 3

Ah! This shoot is close to my heart!!! I have been photographing Ellie since she was in second grade!!!!

She & my son would model for me while I taught classes & learned photography!!!!  May have to post one of them in one of the posts!!!

This was a dream shoot! San Francisco! We got there & just went for it!! Couldn’t narrow down the pics, so thought I would just blog the three different locations!!!

Running a little late because of traffic & Union Square under construction, we just took a few deep breaths & started walking!!!!

Oh the places you can find to photograph in San Francisco!!!!

Ellie!!! You are my fave!! I just love you so so much!!!!!!

The best is yet to come, girl!!!! Dream big! & Pursue what you are passionate about!

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 …and blue bottle next…….

.robert + kayla | jbl ranch wedding. {redding, ca wedding photographer}

Robert + Kayla

JBL Ranch is such a great wedding venue! Hidden back in the Cottonwood country, it’s a stunning place to get married!!

Robert & Kayla! It was a joy to capture your day! So happy that the rain stayed away! It truly did turn out perfect!

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.tony + allie. {redding, ca engagement photographer}

“Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.”  ~Author Unknown

Tony & Allie! I am so excited for you two!!! Your love for each other is so beautiful!!!

We had to re-schedule because of the rain & oh so happy! The day couldn’t have been more perfect!!!

So beyond thrilled & honor to capture your wedding day!!!!

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.jon + janelle. {redding, ca engagement photographer}

I have been photographing Jon & his family since he was about eighth grade or so!!! & now he is getting MARRIED!

So excited to capture these two tomorrow!!!! Rain or shine, it’s going to be AMAZING!!! (rain is predicted) Hoping for a let up from 2-4pm…. C’mon! It can happen right!!!!

So happy for you Jon & Janelle!!

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.jake + kristin. {redding, ca photographer}

& hello!!!! yes! I am still taking pictures!!!

I shot Jake & Kristin’s wedding Saturday & looking at their sign in table I realized I had never blogged their engagement shoot!!!!

Sooooo!!! had to blog a few! Such beautiful people!!!! Their wedding was extraordinary. Cannot wait to show that off as well!

Hope you are having an amazing summer!!!!!

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.molly + michael | redding, ca wedding.

& molly & michael got married in 106 degree weather!!! they deserve an extra long honeymoon!!!

seriously now!!!! what a beautiful day & what a stunning wedding!!

molly & michael transformed their back yard into a beautiful wedding venue!!!! So incredible!

so many little details & touches!! absolutely gorgeous!!!

thank you for having me capture your day!!!! it was an honor!!!! congratulations!!!!

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