.hannah. {redding, ca senior photographer}

Hello!!!! Hello! Hope this finds you well!!!! Yes! I am still a photographer!! Yes! I still LOVE taking pictures!!! I do!!


Sometimes life just takes it out of you & you just have to re-calibrate! I think the last time I posted we were about to move!! Yep! Moved to the country! It’s been wonderful for our family! Goats, Chickens, Cats, & still our little dog, Chloe.  I am not really a country girl, but it has turned me into one & I just love it! Absolutely falling in love!!! So good for my heart & soul!!!!

Senior sessions are definitely one of my absolute favorites!! Class of 2018!! I’m ready for you!!!

I saw a post of Hannah on Facebook & immediately texted & was like, “Let’s take your pics!!!”

Such an amazing shoot!!! Hannah! Thank you! You are so fun to capture!!! Thank you for being up for an adventure!! I know that whatever you do in life is going to be incredible!!! Have the best senior year!!!!!!

I am currently booking for FALL of 2018, so if you need family pics, senior pics, engagement pics, let me know!!!!

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.taylor. {redding, ca photographer}


I think one of my favorite things about Senior Sessions is getting to know them!!

Taking their pictures is amazing, but getting to see a glimpse of who they are & their dreams is incredible!

Taylor!! You are awesome! I had an absolute blast with you!!!!

Keep enjoying your senior year!! Have a blast!!! Make memories that will last a life time!!

Congratulations! Class of 2017! You did it!

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.inga. {redding, ca photographer}


Do you ever– if you are married–or not– maybe you dream of who your bridesmaids would be? Right now, today? Sometimes I ask myself that.

Shooting weddings most weekends I just wonder…. Who would I have by my side…. Inga would be one!!

She has been such a constant & steady friend!!! Always encouraging, supporting, loving!! She literally leaves a comment on most every one of my pictures!!! It’s incredible!!!!!!!

On a fun note!!!!! Transformation Thursday!!!!!!! Seriously…. Here’s a shoot from 2010….& then 2013!!!!

Inga! You will forever make me smile!! I love you so so much!!!!

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.annie + rob | backyard private healdsburg, ca wedding.

annie + rob

all things bohemian & whimsical!

it was truly an honor to capture your most special & fun day!!!!

your vision was brilliant & how it all came together just left me in awe!

you had the most INCREDIBLE vendors! wow!! what a great team!!!

may your lives together continue to be a fun adventure!!!


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Wedding & Event Coordination: So Eventful

Floral: Jolee Blooms

Catering: KR Catering

Cake: Moustache Bakery

School Bus Shuttle

2nd Shooter: Tim Williams

Rentals: Encore Events


.blue bottle coffee + ellie. {redding, ca senior photographer}

ellie part 2

This part of the shoot was so fun!!! A little blue bottle mocha!!! Little pick-me-up!!

Ellie Girl!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! Loved capturing you!!!!!!!!

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.hudson | class of 2017. {redding, ca photographer}

Hudson!! Such a cool name you have!!!

Hudson is graduating from Lassen High School! Whoot! Whoot! Considering Cal Poly or UC Santa Barbara!!

Favorite high school memory was a trip to Mexico with a few of his buddies!!! Enjoys golf, running sometimes, & occasionally pheasant hunting.

Frosty Mill would be the best burger joint in Susanville, & got a smile when I asked if he was happy Panda Express recently opened up!!! Gotta love Orange Chicken!!

Hudson!!! Thanks for putting up with all my wise cracks!!!! You were great to capture!!!!!

So excited to see what the future holds for you!! I know you are going to go far in whatever you do!

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.ellie | class of 2017. {northern california photographer}

E L L I E \ Part 1 of 3

Ah! This shoot is close to my heart!!! I have been photographing Ellie since she was in second grade!!!!

She & my son would model for me while I taught classes & learned photography!!!!  May have to post one of them in one of the posts!!!

This was a dream shoot! San Francisco! We got there & just went for it!! Couldn’t narrow down the pics, so thought I would just blog the three different locations!!!

Running a little late because of traffic & Union Square under construction, we just took a few deep breaths & started walking!!!!

Oh the places you can find to photograph in San Francisco!!!!

Ellie!!! You are my fave!! I just love you so so much!!!!!!

The best is yet to come, girl!!!! Dream big! & Pursue what you are passionate about!

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 …and blue bottle next…….

.nathan. {redding, ca senior photographer}

This shoot still brings a smile to my face!!!!!

Nathan sent an e-mail with his vision for the shoot….Included was a boat & wake surfing!

My mind was thinking flips & tricks on a wake board…….

He’s prepping to get up on the wake board & in his formal clothes!!!

Wait for it…. Yep!!! I was like… “Yes! Let’s do this & how on earth are you not going to get wet??”

Luckily Nathan is a pro wake-surfer & about 15min in, he & his clothes were dry!!!! (smile!)

& we got some SWEET shots of Nathan rocking the WAKE SURF!!! Totally impressed!!!!!!

Nathan! You are a rock star!!! So enjoyed capturing you!!!!

Best of luck in all that you do & pursue!!!!!

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.elise. {redding, ca senior photographer}


Back in I think 2008 or so, when I first started taking senior pictures, I photographed Elise’s older brother & of course took one of them together!!!!!


and now 2016!!!!How stunning you are, Elise!!!! So so beautiful!!!

Loved our shoot & the adventurous fence climbing to get into the “ultra-cool” places! So much fun!!!

Keep being you! Your happiness & kindness will take you anywhere!!! You have so much ahead!!!!

Chase after your dreams!!!!! Happy Pictures!!!!!!!

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.shaun + kayla | tbs wedding redding, ca. {redding, ca wedding photographer}

shaun + kayla

ahhh! these two!!! their love for each other is so beautiful & so felt!!!

TBS Ranch!!! Such an incredible wedding venue!!! Couldn’t have asked for a better day!!!

Thank you so much for having me capture your most beautiful day!!!!

Here are a few highlights from this gorgeous wedding!!!!!

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